Trump hates Jews!

Your past president hates Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, democrats, at times his family, independents, blacks, brown, yellow, red, tans, and all non pure white people, so who does your past president like (love)?



Traditionalist News

At time I believe that ‘he’ is not free from his wrath just look at the chances he takes with his health (COVIN-pandemic), and eating habits (Weight and fast foods)?

Following offensive comments, Trump accused of anti-Semitism (again) (

Are christians of today Christians? – “It’s puzzlement”? (

Find out if your posts are actually being read

I wanted to let this go (alas), I cannot.

When I am wrong and I can guarantee that this happens no matter how hard or how much time I take on each post I am willing to bend over backwards to correct!

When someone else is wrong I tend to ignore it.

However when someone needlessly picks apart a post with their lack of knowledge!

 Aquai/Aquine: Find out if your posts are actually being read (

If you beat up on your president on my post you will get what for?

  Aquai/Aquine (

When a follower makes an assumption that shows that he/she never checked your Word Press or Google (pages on the site)!

Matriarch | Shechaim’s News of the Day (

Mohiigan (Kiehtan), Maïngan Deity News: About the Author (

I have been trained and trying to teach to respect women from diaper and willing to even back into diaper or death

Where did Sonny Hostin go the school?

In this case Sonny Hostin only cares for Sony Hostin and her family!

How You Can Find Out If People Read Your Posts Properly …

Senator Elizabeth Warren has Blood

This is still a ‘Free Country’ in spite of those past horrible (4) trump years and whatever is coming from next year!

 (God Known’s).

Are christians of today Christians? – “It’s puzzlement”? (

As I have stated many times before I have no use for ‘Back Stabbers’!

 I am not stating. ‘Blood from which indigenous ancestor that is up to her to trace?

If Warren would be running against trump it would be the 2nd time that I did not vote, the first time I was in the middle of an ocean bringing war wounded back stateside and it was too late to vote.

I am stating however that you can pick your friends and your enemies but you cannot pick your ancestors no matter who tells you that your blood is not acceptable to that other person (BULL – POOP)!

I’ll bet you ‘a billion dollars’ that ‘if that person was dying without a blood transfusion’ and you were the only person with the blood to save that person, you could be called anything or anyone you wish?

 From the first day of ‘First Contact’ our warriors and females

have been abducted and taken from our land.

 Aquai/Aquine (

The Vikings came around the late 10th century.

The Spanish came around (1509).

The French came around the (1530s).

The Russians came around (1552).

The English came around (1600s).

The Dutch came around (1615).

Elizabeth now know Déjà vu

Elizabeth now know Déjà vu | Shechaim’s News of the Day (

CherokeeNation (1794–1907) – Wikipedia

Just saying?

Posts ‹ Shechaim’s News of the Day —

John Hayne Herring and Mary Annie Scharan).John was born in Cornwall, England, the son of John Herring and Ann Hayne.Mary was born in Switzerland.”

Elizabeth Warren – Wikipedia

Sheriff didn’t show ID to pick up his child from school?

Complaint filed against sheriff after he didn’t show ID to pick up his child from school

When it comes to our elders and our children there is no such thing as ‘Not being careful enough’!

I do not know the reason why neither this office or the school employee could not come to a child first agreement what anyone watching the news should know is that anyone wanting to ‘shoot up a school’ can fake a uniform of anyone!

Central Florida and the World News (

I do know that Sheriff Marcos Lopez (Puerto Rican Democrat) that had the (audacity) to run for an office against a (DeSantis Florida Republican), is well known as a good cop in Florida!

Complaint filed against sheriff after he didn’t show ID to pick up his child from school – WFTV

Point of fact!

A million years ago as a youngster fresh out of the military a friend showed up at the door dressed to the 9’s as a police officer gun badge and all.

A few days later he was arrested for imprisoning a cop!

My school time buddy wouldn’t have harmed anyone (However)!

 Posts ‹ Florida —

December 13, 2021 at 6:51 pm ESTBy Shannon Butler, and Adam Poulisse,

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — 9 Investigates has uncovered a complaint that an Osceola County School District employee filed about Sheriff Marcos Lopez.

Sheriff warns of bullying following viral video showing student punch teen at Osceola high school »

“A New Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, “December 7th, 1941 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

420,000 American Deaths.

Donald trumps “December 7th 2019 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

 how many people have died from covin-19 – Search (

797,208 American deaths

Remembering what the Donald said?

COVIN Close to Zero?????

Underground piping my friends

My heart and knees bleed from praying for the loss of life from this latest all weather related storms.

As you must know by now the town in Kentucky needs to be completely rebuilt?

I have been pushing to place Electric, Water and Sawyer in plastic piping since the middle 1970’s!

I know that up until the late 1980’s underground pipes were lead, iron or clay and did not last long, plus humans were constantly digging and destroying them!

Today, by making full use of the brain and newer types of piping and by placing pipes inside of piping inside of piping they will last for a long safer time (thousands of years)!

Hindsight is intended; if this was in those towns, our cities, the country and the world, at least the survivors would have the use of water and electric?

In this country alone hundreds of thousands of homes, buildings and roads are being built and still we put our electric up on wooden poles?


This country has been using above poles since 1837!

Ohjieshan’s opinion Blog (

One would guess that it might be time for a common sense change?

Donating to our own poor in our own country “What a Concept”!

“Tunes for Tots”

My prayers today go to Creator for a special (Thank-You), to a group with a Ginormous heart!

Donating to our own poor in our own country “What a Concept”!

Widespread Panic & Conscious Alliance Donate 900+ Music …

PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) — High schools across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have received more than 900 donated musical instruments as part of a program created by the rock band Widespread Panic.

A nonprofit organization, Conscious Alliance, brought the most recent delivery to Pine Ridge High School Wednesday where students in the music program helped unload the instruments.

The collaboration between Widespread Panic’s “Tunes for Tots” program and Conscious Alliance began two years ago when they met with music teachers and Lakota culture teachers to expand students’ access to instruments.

More than 900 instruments donated to reservation schools – Brookings Radio

Widespread Panic is an American rock band from Athens, Georgia. The current lineup includes guitarist/singer John Bell, bassist Dave Schools, drummer Duane Trucks, percussionist Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz, keyboardist John “JoJo” Hermann,

Millionaires, Billionaires and major groups donate all around ‘Mother Earth’ while our poorest in the United States of America go without?

Not to say, but of course I will!

My prayers today go to Creator for a special (Thank-You), to a group with a ginormous heart!

Mohiigan (Kiehtan), Maïngan Deity News (

If you wish to do battle on your own with a ‘superior enemy’

(So Be It)!

However on a ship in my navy you do not have the right to place your shipmates in the line of fire just because you want to disobey a direct order from your superior?

This should be an immediate ‘Court Martial offence’!

A US Navy officer has reportedly been bounced from his post as second-in-command of a destroyer for refusing to comply with COVID-19 jab-or-test rules — becoming the service’s first officer to be removed under President Biden’s military mandate.

Navy fires destroyer commander for refusing Biden’s COVID jab orders: report (

Your past president would have ordered you hanged from

 the Yardarm!


Makati City, Philippines

Makati City, Philippines

Welcome to the visitor from the Department of Science and Technology

Makati City, National Capital Region, Philippines


To one of our postings at
I am sure that in your beautiful city there is at least one Minority soon to become major political leader that is systematically ripping up your city/Country?

Aquai/Aquine (

Well the reason for this posting is because this person has been doing that to our country for over 30 years while the voting public sleeps!

This politician could not be bothered with a small town in his own state nothing in it for him!

Where is the senior senator from Kentucky?

Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas

Mayfield, Kentucky is all but gone where is the senior senator from Kentucky?

 Aquai/Aquine (

He is said to care for his towns, cities, the state the country and the world so where is he to help the area from early last night?

Deadly Tennessee, Kentucky tornadoes leave more than 200,000 without power (

Numerous deaths reported in overnight tornadoes, storms across the Midwest (

Humans can live on other crystal planets

Deadly tornadoes, storms strike US; roof collapse at Amazon – WFTV

Turtle Island Embouq (