Shechaim Ohjieshan ( She-Chaim Unkas)

Because of so many people, places, and things using an ancient Algonquian word and using it incorrectly, and after many months of prayer I must now violate a long-standing commitment to the elders only with permission of the ancestors, with the correct spelling of a royal name well-known as Sachem Uncas is better known to my people as ( She-Chaim Unkas).

Shechaim Ohjieshan Unkas

The first leader of my people.

The Moiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

Many of you have seen or heard about a fictional film from a fictional book written about the so-called French/Indian War, written by one of my relations and the grandson of a royal family member, “The Last of the Mohicans”?

As you know I have slammed this book/movie/ many times because of the many inaccurate insinuations and liberties taken throughout the book and the film.

What you do not know is a little known fact conveniently placed toward the ending, as in the real name for our royal leaders throughout the Eastern parts of Indian country?

Sachem or correctly pronounced as Shechaim ( She-Chaim) Tamenund, the Delaware Tribal Supreme Leader at the time of the French/Indian War (correctly known to my people as the English/French War on our land). Watch and learn the truth about our people?

Every known true traditional tribe throughout the east side of the Mississippi should have known about this inaccurate spelling by the English and my ancestors have grown tired of the wait for their correction?

Also of interest in today’s society is the right and left hands of this She-Chaim.

Sa´chem`dum~ The jurisdiction of a Sachem ( She-Chaim) in other words any counsel such as Clans, Chiefs, Warrior, and Elders.

Side note of interest, the first time a friend (Shawnee mixed) asked for me to sit to watch this film on TV, when it came to the leader of the great tribe of the Delaware, she stopped, reversed the film and questioned the pronunciation, why couldn’t the leaders of so many modern ‘nations’ do the same?

What and where is/was this Uncasvillage?

Back  in our history as the Pequot’s (my people) started noticing that as we battled our newest invaders, the English, we could kill about a dozen at each conflict and we might lose a few of our warriors. The only problem was that if we killed a dozen of the enemy they were replaced by 3 dozen fresh troops. We had no fresh troops.

War Chief Unkas, while speaking with Sachem Sassacus , tried a number times to find a way for peace before there were no more Pequot’s. Sachem Sassacus wanted no part of peace and vowed to fight until death or the enemy was completely destroyer. After many tried at making some sense of our situation Unkas held court and explained to the people that he was leaving to cross the Pequot River and try to come to an agreement with the English. Unkas and members of the tribe left to set up a village of their own. This group of people changed their name back to an earlier name (Mohiingan) and made Unkas/Uncas their Sachem. Sachem Uncas the first Sachem of these people. This first village was not a good place to settle because Sassacus now called Uncas and his people just another enemy and attacked often. So Uncas mover to lower ground with better protection and full sight of the river. The first village (Uncasvillage) is protected and sacred to our people, many of my writings will drop a hint or two as to the location. There are now few traditionalist that know where this Sacred village is however, we know that someday someone will stumble onto it. Remember, it has our Sacred Alter, Royal burial ground behind it and Sweat Lodge built under and around the altar.

We understand that “To the victor goes the spoils” however, one request? Please do not give the papers of the trunk in the corner to any casino Indian? Once you read it you will understand why!

This is what I know:

Uncas, was the first Sachem of the Mohegan People and was a descendant of Royal Blood.

His mother was Mekunump and his father was Oweneco, they were both Pequot‘s.

Uncas was born near what is today Norwichtown, the historical Pequot Village in Connecticut in 1588-1683??

Most people believe that American Natives chased their food source, mainly the Woolly Mammoth, through the Bering Straits Land Bridge and that our people then came across and down into what are now the Great Lakes and the Hudson River Valley.

Our English name became known as the Monheags.

One of these groups of people became land diggers or farmers, however, most of the tribes in that area were warring tribes which over time, forced this group of Monheag People East.

After some time and many forced movements, this group of Monheags ended up along the Quinatucquet River, which later became known as the Connecticut River in what is now Connecticut.

The many years of battles and losing their farms, taught this tribe how to fight, so that when the Mashantucket’s, Missituks, Niantic’s, like the Mohawks had so long ago, came to destroy them and take their farms, the Monheags were ready for them, waging war first on them, then the Dutch and then the French.

After this, the Dutch called them the Pequins, then the French changed their name to Peqots and the English changed it to Pequot’s.

When the English showed up on the Quinatucquet and Pequot Rivers, Sachem Wopigwooit was the leader of the tribe.

After his passing, the people then chose Sasscus as leader, instead of Uncas who should have rightfully been Sachem, hoping that he would force the English back into the ocean.

Sasscus like the Niantic’s and the Narragansett’s hated the English and was at war with them constantly.

War chief Uncas, who was Cassius’ son-in-law, tried to reason with Sasscus and the people, but they would not listen to him.

So Uncas took all who wished to go with him, across the Pequot River, to the Cauchegan Village, gave them back their old name Monheag’s and became their Sachem.

The English later changed their name to what it is now known as, the Mohegan’s.

It has come to our attention that people wish to profit from our writings?

Donna,( trained 8 years in college about indigenous people and has been working closely with our attorneys making sure that the rights to write and any/all would be income gets to our indigenous people.

One is always allowed to enjoy the writings, re-blog with credit, writing to profit is a direct insult to our ancestors.

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  7. I read your story and the story of your ancestors…imagine how many people of this Mother Earth hae similar stories of being forced from their lands and their customs being destroyed…names changed…so many people needless killed…it is all very sad in this world of ours. Thank YOU for sharing your story!


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