War Chief Cauchegan

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The school work for this blog on book reports my family and friends drove me to every town, city hall and every literary in the Norwich, New London Connecticut area back in the 1950’s.

I also traveled into Rohde Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Main and parts of Canada with many of the tribal elders in my family meetings!


Because of War Chief Cauchegan

How did the Mohiigan prayer rock get its name?

As told by the elders at our gatherings, a warrior tribe from just up north came down as per usual at harvest time to raid and destroys the three sisters

(Corn, beans and squash)

And take our young girls.

Shachaim Uncas, knowing this, had his warriors stationed at point of travel


On this day the warring tribe from the north makes the mistake of trying to pass through a Mohiigan party with a young warrior names Cauchegan.

This battle went on for many hours with the larger northern warriors winning most of the time.

Just after sun set, as it was told to me by our elders they tried one more large attack however, young Cauchegan did not know that he was suppose to lose his ground.

Time and time again the enemy attacked and each time they suffered great losses until they finely just gave up and went back to their land in tremendous humiliation.

Shechaim Uncas hearing of these battles made this young warrior his northern war chief and set his family in the place of honor at the foot of the prayer rock and named this area Cauchegan land.

I did a book report about this while attending

Bulkeley Junior High


again while at

(NLHS 1956),


New London, Connecticut, United States

Otis library Norwich Connecticut

I found all of this information at the Raymond hill, New London, Westerly, and the Preston libraries back in the late 1950’s that confirmed our teaching.


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Shechaim Ohjieshan