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American Native Spirituality

“Spirituality is not religion to American Natives. Religion is not a Native concept, it is a non Native word, with implications of things that often end badly, like Holy wars in the name of individuals God’s and so on. Native people do not ask what religion another Native is, because they already know the answer. To Native people, spirituality is about the Creator, period~”

Why do I put this information on the net?

Many of my tribal clan mothers asked me ” Why put all of my ancestors teachings on my free blogs for people to steal as their own knowledge”?

For years now while seeing Indians and others around Indian country using the teachings from our elders now ancestors (Native American Country),as their words of wisdom, it would hurt me and interfere with my praying. However, a few days ago in the supreme wisdom of Grandfather ( Creator) while deep in prayer, the words came to me, ” my son, where do you think all of your ancestors received their teaching”?

” This knowledge that I have given to you through your elders was meant to be enjoyed  by all, so all can read it for the good of my creations”.

I was born into a ‘Matriarchal society’, not the ‘Euro-American’ type of society, the one from my ancestors in and around the ‘Northeastern American’ society.
In this family of our ancestors, everyone from diaper to death is treated with respect, everyone is a teacher of a younger family member everyone treats her or his elder as their teaching parent.
With that said, ‘because of the culture and ceremonies of this family (Mohiigan), I am now a retired spiritual teacher elder of this family’ however and most of all I am writing while in the flesh waiting for my lord to come to take me home!




( Shechaim Mgisse Tallfox)



(Shechaim Zeak)



I wish to start from the age of about five years old, because of the year (1940’s) there were no playmates my age around so, I would enjoy as much time as possible with our elders.

Every time my father or grandfather would go some place I pasted them to take me with them, most of the time they would if there was no school.

Everything I have learned about our people was at these meeting with my father Sachem Zeak, grandfather Sachem Tallfox or the elders.

Soon after their crossing and the casino‘s Indians were appointed by the government, my elders asked to infiltrate some new tribe popping up around Uncasvillage so, undercover as a new recruit I had a little fun playing their games just to see why they came out of the woodwork.

Below are some websites for your reading.

American Native Issues


Storey Clan of the Pequot/Mohegan people.


American Native Spirituality

Sachem Walkingfox offers prayers at the. Carlisle Indian .


Aquine – Peace

Sachem Walkingfox carries his Mohegan staff.


Sachem Uncas


It has come to our attention that people wish to profit from our writings?

Donna,( tahtonka.com) trained 8 years in college about indigenous people and has been working closely with our attorneys making sure that the rights to write and any/all would be income gets to our indigenous people.

One is always allowed to enjoy the writings, re-blog with credit, writing to profit is a direct insult to our ancestors.

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22 thoughts on “Walkingfox

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  3. Such important wisdom you share here. It strengthens my heart and offers light for my path. Thank you for sharing your deep wisdom and the wisdom of your elders. I feel grateful that you heeded Grandfather: “This knowledge that I have freely given to you through your elders was meant to be freely given and shared by all, so all can use it for the good of my creations”. It cannot be stolen… it can be cherished, nourished, celebrated, and learned from in a whole new generation. I may be blonde haired in this life but I know I walk the rainbow road and all my life have felt a deep and powerful connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. You have created a wonderful storehouse of information, education, and knowledge here for us to learn from and you are a blessing for us all.


    • Professions for Peace
      OK thanks to you it took some time to get a little control over the tears.
      Thank you for your words of beauty my friend.
      As for your blonde hair?
      You need to talk with my dearest friend, Donna
      Some 15 years ago she felt the same as you, neither of you can fool this old fool, I told her over the phone one day that she had blood!
      The rest is history, so be checking your ancestors my friend.


      • Your reply deeply touches my heart. Your dearest friend Donna is a wise teacher too, and I am now enjoying both your sites. Personally I am of an opinion that no matter the color of my blood (or results from DNA) I know I have the spirits of Indigenous Elders walking with me. When I told my Shaman-friend, years ago, that I would sometimes see eyes in the sky, he asked if I also felt a tendency to pick up rocks as I walked. He confirmed that I am of The Sky Nation and as a dreamer I am here to help bring insights from Father Sky down to the world, and to help guide all on to the rainbow path. To me the Rainbow Road is truly a world of peace, where all colors and faiths are accepted, and are working together towards a peaceful world. One where ‘nothing shall be done to harm the children.’ You might enjoy my post where I shared some of what I learned about the Grandmother Lodge. I share this with great humility, and intend no disrespect:
        Respectfully, your joyful follower, Gina


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  8. Walkingfox, this is beautiful; this touches my spirit. I am so glad you are getting the information public so others learn, This hits the nail on the head: “where do you think all of your ancestors received their teaching”?” People need to know.


    • Jackie
      Thank you my friend for your kind words
      As an answer to your question, I would say, “Everything comes from our Spiritual Being, called by many names however, the Creator of all creation”


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  10. I read several of your pages and I like the way you present the information. One misses certain cues with printed words that you get with spoken language but I think I can ‘hear’ you. I like your website, I only wish I had more time and less work so I could read more. Thank you for this.


    • Thank you Jackie
      Not bad for a person that just about made it to high school graduation, the first in my family, had to work from age 12.
      I write for years before receiving such kind words, this is the 3rd in a year?
      I can only get better at it with the help of my friends like you, encouraging me along.


      • You are welcome, Walkingfox. Writing perfect is not your goal or message, your goal is to patiently educate, I think. You have done and are wonderful job. Yes, there may be technical errors but I have them too. I also have a GED, not a diploma but I have a goal similar to yours.

        Work is something I know well. I helped clear land with my father and brother when I was about nine. I cared for the animals: Ponies, a horse, bull, pigs and up to 15 hunting dogs and one pet dog. I managed maintenance for the fence, barn and field. I carried 100-pound sacks of feed and stacked hay and I learned to shoe horses. I gardened, picked and washed vegetables. I worked on my dad’s boat fishing for shrimp and flounder, then cleaned and froze them. I did all that and more all before I was 17, the age at which I left home.

        Several years ago I was paid $14 an hour to write and publish a newsletter for Parents Anonymous to give parents. I did that for about 5 years then got busy with other things. I go back sometimes and look at my writing then and I am horrified that I made such silly mistakes but at that time I thought it was well written. I started my Soup To Nuts blog May 30, 2012 and when I look back, I see the work as not very good. Right now I can say that I am much better than I was then but I hope I will be better in the future.

        One of my daughters is an English major – we paid to send her to a top school to learn. When I ask her to look over an article, which isn’t often, she cuts me to ribbons. I learn and continue to write.

        What is important for you and I is our messages. You and I will get better and I am glad to call you ‘friend.’


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