How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder

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Ohio is the land of the Shawnee people. how is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder
Your question is a good one however, search has taken you to a site that does not answer your question totally.
how is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder

As long as it is Herbs such as Kinnick-Kinnick it can be wrapped (Red Cloth) or freely given, not a Cigarette or Cigar!
When walking up to this elder, assuming your elder is a traditionalist, please make sure that this elder knows that you are coming, be respectful, show your herbs in your left hand, ( no need to be over the top, just make sure that the elder knows what you are about to do) then reach out with the tobacco while still in your left hand to the elders left hand.
Explain the purpose for the tobacco.
Once again being respectful back away a few steps and be on your way with the full knowledge that Creator is smiling on you while on your journey!
Red represents your mother, Mother Earth.