Kinnick Kinnick

So what is this Kinnick Kinnick?
Kinnick Kinnick is a group of Herbs.

What Herbs goes into this group called Kinnick Kinnick?
Kinnick Kinnick is what our ancestors in and around the New England Area (Native American Country) in all of our Sacred Ceremonies and most of the our other ceremonies and (Indian Country) calls Tobacco.
The makeup of our Herbs depends on the area of the person (Clan Mothers) that is gathering the herbs.
For instance, if you live in Uncasvillage the Clan Mothers would be gathering herbs native to Uncasvillage.
Real simple isn’t it?
If you were looking to gather herbs for a gathering look around you, get an elder to help with a Kinnick Kinnick ceremony and a Clan Mother or two and have at it.

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