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The Gathering was our Paw-paus

The center was Our Church (Chachu)

Remember from our Paw-paus?

The first gathering of our people the Monheags  Moiigan

(Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People)

soon after arriving at the Quinatucquet (Connecticut) river as told to me by our elders was on a circular patch of land now plowed over into a housing development.

The 2nd is on Turtle Hill overlooking the Pequot river.

According to the elders both sites looked almost identical only miles apart.

Around this patch of land were young trees so the people used them to make their homes by bending the trees and attaching the tops together and covering them with fur, skins, bark and such.

In the east outside of the chachu was the Longhouse, outside of the chachu west was space for the altar and Sacred Fire and each family had their own Round-House (Wigwam).

The women and children danced around the center crushing the grass then gathering it for future fires.

There were no fence or rope or anything else around the area because everyone was taught from birth to enter only from the east.

Remember while enjoying this ‘Chacha,’ prayer is as it is with friends, a friendly talk. If one thinks about it, this patch of land we call Chacha,
And just happens to be round is our church.
Chacha, a place to pray, enjoy friends, visitors and Kiehtan.
Remember while enjoying this ‘Chacha,’
Prayer is as it is while speaking with your friends.
It is also a friendly loving talk with Kiehtan,
(Your Creator).

Entering from the east was a simple thing to remember because the sun rises from the east, the fire was in the west because the sun sets in the west.

When invited, Kiehtan came from the east and settled in the west.

At all of these gatherings humans, animals and birds as our brothers and sisters, were also welcome into the chachu as long as there was no restriction of any kind and they could come and go as they pleased.

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