“Native American Country.”

“Native American Country.”

For far too many years, this government

has had its way with the first people of this area in

(North America).


“The Hemispheres of the Mother Earth!”

This routine assimilation

of our people

has been going

on from the first days of

(First Contact),

by the Euro-Americans.

In addition, it was stepped up to an attempt to remove all treaties with

(Quickie Laws)

In the 1980’s by the then

president of the country.


the main heart breaker to our people over in

“Native American Country.”

Is now coming from

‘Our brothers and sisters’

West of the Mississippi River

in what they call

(Indian Country).


Native Americans were all over

“The Northern Hemispheres of the Mother Earth!”


For that matter also the

“The Southern Hemispheres of the Mother Earth!”


my brothers and sisters

are we not included

in your area as well as ours?

If you cut us,

do we not bleed

the same

red blood as you?


This is just another way

Big Brother,

this conquering government

has been keeping all of our people




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