Kiehtan Creator or the new name Mundu Weego

Is the same ‘GOD,’ worshipped by Muslims, Jews, Christians and other Native Americans.

A Traditionalist Spiritual (Teacher)

cannot receive awards for carrying out

Creators (Kiehtan), Wishes.

Why it was, is so easy for Matriarch tribes in New York/New England to believe in the same Supreme Being that the Christians believe in?

Most of the people especially the Connecticut Native Americans believed in one Supreme Being, who was known in the different tribes as Kiehtan (Creator), Woonand (Father Sky) and Cantantowit (Great Spirit).

They placed the dwelling of Kiehtan in the southwest because the wind from that quarter is the warmest that blows in Connecticut and usually brings fair weather.

They also believed that the soul existed after death and that the spirits of the good would go to the house of Kiehtan.

There they would be delivered from pain and sorrow and enjoy an afterlife similar to that which they had here, only in abundance and in perfection.

They believed that when the wicked went to the door of Kiehtan he would tell them to go away and they were obliged to wander alone and lost forever.

Shechaim Ohjieshan

Please always remember that the posting in this blog speaks only from the hearts of the ancestors of The Moiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People)!

It has come to our attention that people wish to profit from our writings?

Donna,( trained 8 years in college about indigenous people and has been working closely with our attorneys making sure that the rights to write and any/all would be income gets to our indigenous people.

One is always allowed to enjoy the writings, re-blog with credit, writing to profit is a direct insult to our ancestors.

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