15 days and still counting

Welcome to our visitor from Chicago, Illinois


Central Florida News


15 days and still counting

‘No Rain in site for Florida’!

So what did Florida do or not do to

Mother Earth and or Kiehtan (Creator)?

Only time will tell.


Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Welcome to our visitor from

Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Not sure, if you are a repeat visitor

but just in case, we also have blogs with information about our people.

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If you still have questions

please feel free to write anytime.


Rendering Honor to the Flag

Rendering Honor to the Flag “Reveille”

The town of Belleview, Florida,

will hang a Confederate flag this week

at their City Hall


National Confederate Day

Why should we in the United States of America



of a

“Confederate Flag?”

25% of the country loves the idea.

25% of the country hates the idea.


50% of the country has better things to do then even care.

As a

Native American


Irish American


African American Blood,

Family Members that were on both sides


a veteran of a war



75% of the country did not want.

I have an opinion.


as an enlisted person in the American Service to our country, did not want to kill members of the enlisted people of Vietnam.

My uncle’s did not wish to kill enlisted members of Korea.

My uncle ‘William Brown’ did not wish to kill enlisted members of Japan or Germany.


I am willing to bet my life on the fact that my family members on each side of this country’s war did not wish to kill members of our family.

That said

I am willing to stand at attention to

(Rendering Honor to the Flag “Reveille”),

To service members on both sides,

One day a year.

In honor of the biggest sore losers in American history, the town of Belleview, Florida, will hang a Confederate flag this week at their City Hall for National Confederate Day.

Ignoring any racist connotations that most definitely accompany the flag, the local Sons of Confederate Veterans unit will hoist the Confederate flag at 7:30 a.m. this Wednesday, April 26, reports


Welcome Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to our visitor


Jacksonville, Florida



(Friendship Pipe or Peace Pipe)?

This one is going to be a little tricky to answer because I have been to gatherings in your city.

Jacksonville, Florida as far as Native American (Indians) go, seems to be a melting pot from all over Indian Country.

Nothing wrong with this, as my followers will tell you, I respect all, well almost all, beliefs.

That said, each time I visit a gathering in your city the culture and ceremonies are different from most gathering on the East coast of Indian country, so pick one.

The above site should help with your decision.

And another site for your understanding about this post.

(T I O T W C I)


Welcome Los Angeles, California

Welcome Los Angeles, California

 To one of our posting about our

Native American Tobacco

that we over on the

east coast of Indian country


Kinnick-Kinnick (Herbs).

Something that one would have to be desperate to try smoking.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

Please remember these two words, East-Coast.

Although I have not as yet been blessed to visit gathering in your beautiful city or state for that matter, one can be sure to fond differences in the culture and ceremonies, given the distance and the means of travel by our ancestors.


Soaking up the sun

Thank-you Mother Earth

for your care of

we your children

Today is (Earth Day)

Can we at least think of ways

to help care for our mother,

Mother Earth?

Soaking up the sun

Look at this photo,


Solar Panels out in a

(Not used wasteland)

In a circle

With the power in the center to send your electricity to you.

Could this be a take-off

of a Native American


Sacred Circle


Creator in the center

(Heart) of the circle?

The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada

File this one under

‘Massive industrial sites that become unintentional public art when seen from the right perspective.’

That perspective comes via a single-engine plane flying over the southwestern edge of Nevada, near the town of Tonopah.

This is where the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project harvests the bountiful sunshine in the region, converting and storing it as energy that is distributed to homes through the Nevada Power Company.

The power plant has been operating since September 2015.



Florida did not run out of rain.

It is called

Climate Changing!


Woodbury/Nonnewaug High School

Welcome to our visitor from

Woodbury/Nonnewaug High School

Woodbury, Connecticut


One of our blog postings about our culture.

In this case,


Do you offer tobacco at a Native American wedding?


A good Traditional Spiritual Leader uses a lot of tobacco

(Kinnick ~ Kinnick).

First thing my long time followers might have notices about this post is that I allowed a picture with the word chief in it.

Something that, for the most part, is Taboo to every Traditionalist.


Welcome to Davenport, Florida

Welcome to our visitor


Davenport, Florida

To one of our blogs.


A number of visits.

Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe


US Senate at Washington, United States.

If you wish you can always learn more about our ancestors, among other things




Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Welcome to our visitor from

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana



Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift.



We have been too I. U. for a number of gathering and found them to be

a ‘milting pot’ of tribal gatherings

From the North, South, East and Western Culture.


Remember while visiting and of course, all are always welcome.

We are of tribes over in the Northeastern part of ‘Indian Country’.

Therefore, we have our own ceremonies and culture and not necessarily the same as gatherings that you are use to.

We were treated with great respect, as were every ‘Royal Member’ of other tribes and we always enjoyed those gatherings.



Thank you for this Carol

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