3,000 humans out in our streets!

3,000 humans out in our streets!
Hundreds of Puerto Rican evacuees could be evicted from Central Florida hotels this week
By Monivette Cordeiro on Tue, Apr 17, 2018
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell 
And every family of the employees of FEMA will have a warm comfortable home to live in for the rest of their lives.

As of April 20th about 3,000 of our neighboring families from Puerto Rico will be put out into the streets with hundreds if not thousands, of our veterans already in the woods!

Humans staying under the TSA program in 34 states and the island, including 937 families in Florida.
The FEMA spokesperson notes this number changes daily. 
Hundreds of Puerto Rican evacuees could be evicted from Central Florida hotels by the end of this week after stricter eligibility requirements disqualified many of them from FEMA’s temporary housing program.
U.S. Rep. Darren Soto says about 1,800 evacuees staying in Florida will be denied extensions by FEMA for the Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program. The federal program provides short-term lodging assistance in the form of hotel vouchers for people displaced by disasters. 
Soto says many families were relying on FEMA to extend their vouchers until May 14 – but on Monday, FEMA told evacuees the aid would be cut off by Friday, April 20. The Orlando Democrat urged the federal agency and Puerto Rico’s governor to extend the TSA program without conditions until the end of the school year in Central Florida on May 31. 


My question to Florida Governor Rick Scott?

Mr. Scott (soon to be unemployed), explain on TV if you can just how you a loner,

will be able to do what hundreds of senators and hundreds of House of Representatives have not been able to do if elected?
Remembering that the Supreme Court has already ruled on this!
One cannot take this from the poor and give to the rich!
Lord knows one cannot take this from the rich to give to the poor!

Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?


Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?

 As a Veteran I am extremely unset with trump and everyone that believes our veterans should be deported!
However, I am and have been extremely upset with the thousands of ‘veterans’ that voted for trump!
We had to stop going to my reunions both ships because of the language of the, so called, (Shipmates)!
If my shipmates did not work together while underway no telling what would happen?
I like to believe that it is like that in all branches of service.
No matter, what would this country be like without the military?

The trump family will never know!
Stop the Deportation of our military Veterans

Alex DiBranco started this petition to State Senator Juan Vargas 2 and 5 others
Service members sign up to put their lives on the line in defense of the United States of America. Veterans deserve respect and support for their willingness to take risks on behalf of the country.
But immigrant veterans are being deported from the adopted country they love, discarded after answering the call of duty.
Promises made that America would honor their service, provide a permanent home, and a path to citizenship, were utterly broken.
By Jan A. Ruhman

Rohan Coombs, USMC, Gulf War I Veteran
(facing Deportation and being held by ICE in El Centro, California)
If you had Googled “deportation of veterans, deporting US military veterans, banished veterans” or any combination of words to describe this national disgrace in January of 2009 you would have found very little on this injustice. Since then we have, with the guidance and assistance of a dedicated immigration and criminal defense attorney, Heather Boxeth, who serves as lead council:

The Koch Machine $1 billion tax break every year!

The Koch Machine $1 billion tax break every year!
That’s right my friends thanks to the trump/republican Scam!
The Koch brothers―worth approximately $96 billion―will get an estimated $1 billion a year in tax breaks from the Trump-Republican tax scam.
The Koch’s and their network have committed to spending up to $400 million on the 2018 election as a thank you.


Foreign Investors

are people like

the trump family

and members of congress!

Richest and next richest are people

like the trump family and members of congress!

Portrayal Of A Deported Immigrant Who Served In The US Military But Who Became A US Citizen

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of us military immigrants being deported

The following details tell the true story about the US immigration community where some are here without documentation. The republican President Donald J. Trump and his republican hard-line anti-immigration supporters would like to be paint them, mostly as criminals, rapists and drug pushers but all the credible studies, facts, evidence prove just the opposite. There will always be some bad apples in any community but the numbers of the criminal element within the undocumented immigration neighborhoods is much less than when compared to other groups comprised of mostly US citizens.

See: MOSTLY TRUE: Undocumented immigrants less likely to commit crimes/ PolitiFact …

This story is not about ordinary undocumented immigrants but those who have served in the US military, fighting in our wars at a tremendous cost against to themselves. They and all our hurting veterans deserve better.

Image result for photos of us military immigrants being deportedHere is the rest of the story…

On April 16, 2018, Gabe…

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Governor Rick Scott’s ad for term limits?  

What Rick Scott would need to pass his Term Limits on Congress?
There are two ways to change the U.S. Constitution.
Can this be done for Scott before
November 2018?
I think not!
The first way is the way we usually think of, passing a bill through congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. 
The second part of Article V of the Constitution
allows us to bypass Congress,
call a Term Limits Convention.
Two-thirds of state legislatures (34) 
pass bills applying for the Term Limits Convention.
Congress is mandated to call the Convention.
The Convention, which features delegates chosen by the states, proposes one or more term limits amendments.
Three-quarters of states (38) must ratify the amendment, either by legislature or state convention.
With this process there are checks in place to make sure that there is a narrow agenda for the term limits convention to discuss ONLY term limits on Congress.
This will ultimately help us accomplish our goal as over 75% of Americans agree with term limits.
It means no other divisional issue can sneak in and prevent our progress. https://www.termlimits.com/do-we-need-congressional-approval-to-create-term-limits-on-congress/
Have There Been Attempts to Impose Term Limits on Congress?
There have been numerous attempts by some lawmakers to pass statutory term limits, but all of those proposals have been unsuccessful.
Perhaps the most famous attempt at passing term limits came during the so-called Republican revolution when the GOP took control of Congress in the 1994 midterm elections.
Term limits were a tenet of the Republican Contract with America.
The contract called for a removal of career politicians through a first-ever vote on term limits as part of the Citizen Legislature Act.
Term limits never came to fruition.
What about the Congressional Reform Act?
The Congressional Reform Act does not exist.
It is a fiction passed off in email chains as a legitimate piece of legislation that would limit members of Congress to 12 years of service – either two six-year Senate terms or six two-year House terms.
What Are the Arguments in Favor of Term Limits?
Proponents of term limits argue that restricting the service of lawmakers prevents politicians from amassing too much power in Washington and becoming too alienated from their constituents.
The thinking is that many lawmakers view the work as a career and not a temporary assignment, and therefore spend much of their time posturing, raising money for their re-election campaigns and running for office instead of focusing on the important issues of the day.
Those who favor term limits say they would remove the intense focus on politics and place it back on policy.
What Are the Arguments Against Term Limits?
The most common argument against term limits goes something like this: “We already have term limits. They’re called elections.” The primary case against term limits is that, indeed, our elected officials in the House and Senate must face their constituents every two years or every six years and get their approval.
Imposing term limits, opponents argue, would remove the power from voters in favor of an arbitrary law. For example, a popular lawmaker seen by her constituents as being effective and influential would want to re-elect her to Congress – but could be barred from doing so by a term-limit law.
Governor Rick Scott’s ad for term limits?

Scott argues that, of the 41,000-plus zip codes in the country,
Just one opposes term limits:
Washington, D.C.?

Political Ad Names for 2018/2020
Dippy Donald
Crooked Hilary

And Now!
Tricky Ricky

Welcome to this site Istanbul, Turkey

Welcome to this site Istanbul, Turkey
I disagree with Abderrahmane Amor
I hope that you understand that, if I were to come to your beautiful city, go to study at your great universities, go back to my country and bad mouth your country, I believe that you and the rest of your citizens would also be furious, would you not?
Shechaim Ohjieshan

ussbetelgeuse at centurylink.net

Sounds like a normal statement don’t it?

Oil prices rise after Air Strike
Sounds like a normal statement don’t it?
Well to a normal person I guess it would.
However, I have never been accuser as being normal, no sense starting now?

Syria itself produces very little oil.
As a U.S. military strike against Syria grows increasingly likely, oil prices have slowly crept higher.
Because it can!

Today, the U.S. actually gets most of its imported oil from Canada and Latin America.
And many Americans might be surprised to learn that the U.S. now imports roughly the same amount of oil from Africa as it does from the Persian Gulf.
African imports were a bit higher in 2010, while Persian Gulf oil accounted for a bit more last year.
What I do not understand is why my friends and neighbors are so contented with this greed?
As you know, I worked just shy of 40 years with oil and gas, working at keeping equipment working (Service Technician).

Thanks to, Ralph Nader in the 1970’s
This country has capped billions of gallons of oil in the ground; just clean up the sulfur and use it if you must?
Sell it to Arab OPEC companies!

The Paul Ryan Story: From Flimflam to Fascism


By Paul Krugman
Opinion Columnist

Why did Paul Ryan choose not to run for re-election? What will be the consequences? Your guess is as good as mine — literally. I can speculate based on what I read in the papers, but so can you.
On the other hand, I do have some insight into how Ryan — who has always been an obvious con man, to anyone willing to see — came to become speaker of the House. And that’s a story that reflects badly not just on Ryan himself, not just on his party, but also on self-proclaimed centrists and the news media, who boosted his career through their malfeasance. Furthermore, the forces that brought Ryan to a position of power are the same forces that have brought America to the edge of a constitutional crisis.

Crazed Dictators understand brute strength!

Crazed Dictators understand brute strength!

 Crazed Dictators like Bashar Assad, Vladimir Putin, ISIS and Sayyed Ali Hosseini

Khamenei understand is pure strength!

They think the new guy a Wuss!
They all feared President Barrack Obama.
President Barrack Obama did not attack because he respects our laws, not the newest law makers, the laws!
Unlike the wannabe dictator in the White House, President Barrack Obama did not attack because his ‘wannabe lawmakers’ in congress would not give him their permission!
President Barrack Obama or (President Hillary Clinton) would have had many more countries joining in because other countries use to be our friends!
The only message a crazed dictator understands is brute strength something the guy in the White House will never have, unless on Tweeter.

Syrian airstrikes not expected to weaken Bashar Assad’s brutal grip on power
The strikes on Syria’s chemical warfare facilities Saturday will not significantly weaken Bashar Assad’s brutal grip on power, which has been expanding in recent years, or change the U.S. strategy of defeating the Islamic State, U.S. officials and analysts said.