Way to go Senator Doug Jones

I pray to God that this is the beginning of coming back?

This was about time

I was able to get this monkey off of my back.

Fifty six to one (56 to 1)
The summer of Birmingham Alabama 1962

I hope and pray that,

thanks to the women and the African-American voters,

Alabama can finely do the same thing with their monkeys?

Congratulation Alabama!

Doug Jones Senate win reaction: Bo Jackson, Hillary Clinton, celebrities, politicians weigh in



Fifty six to one (56 to 1)

Before we start this blog post how about a little military story, sort of?
The year was 1962.
O.K. Enough!
I am no story-teller!
The summer of Birmingham Alabama 1962
An innocent navy serviceman (yours truly), from New England where racism meant Indians!
As a school student in the teens, I knew nothing about the following at the time.

Unseen Civil Rights Photos May 1963, Children’s Marchers pushed back by fire hoses. 63-2725 Unknown photographer see 63-3581 dogs and demonstrators May 3, 1963 Jane House

Birmingham Campaign of 1963
One of by shipmates invited me to his home and with no plans for my leave,
I excepted.
He drove to a main road, unknown to me, and hit the gas, his car bounced a young girl to the curb.
Long story short, I heaved the keys out my window and him out his door.
After I finished with him and seeing that the girl was O.K.
I started back to the base.
A number of witnesses came to me and I hitched a ride for them.
I reported this to the officer of the deck and joined shipmates in the mess hall for games of 5 and 9 and chess.
The little girl was an African-American, along with all of the witnesses.
Such was life in Birmingham Alabama 1962.

Fifty six women accusers and one White Male!
One White Male is a president?
Fifty six women are condemned?


The biggest problem with


is how to keep up with correcting the LIES!

For instance
One of my long time internet friends asked a question, guessing that that person only has the time, working and such, to watch one news channel the likes of
‘Fox News’
(Fake News)?
“Apparently the lady who accused Roy Moore admitted she’d written the notes in the yearbook herself.

What’s this world coming to”?

My answer after watching many channels while reading on the internet like CNN, MSNBC.
“Not quite true as I read the news my friend.
As I understand the reports like on CNN with Chris Cuomo, she wrote down the date of the incident”?

which is “Fake News”?

More Fake New.

Janet Porter Roy Moore Spokesperson Fake News on Doug Jones on Abortion rights by a fake statement saying that he is killing children that Doug Jones never said!
Trump, by his own words, is a womanizing, pedophile, flâneur and now your president?
Congress wants a womanizing, pedophile elected to congress just to be able to help pass their ‘Get Rich Quick tax cut or should I say, so-called tax cut?
Because the only ones that they are giving a tax cut to are themselves and
Your get rich president!

Moiigans (Maïngan) News

Welcome Kooskia, Idaho

Welcome to the visitor from Kooskia, Idaho to a few of our postings about our Smudging Ceremonies.



Of course there are many more ‘Smudging Ceremonies’ then shown on this one site.
However, this site was using these three to show a point.
As you have seen while reading this site we use smudging in at least two of our ceremonies

(pow-wow and Pau-paus).

These two sites might be helpful?

Speaking of ‘Making a Point.’
I happened across a discrepancy on a site West of the Mississippi river about Indian Country in your area while looking for your town that you might wish to check into someday?
Maybe not,

because this person or persons is just trying to sell you a book!
By our count there were roughly 500,000 tribes on our land.
Native American Country (Mother Earth), when the Europeans first came.
And roughly half of them were East of the Mississippi river.


Spread Love and Kindness

WFTV Channel 9
While crazy people wanting to end their lives are killing your children in schools because the NRA and the Super-packs have you convinced that their opponents want to take your guns?


People in this origination are showing their Love for you and your children.
This single mother of two has struggled with her smile for years, but a Winter Park dentist has a surprise for her.


Dr. Byrnes and his staff take great pride in providing our patients with outstanding dental care all with a gentle touch. We believe that our patients are more than just a “number”; they are our friends who deserve the best quality dental care that we can provide them. Patients come to our office because they can depend on a comfortable, relaxed and caring environment. Dr. Byrnes takes his time to keep his patients well informed and provides a personalized treatment plan that suits you for your needs. In the end, what’s important to us is giving our patients back what they give us, a reason to smile.
WFTV Channel 9
20 hrs ·
This single mother of two has struggled with her smile for years, but a Winter Park dentist has a surprise for her.
Pasted from <https://www.facebook.com/WFTV9FamilyConnection/?hc_ref=ARSIkd4enxA9_7S-rrMDBe2EH1decQ2TelFwynyLmTfom30A83SSDpJ36qxf4LcK9QQ&gt;

Trickle down Sex

Trickle down Sex Many of our politicians feel that it is O.K. to pay off the abused
with taxpayers money?

Please always remember the number of our returning service members homeless

living in the insect infested wood and soon to be frozen by winter!
Start at the top and trickle down on Sexual Allegations
After all!

Ever since President Ronald Reagan,

it is the Republican Parties Way is it not?
Developing sex story on CNN

How about starting with Roy Moore!
Representative Trent Franks ® Arizona “Surrogacy” revelations
Rep John Conyers
Sen. Al Franken
Rep Trent Franks
GOP Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold Used Taxpayer Money for $84k Sexual Harassment Settlement
Paul Ryan walked into an awkward exchange about sexual harassment allegations against Trump and Roy Moore
At a campaign rally in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump jokingly says he could “shoot somebody and not lose any voters.”

Donald Trump claimed he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and not “lose any voters.”

Follow up from my posting on Florida News

Follow up from my posting on Florida News

Davenport Mayor arrested abuse of handicapped placards

It is about time!

It is also obvious to any sane person that the fine is not high enough!
Follow on WFTV 9 News
Pastor arrested for using handicapped placard

Leave it to California to get it right!

YOUTUBE of handicapped arresting and it is about time!
Images of people arrested for the use of a placard


South Carolina is a good start in the right direction however it also needs a signature?

A million pig march on Washington!”


Sen. John Kennedy
didn’t mince words Monday
about any colleagues accused of sexual misconduct:
“They’re all pigs.”

Republican senator:
‘I had no idea there were this many pigs in the world’
by Kimberly Leonard Nov 27, 2017
“They’re all pigs.”
Be very careful John, as to just how much you can say and the break-off turns into just another lie! We know that you are a new senator however, you have been around in the political arena for quite some time and should know better!

Davenport Mayor arrested abuse of handicapped placards

Davenport Mayor arrested abuse of handicapped placards
I ask you?
How many years have you been reading

my posting about the abuse of disabled parking placard?
Does January 9th 1993

Polk County deputies said this photo depicts Teresa Bradley’s car parked in the reserved spot at Davenport City Hall, with a disabled person’s parking placard. (Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

The day that I needed to change my registration because of a disability, while constantly a witness to this crime against the elderly and the disabled, by our governments and crooked people in my country!
Now you see why!
Because the government is either loaded with crooked people
People that just do not care about the elderly and the disabled.
Davenport mayor accused of using deceased person’s disabled parking permit
Polk County deputies arrested the mayor of Davenport on Tuesday. Deputies accuse her of using a deceased person’s disabled parking placard to park in disabled spots near the front of City Hall. (Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

It is a simple cure to this abuse.
A photo and signature of the disabled on each placard!
Some states do this; I have seen them on their mirrors.

The mayor of Davenport is facing accusations from Polk County deputies that she illegally used a deceased person’s disabled parking permit to park in a reserved spot at City Hall.
Davenport mayor charged with criminal use of deceased person’s ID
Teresa Bradley illegally used disabled person’s permit, deputies say
Deputies said they saw Bradley using reserved spots at City Hall
Mayor Teresa Bradley was arrested Tuesday and faces several charges, including criminal use of deceased person’s ID, possession of altered/counterfeit decal, and unlawful use of disabled person’s parking permit, according to an arrest report.
Davenport resident Albert Deaton was shocked. He says he has difficulty walking and has a disabled placard himself.
“I think it’s unbelievable. That should never happen,” Deaton said.
In November, the Sheriff’s Office said it received information that Bradley, 60, was parking in reserved spots in Davenport City Hall but was not known to be a disability or have a permit issued to her.
During the investigation, deputies said they saw Bradley parking in one of the designated reserved spots, placing the placard on a car mirror before leaving the vehicle, and then removing the placard after she returned to the car.

Welcome to the visitor from Oakdale, Connecticut

Welcome to the visitor from Oakdale, Connecticut

To one of our older postings about our people and one of many schools we would visit before the crossing of my father (Shechaim Ohjieshan Ziek), and my retirement.

Uncas School Norwich Connecticut


Hope that this was an eye opener for you?
Remember, the school in question is an Elementary School
it has changed a lot since our last visit and after the ‘government controlled Indians’ took power and control from the area.
I am sorry to say that I have not had the pleasure of a visit to a school system in Oakdale, my loss!