Tobacco bags for requesting your native name

Welcome to my visitor from the City of Lima Ohio

requesting information as to tobacco bags for requesting your native name?

To my website

On 17 Nov, Sun, 08:19:43.

This is a very old and out of use tripod discontinued site so, I am not sure if you found what you were looking for?

First thing, I believe, that will go a long way in your request for that native name, if you are truly looking for a traditional name by a respected Spiritual Teacher?

Would be a little teaching and understanding about our culture and ceremonies?

As always I must remind you that you are visiting a site and posting about east coast tribes so the information is from our ancestors.

That said, I do know many good proud people of the great Shawnee tribe and know that their ceremonies and culture are close to ours.

First, this bag is called a pouch, this pouch is stuffed with herbs, we use Kinnick, Kinnick and it is used at all of our ceremonies.


A few sites that might be of help to you?

Kinnick, Kinnick


what happen if you do not show up for the native ceremony?

Welcome to the visitor down a little south of me from the City of Deltona Florida

To a few of my postings looking for information as to,

what happen if you do not show up for the native American naming ceremony?

If when you say ‘you’ it was me that did not show, I had better have a real good reason or I will be spending a lot more time on my knees for forgiveness. Losing a lot of Kinnick, Kinnick would also be taking place.

Thank you for this question and it looks like a prayer and a “I am truly sorry” is in order?

I personally have never had this problem, so my first question would have to be, who was it that did not show?

If the pre-naming ceremony was not held or a blessing from Kiehtan (along with Creators name for the person in question) was not received, go for another time.

If it was anyone other than the Spiritual Leader, the person expecting the name, the person or persons standing in, and of course Kiehtan our Creator, the ceremony can continue if the group wish?


Native American pre marriage ceremonies

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Saint Louis Missouri

To a couple of my postings about pre wedding customs

Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

Native American pre marriage ceremonies

First, if I may be so bold, I must make a correction being spread across the internet?

The sites that you are reading are of my people along the East coast of Indian Country.

A Pre Marriage ceremony is not now nor has it ever been a practice of my relations across the Pequot river.

The New Pequot Nation.

As usual what goes on at all of our Sacred Ceremonies will never be written because of the phonies and wannabe’s that steal and misuse for profit.

Goods, other than Kinnick, Kinnick are never be exchanged at a Sacred Ceremony, period!

It is true that my ancestors were first known as the Mohiingans and did use this practice however, it was lost until our ancestor Shechaim Unkas (Sachem Uncas) started it back up again as soon as he and his people crossed the river now known as the Thames.

The Pre Marriage ceremony as with all of our ceremonies originally came from Kiehtan our Creator.

We must remember that a Matriarch Society is built around total respect to our females.

Head Clan Mothers rule all but the Shechaim.

A Patriarch society is built around the interests of man.

The pre marriage meetings for our people is not a requirement for marriage, it is a request from Kiehtan through the spiritual leader.

At this meeting the couple and any member of the soon to be wedding, will learn everything that will take place on that blessed day, the couple and any person directly involved will then know what is expected of them by Kiehtan Creator during the wedding.

The couple will learn where to stand and why, will learn about the regalia and why it is used and all of the sacred blessings from Kiehtan through your ancestors.

That said, please remember, whatever happens during the wedding will not be judged, after all it is a fun, loving, first day for the rest of your lives.

A Matriarch Society

Matriarchal is when women have control of a community.

Matriarchal societies do not mean that the women hold more power than the men. Inheritance and lineage does not equal power.

Matriarchal is the gravitating toward or centering on the mother.

Native American’s were well known to have a matriarchal system.

Most early societies were organized around Matriarchal lines.

Women were the center of society, before agriculture, women generally raised children, cooked, gathered fruits, vegetables, etc.

Men hunted.

In this role, women were the first scientists.

They learned how to cultivate plants, and domesticate animals.

They learned methods of food preservation.

They learned how to build better home.

A Patriarch society

In a system based on patriarchy, not only the social system is male dominated.

As a rule, the government is male dominated as well.

The practical impact of a patriarchal system is that women are frequently considered second-class citizens and often exploited.

In a patriarchy, women are often not allowed to hold positions of power, vote, or own property, male-dominated societies can be found from cultures dating back thousands of years.

Just about all of the tribes up and down the east coast were of a Matriarchal societies.

It is sad to say that in modern time members of tribes of the Patriarch society have been allowed to take control of many older eastern tribes?


Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (Traditional teachings sage)

Welcome to the visitor from the city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

To some of my postings while looking for information about traditional teachings sage

Some of our sites found in your search

Smudging the correct way

Thank you and glad to have visitors from our neighbors up north however please remember that you are in Canada and that cultures may be a little different between countries and tribes.

For instance we use Kinnick- Kinnick for all of our ceremonies, although we now often include sage with this mixed herbal mixture?


Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle

Welcome to my visitor from Pembroke Canada

To my website and blog looking for fire keepers and smudging.

Smudging the correct way.



Smudging has just been covered the other day,

Smudging before entering the circle September 28, 2013

Fire Keeper has not.

Fire Keeper is the reason why I have been holding onto this for a little while and praying about it before answering.

I do that a lot.

We must once again understand that my teachers were from around New York, New England and parts south. While it is true that my father Shechaim (Sachems) Zeak and my grandfather Shechaim (Sachems) Tallfox had many visitor to our meetings, I have no knowledge of the Canadian natives Fire Keepers, never has the opportunity to witness?

Also, since I am writing on a blog being read by people from all over Indian country and the world, I feel that it is necessary to point out that fact .

I have also been to thousands of gatherings around Indian country and have noticed that most gatherings do not have a fire, some have a fire almost as an afterthought and a few have a fire along the lines of our Paw-paus gatherings.

It is this the last that I chose to write about.

My people take a fire in or around a circle very personal.

You see, we believe that a correctly placed fire at the correct time is a symbol that Kiehtan (Creator) has agreed to a visit with our gathering.

The original powwows before first contact (Paw-paus) the fire was always off to the west side away from distractions with room to do our smudging/prayers, in those days smudging was with Kinnick – Kinnick Herbs, this is our tobacco.

Our powwows, not counting today’s intertribal, the fire is placed into the center of our circle.

Long before any gathering begins the cleaning and clearing must be done.

After the circle is cleaned and cleared correctly it is time to smudge.

Taking the remains of the last fire and mixing it with Kinnick, Kinnick we start the spirit smudging, light the fire in the center of the circle.

light the mix from the fire in the circle, extremely important, let the fire in the circle go out on its own.

Smudge starting at the east at the fire, smudge around and back to the east, take two steps toward the east opening and smudge around the fire once again back to the east each time getting closer to the east opening and out through your opening.

This way all spirits good and bad will be forced out the opening of your circle.

Good spirits will return with Kiehtan.

Your circle is now ready for the Firekeeper prayers for a blessing from Kiehtan and a visit.

After the fire is started (another posting) the Firekeeper and assistants must keep the fire going for the length of the Paw-paus or powwow.


kinnick ~ kinnick chemical make up?

Welcome to the visitor from the City Spokane Washington

Looking for information about Kinnick, Kinnick our Native American Tobacco to a few of my postings.

Native American Tobacco!

Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

If your tobacco has chemicals in it.

It is not Kinnick, Kinnick!

How to gift a Chief?

Welcome to the city Waynesville North Carolina

Looking for information on when you visit an Indian Chief is it tradition to give tobacco?

To some of my postings

Native American gifting tobacco to an elder?

Tobacco as a gift.

How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder

While traveling around and attending Sundance, Ghost, and other Sacred Dances out west of the Mississippi River, I’ve noticed that there are times when you may need permission just to get near their chief’s and this is OK I just have little knowledge as to when or where because I never had the problem.

Might I suggest that you might play it safe and speak to an elder of that tribe as to the correct procedure.

Gifting a Chief could be a little tricky at times around Indian country so I must once again speak about tribes in and around New England or at least my people.

I do require my chiefs and head clan mothers to pass training on our culture and ceremonies so they use a lot of tobacco while assisting.

People like myself use a lot of tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick). However, unless I am tied up with a ceremony or in prayer, please come speak with me, my chiefs and  Head Clan Mother at any time, Kinnick, Kinnick is optional.


Kinnick – Kinnick

Welcome to the visitor from the town of Hillsborough North Carolina

What is Kinnick, Kinnick?

Looking for information about our herbs called Kinnick – Kinnick.

Because I have covered this so many times and I did see that you were on one of my many postings, I was going to pass and go to the next question. However, while checking other answers that you were reading, this I must not do without a brief answer. Yes real tobacco grown as a plant is an herb and is included into this Kinnick – Kinnick, remember our tobacco as with all of our herbs is NEVER treated with chemicals and when we speak of smoking our pipes, it is always in a ceremony, not smoked like as in a cigarette or cigar? Most participants in our ceremonies will puff enough smoke a number of times to blow a prayer up towards Creator, down to Mother Earth and so on. Some of the participants will tap the pipe with their left hand and pass it on, a few very brave members might even inhale? I do not recommend this un necessary abuse on your body!

Will tobacco help Native Americans at a burial

Welcome to the visitor from Miramar Beach Florida

Looking for information about

Will tobacco help Native Americans on burial

To my posting

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information.

My answer would have to be yes and no?

Yes, our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) used as with smudging in our ceremonies helps us concentrate on the burial. No, it is not necessary to use anything except prayer (talking) with Creator however, if it helps blank out the world while praying use it.

A Spiritual Leader will use many Sacred materials while leading a group in the prayer ceremony, mostly because they are a collection from passed elders now ancestors. Plus a helper allowing this group to remember that the loved one is going to a much better place.

Christian Smudging Ceremony

Welcome to Anchorage Alaska

Looking for information about Smudging and Christianity

Christian Smudging Ceremony

To one of my postings on this subject


Is smudging Christian

This question as with the question about our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) will never be put to bed, so to speak, because so many people without the knowledge keep answering with a guess wrong answer!

Smudging, as with tobacco and most of our ceremonies, is nothing more than a prayer, don’t get me wrong, prayer is a talk with our Creator and there is nothing better or more important than a talk with Creator.

Stop adding to this because you think!

You think that Creators words are not enough?