Welcome from Boardman, Oregon

Welcome to our visitor from Boardman, Oregon
Yes you did go to a debunked site,
only because Century link took over our phone company
I can still get to the site
however I can no longer work on the site.

TurtleHill Village
We do have other sites about our people.

Welcome to Potsdam Germany

Welcome to Potsdam Germany
To one of our posting about our Feather Dance.
Feather Dance (Again)
March 9, 2013
We wrote two
Native American Traditional Feather dance.
November 30, 2012
This is another reason why our elders, now our ancestors, did not write down and frowned on recording about our (Sacred Ceremonies)!
And as their student and now teacher, I must agree.

My first one was on a Tripod website(1988), now lost somewhere in outer-internet-space?
With the improvement in travel, computing and the internet, wannabe travelers from west and north of our people have been coming to our gatherings since the early 1980’s trying to teach their ways to our people over on the east coast, they are WRONG!
If you notice, I always let my followers asking questions know that I write from the teaching from my elders and it might differ some from others.
Tribes west and north of our people teach the Eagle as well they should.
Our Ancestors teach
‘All Birds of Pray’!
Sakami Tori
Owls in Florida eat thousands of roaches!
Better in their tummies than in our homes!

Looking for ‘Presidents Day’?

Looking for ‘Presidents Day’?
I am sure that you have heard the one about
The Navy Ship and the Lighthouse?

I agree with Florida Auto-Dealers
Florida Auto Dealers are still looking to sell to you on this
‘president’s day’
Because starting in January 2016
this country no longer has a president!

When is ‘Putin’s Puppet Day?
The country is looking to spend money
our businesses are looking to sell to you.

I am also sure that you noticed that
I wrote nothing about presidents day?

“He is not my president”!

Charging $60.00 for an annual maintenance

How does one explain charging $60.00 for an annual maintenance
your Air-conditioner in Florida or anywhere else for that matter?
It is a ‘Puzzlement’!
After 39 years and 7 months now retired,
I have had many building on maintenance
for most of those years
(Both heating and cooling anything from ammonia, water, and Freon).
For the last 20 or so of those years,
talking only Air-Conditioning system,
maintenance consisted of washing or changing the air filters
brushing the blower.

Freon piping is ‘Silver-soldered’ together
should never be adding more Freon?



Welcome to our visitor from Berlin, Germany

Welcome to our visitor from Berlin, Germany
To another of our posting about ‘Sacred Ceremonies’
This one is one of our ‘Sacred Ceremony on Spirit Guide.
Native American (Mohiigan), Spirit-Guide
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
You must understand that I cannot give blow-by-blow information to any of our Sacred Ceremonies in writing because of so many copy-cat followers stealing the truth as their own!
I can put you on a good path to doing so with your Spiritual Elder, an elder, or your tribe.
After all, if some in this country can have nations, you should be able to have ‘Sacred Ceremonies?
I can loosen up a little and say


Nevada made a liar out of me!
You see,
I always thought that all of the scum came to Florida
and are
running our cesspool swamp we call our state?
Fooled me because for the past 20 years,
the Republican party
(governors, senate, house of representatives and our courts)
have turned our beautiful state into a
(trump type swamp)!
Florida ranked 2nd most sinful state in US, report finds
By Jeff Tavss – Executive Producer
February 20, 2019


MIAMI – Oh, Florida…  you little devil, you!  
In what will come as an absolute shock to literally no one,
Florida is ranked the second-most sinful state in all of America.
More Florida Headlines
Florida ranks among most stressed out states in U.S.
South Florida city ranked 2nd worst to live in US
Miami ranked among world’s most liveable cities
Congrats, Sunshine State!
Our pure greed, lust, vanity and just plain laziness

makes us the envy of all those not-so goody two shoes out wandering the planet.
WalletHub’s newest report used seven key dimensions to determine the winners:
Anger & Hatred, Jealousy, Excesses & Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.

When it comes to Jealousy, Florida topped the charts at No. 1,
while also doing “well” in the Lust rankings (No. 4)
Vanity (No. 4).

However, we deserve a pat on the back for only being ranked mid-pack for Anger & Hatred (No. 25).
Of course, it will take a bit more effort from all of us to top Nevada as the most sinful state in the US, but if we each give 100 percent
(which is impossible because we’re lazy, right?),
we can make it happen.  We’re just that bad.


Welcome to Glen Burnie, Maryland

Welcome to Glen Burnie, Maryland

To a posting about our pipe and ceremonies.
Mohiigans (Maïngan) News
(Friendship Pipe or Peace Pipe)

We in this tribe consider Maryland ‘East coast Native Americans’, because our ancestors did travel to and from your area, so your pipe (Friendship pipe) is not considered a West coast pipe and was made from corn cob and/or squash.
If you have more questions please write or comment on any post?

1st amendment right to protect against the pledge and your flag!

Africans started their ‘African Slave Trade’
Read your history!
The Pledge of Allegiance and the American Flag in and by themselves are not offensive to your Veterans, Black, Brown, Red, White, or Whatever, from our wars to give our people the 1st amendment right to protest against the pledge, flag, and your veterans!
Africans in this country were and are fighting in all of our war!
Starting with the Revolutionary War, free men and women of every color, have been fighting and dying for all of the ‘Constitution’ and the ‘Bill of Rights, of this our country
Too bad if this hurts the feelings of people who seemed to have forgotten their history!
The star Spangle Banner was taken from a Racist, Socialist, White Supremacist, and Nazi People, like are now running the country.
Protest that?
11-year-old arrested for refusing to stand during the pledge
February 18, 2019

11-year-old arrested for refusing to stand during the pledge

Lawton Chiles and his mother must check history?
The first Africans arrives on this continent in 1619 to the colonist.
The first Indian slave by the colonist was in 1495 and we were already here!
In 1943 the United States Supreme Court ruled that no person can be required to recite the pledge.
However; threatening a teacher, the principle and an officer is!
11-year-old arrested for refusing to stand during the pledge
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
He was brought here?
Amazingly, only 388,000 were shipped directly to North America.
However, one number in particular, 20, signifies the start of slavery in the United States. The first Africans to land in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 were recorded as “20 and odd Negroes.”
Originating from Angola, these slaves were stolen from a Portuguese slave ship, then transported to an English warship flying a Dutch flag, and were eventually sold to colonial settlers.
Many thousands of years ago, late in the Ice Age, humans journeyed across the Bering land bridge, from Asia into Alaska. Their descendants explored along the west coast of North America. As early as 1000 BC, they had covered nearly the entire continent. It is not known when the first people arrived in the Americas. Some archaeologists (scientists who study the remains of past human lives) believe it might have been about 12000 BC.
Colonists, who had a voracious demand for labor and export commodities, exploited indigenous networks of captive exchange, producing a massive global commerce in Indian slaves. This began with the second voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1495 and extended in some parts of the Americas through the twentieth century. During this period, between 2 and 4 million Indians were enslaved.

Welcome Boardman, Oregon

Welcome Boardman, Oregon
To our century link debunked website!
Sorry !

However century link could not be bothered with websites and blogs after taking over Embarq.



If you are looking for information about our people over of the east coast, this tribe has a few blogs and a main website.
However; there are many others out on the net also?