‘trump Slams Fox News’????

‘trump Slams Fox News’????
Is this the beginning of the end of the ‘sexual love affair’ between ‘Mr. Fox News and Mr. trump’?
Fox News’s Neil Cavuto and a contributor to his show
found themselves the subjects of a lengthy tirade by trump at his rally in Colorado Thursday night.
For roughly ten minutes, trump went on about his performances in the 2016 debates,
holding up papers with polls showing how well he did in the debates,
and taking the occasional shot at Cavuto and the contributor, A.B. Stoddard of RealClearPolitics. 
While taking his standard shots at the media, trump added,
“Fox is not that much better, we just got lucky
‘cause we have some…all their high-rated shows are the shows that like trump.
All their loser shows, like Cavuto, are the shows that don’t like trump.”
Earlier in the day while discussing
Mike Bloomberg’s dreadful performance in the Democratic debate Wednesday night,
Stoddard mentioned trump’s poor showings in the 2016 debates. 
“I think that donald trump had disastrous debate performances,”
Stoddard said.
“Many answers were so cringeworthy you just couldn’t even believe
he was still standing on the stage, and he’s president.”
trump Slams Fox News’ Cavuto, Says He Won ‘Every One’ Of His Debates With Hillary Clinton


 Russia once again interfering in the 2020 campaign?

The acting president of the United States of Russia!
Why would the Republican congress and their voters
be O.K. with Russia once again interfering in the 2020 campaign?
Because the facts are that they will lose if fighting against the truth!
The loss of a lucrative job of ‘Milking the Bull’
on you the taxpaying citizens, their employees that they took an oath to protect!
Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week
that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Mr. trump re-elected.
Five people familiar with the matter said,
a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. trump,
who complained that Democrats would use it against him.
Though intelligence officials have previously told lawmakers
that Russia’s interference campaign was continuing,
last week’s briefing included what appeared to be new information:
that Russia intended to interfere with the 2020 Democratic primaries as well as the general election.
On Wednesday, the trump announced that he was
replacing Mr. Maguire with Richard Grenell
the ambassador to Germany and
an aggressively vocal trump supporter.

Love and blessings from
Creator to You All
Shechaim Ohjieshan
“Don’t get scared,
it’s your country, take it back”!

“This is our Watch”!

Florida Christians have a new sign now!

While going shopping today
we noticed new signs going up around Florida!
Many driveways have had blue and white
‘I Love My Church’ signs
at the entrance to their property.
Now they are starting to show their true
feeling about their beliefs!
My Lord is not now and will never be
a ‘Christian’, at least
not this group
of christians!


we were driving through a town, speed limit 40MPH
A pick up truck sporting that sigh passed us through a double yellow line 
doing ______MPH and gave Donna the finger for driving too slow?
Can you imagine Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or any of the
Profits and Teachers of the Bible, Quran, Tanakh
using this filthy garbage over their home?
How about President Ronald Reagan and/or Nancy
(Muhammad), Mahatma Gandhi, (Madiba), (Reverent Bill Graham Sr.)
President Jimmy Carter, President Hillary Clinton, you, your family or friends?

Visits from the United Kingdom (thank-you)

On 02/17/2020

I had 13 visits to two of my blogs from the United Kingdom and as usual it set me to
‘Day dreaming’ back to my visits to your countries while in the military back in the 1960s.
As I have posted through the years (1983), your countries always treated me as family,
maybe because many of my ancestors came from your
‘Beautiful countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales’.
All I had to do was ask for a cab to any place without our military or tourists, to visit
and maybe meet possible ancestors and take pictures for my elders,
only one drawback,
my Native American Blood cannot take to the drink! 🙂
I, as a Native American
know about the treatment from tourists and other tribes to my little village
and did feel your pain, enough said?
I sure did enjoy my visits to your pubs for storytelling.
Even today’s movies, I get to brag on the pub scenes!
London England 3 times to https://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/
London once to https://pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com/
Edinburgh twice, https://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/
Billingham https://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/
Edinburgh once to https://pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com/
Scotland to https://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/
Sheffield England (3 times), https://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/
Sheffield once to https://pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com/
I did have a few visits some time ago from Wales and miss their questions.
 Interesting fact,
I have had more visits from your countries and a few others in Europe then
from many, from my own county’s states!
I believe that the reason is,
because our people never
bragged in movies
(non-native actors),
about our conflicts, battles and wars?

Toronto, Canada

Welcome Toronto, Ontario, Canada
To one of our older however good site at
First; yes, there is quite a distance from Toronto to Uncasvillage.
Second; most of Canada’s first people are of a Patriarchy Sociology.
Third; and more to the point, some of the elders (ancestors),
from your area came to my grandfathers paw-paus back in the 1940s and before.
How do I know this?
Because in the 1940s and 50s I was there.
Remember; all questions will be answered.

U.S. World War II aircraft discovered

Three U.S. World War II aircraft have been discovered in a lagoon in Micronesia
76 years after they went missing.
The planes, which were part of Operation Hailstone in February 1944,
are associated with 7 U.S. servicemen listed as missing in action.

You can fool some of the people all

As in trump followers!
You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time!
But Don’t Piss off Mother Nature!
Mother Nature is (Peeing), on ‘Commander in Thief’s Daytona 500’!

The ‘Liar in thief’ cannot fool any of my tweeter friends at any time!


Chanhassen, Minnesota

Tah and I have been across the ‘Mac Bridge’ (ONCE) in the winter!!!!

Welcome to my visitor from the city of Chanhassen, Minnesota
To a posting on just how low a human is willing to get before any comprising!
Floridian’s still genuflect in servitude
Friday, February 14, 2020
You cannot understand what is going on in Florida unless you have spent time in any state still trying to change
‘History back to just before losing’ the ‘Civil-War’ called (Slavery)!
I came to Florida from New England, ‘Tah from California’ over 16 years ago and still cannot believe the
(Venomous Hate for anyone not Nazi-White)!
If you have been to ‘Indiana’ you might have had at least a little taste?
Mind you there in nothing wrong with say,
German White, African Black brown or tan, Chinese Yellow, Native American, copper, bronze, brown or tan and Spanish copper, bronze, brown or tan.
The problem comes when one or more of these skin colors wants to dominate the others the way that the ‘Orange Guy’ in our White house keeps trying to do.
You and I, will never truly be able to fully comprehend the need to ‘Kneel’ before this, so called ‘leader of their underworld’ (Old Orange Face)!
You might have notice my feeble attempt by calling out these Red-states, still stuck in poverty and still of the Republican Party?
Extremely poor states like
Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Nevada Arizona Louisiana’ West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and even Indiana!
Poor Republican States.

Seems that as long as they are allowed to (HATE), they are poor but happy?

 Welcome to my friend from Leeds, England

 Welcome to my friend from Leeds, England

America will be involved in the ‘Battle of Armageddon’!
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Remember; if you have questions, I will try to answer, even if the answer is, “I do not know, let us both go find out”?
After all; I do not know is much better then telling a lie my name is not ‘Commander in Thief’ 

Same thing for you my friend as I posted to London
One must grab the ‘diaper babies’ (Red States in America), by the hand to help them
see, understand, and walk away from danger, or ‘God only knows what will happen to them next year’!
Yes; it is getting very tiring constantly babysitting people that seem to not be able to see the
(Hand writing on the wall)!
Daniel 5 NIV;KJV



Love and blessings from
Creator to You All
Shechaim Ohjieshan
“Don’t get scared,
it’s your country, take it back”!
“This is our Watch”!

H.R.2474 – Protecting the Right to Organize

H.R.2474 – Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019116th Congress (2019-2020) | Get alerts
There are 2 summaries for H.R.2474. Bill summaries are authored by CRS.
Shown Here:
Reported to House (12/16/2019)
Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019
This bill amends the National Labor Relations Act and related labor laws to extend protections to union workers. Specifically, it
revises the definition of “employee” and “supervisor” to prevent employers from classifying employees as exempt from labor law protections,
expands unfair labor practices to include prohibitions against replacement of or discrimination against workers who participate in strikes,
makes it an unfair labor practice to require or coerce employees to attend employer meetings designed to discourage union membership,
permits workers to participate in collective or class action litigation,
allows injunctions against employers engaging in unfair labor practices involving discharge or serious economic harm to an employee,
expands penalties for labor law violations, including interference with the National Labor Relations Board or causing serious economic harm to an employee, and
allows any person to bring a civil action for harm caused by labor law violations or unfair labor practices.