Creator is the Creator of everything and of course we all know, or should know, that Creator gifted Mother Earth with Water and everything in water.
Mother Turtle, tiring from all of the swimming with no rest asked Creator for a place on Water to rest and care for her children (Human).
Creator agreed so Water gave Mother Turtle a resting place.
Bear, Turkey, Deer, Wolf, Grasshopper, Bird, and Beaver are to the first people of this land (Mohiigans), guardians sent by Creator to watch over creation (Human).
The Mohiigans placed them each at the top of our clans.
Creators creation (Human), were allowed to name creations and our clans reflect this with our love or at least we should!
Bear, Turkey, Deer, Wolf, Grasshopper, Bird, and Beaver are a few clans in the tribe of the Mohiigan people.
After naming creations, humans are to look after all of Creators creation.
Creator sent Father Sky down to hover over Water, Mother Earth, Mother Turtle, and Human, to judge and intercede for them with Creator.
People from Native American Country (New England Area), have a problem with any religious organization, bent on converting our people to a religion that worships a human in place of Father Sky and/or go straight to Creator expecting any relief for creation?

We, the Mohiigan people believe that Creator did not send Human down to care for Father Sky, Creation, Water, Mother Turtle and/or Mother Earth?


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