Why present tobacco to an elder?

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to my postings looking for information on why present tobacco to an elder?

Native American gifting tobacco to an elder?


How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder


The answers out on the internet are long and most of them are human?

The question was asked by a person up north of the border and I am sure that many northern tribes will be answering.

In my tribal information, Tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick), was the first plant gift from Creator (Grandfather).

Grandfather placed this gift with our mother, Mother Earth.

Many of our elders teach, lead ceremonies and events, so they use a lot of our tobacco.

One of our main teachings form our main teacher, Creator, was, is and will always be to teach.

From the first day that someone of our tribal members has a child, we are expected to be that child’s teacher, no matter our age!

We are also expected to always respect our elders!

I laid the ground work so now to answer the question.

We gift tobacco to an elder because it is medicine and our elders are special people!

It is much easier for the young to pick and mix our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinick) then it is for many of our elders.

We wrap this gift in a red flower or cloth because this gift comes from our Creator by way of our mother, Mother Earth and her color is red.