Congress needs permission from their president?

Senator Mitch McConnell (Moscow Mitch), said;
“We need guidance from the president as to about what kind of a proposal will make a difference, so he will actually sign it into a law “- – Say What?
I cannot find it anywhere in our ‘Constitution’ or ‘Bill of Rights’ that congress needs permission from the president to write a bill to make into a law?
And yet, they will be elected again, because of the crooked ‘Electro College’ in spite of their corruption!
Are we,
all of the citizens of the USA,
so pleased with our life style since electing Mitch McConnell into office, that we will be voting him in yet again, along with his leaky money bag?
This is the best Moscow Mitch quote yet,

Eastern Woodland Native American Name

Sachem or Shechaim or Sagamore?
So which is the correct name?
Well I guess it all depends on which tribe or (today’s nation), you ask.
Up until a few years ago I could care less about the name, after all what’s in a name?
Shechaim sounds like( She-Chaim) Sachem sounds like (Sack-Um).
I changed my mind after finding out what non knowing citizens out of our area said their understanding of the word.
If you, as one of my followers also think, Sack-Um for Sachem,
you now know why I went back to my ancestors original word, Shechaim.
I have also noticed recently that some tribes from Canada, now in this country, use the name Sagamore.
Sagamore is a correct name just not in our area, just like Chief is a correct name west of the Mississippi,
the same name is (chief) or (Sagamore), to our people.

(Chief is the lowest offices in the navy
a leader of a Plains Indian tribe).
It is also a worker in a traditional tribe from the east coast of Native American country.
While this is true, this is very important to remember,
once that job was finished that person is no longer that chief,


People over look this truth from the ancestors!
To our people,
the Head Clan Mother assigns the work and who will lead that job,
after the job is finished that leader (chief or(Sagamore), goes back to being a normal member of the people.

Who is the real bad guy in this post?

General Motors strike?
Who is the real bad guy in this post?
Read this and then vote on
who it is that is really the bad guy in this posting.
General Motors expects its 2018 profit to be in line with earnings from 2017,
details of which it will report Feb. 6.
But the automaker  will not pay a special bonus to employees
to reflect the new tax law
that cut the rate corporations pay from 35% to 21%.
The fourth-quarter results will include a
$7-billion non-cash write down reflecting the impact of
the tax bill passed by Congress and signed by trump.
Here’s how that works:
General Motors had billions of dollars in what are called
“tax-deferred assets”
accumulated during the money-losing years
leading into the Great Recession and the taxpayer-funded bankruptcy in 2009.

Can’t we all just get along?

Think about this, if you well?
I grow up from the ending of World War-2 in a country of poor people;
because they gave everything they could into a pot to help preserve freedom
for Mother Earth from totalitarianism!
This was the last time that we were in any kind of war totally for
‘Peace in the world’.
People like John McCain, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton do
and should never be punished for their caring about you!
So, Joe Biden is not one of the ‘Great Speakers of this world’.
So, where is his heart my friends?

Every war since was from greed on both sides, for oil, gas, land or just because!
Each one of these many wars
have left a path of destruction in families and made millions of poor broken homes in America alone,
the same homes that gave everything for this country and now in need of help from our government.
Is our government really out to help these families, or is it still for (Greed)?
Look around you my friends,
how many countries, the United States included, are in a crash dive into totalitarianism!
Forgive me for saying this but few people today in their 30’s
born with a silver spoon in their mouth
have no concept of just what it is like for a mother/wife/child, with no
husband/father to help in a home!
People like John McCain, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton do
and should never be punished for their caring about you!
So, Joe Biden is not one of the ‘Great Speakers of this world’.
So, where is his heart my friends?
Billions of humans, millions in this country alone, need someone
with a heart that feels for our follow humans,
not someone that is just looking to beat a
‘Broken Republican Party of greedy misfits’!
I only say
(Broken Republican Party of greedy misfits),
because of the many ‘good republicans’ in this country also praying for a change!

Ananao Giridharadas’s Retirement of Joe Biden?

Mothers of my childhood days would loved to have had help with school and homework!
Teachers ‘Lamb and Nailen’
I want to hear the feed-back from Joe Biden?
As any person spending any time on any of my posts, blogs and website knows, I am not a racist.
How I feel about those now in my white house not counting.
I am also the age of Joe Biden (one year older), any because he brought up his age, Ananao Giridharadas (37)?

Oh the youth of today?
I wish that I had anyone, including social workers, into my home
while going through 1st to 6th grade.
I would have had the background and not the teachers, to have gone to college!
Back in my school days, my father was frequent visitor of the (Birdseye bar & Grill)!
My mother, without transportation, with 5 children, and two ‘Old White’ to say the least, teachers!
Children in Joe Biden’s day had to walk to school and learn from any teacher the state hired!
The Joe Biden subject in question by Ananao Giridharadasat age (37)?
“The teachers are — I’m married to a teacher.
My deceased wife is a teacher.
They have every problem coming to them.
We have — make sure that every single child does, in fact, have 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds go to school. School.
Not daycare.
We bring social workers in to homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children.
It’s not want they don’t want to help.
They don’tthey don’t know quite what to do”.

Joe Biden, record players, and racism

Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to our visitor from Jacksonville, Florida
There are five species of venomous spiders in Florida
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Did you remember to give credit where credit is due while writing your book-report?
Megan Mann is interim director and a livestock agent at the UF/IFAS Lake County Extension Center. Email her

When to and not to use the Baker Act Law?

Take a close look at this face and you decide?

This is why there needs to be a realistic change to our 2nd Amendment?

To unless?

‘White Supremacist’ Winter Park Florida Richard Clayton, arrested threading Mass shooting

Winter Park man can’t possess gun for 1 year?????????

Baker Act.
“Who set this guy free to write once again, or ‘Whatever’?
The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, also referred to as the Florida Baker Act and the, is a Florida statute found under Chapter 394 that allows for the involuntary examination though of an individual through involuntary or emergency commitment.

Welcome to the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM). VLM

The Veterans Legacy Memorial, the country’s first digital platform dedicated entirely to memory preservation for the 3.7 million Veterans interred in VA national cemeteries, launched Aug. 14.
Each Veteran will have their own memorial page on the VLM, a secure, web-based platform that creates a perpetual memorial extending beyond the physical border of the national cemetery.
“Veterans Legacy Memorial ensures ‘no Veteran ever dies’ by honoring the legacy of our nation’s Veterans, not just in our cemeteries, but in a new and innovative digital setting,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “It enhances the onsite national cemetery experience and extends the experience to those who otherwise are unable to physically visit the cemetery.”
NCA, in conjunction with VA’s Office of Information & Technology, built the architecture for the site starting with the information contained on every Veteran’s headstone.
In the initial rollout, the public will be able to search the site for Veterans, find out where they are buried and read the basic details of their lives and service. Future capabilities may be expanded to allow families, survivors, fellow Veterans and others to add historic photos and share memories to a deceased Veteran’s memorial page. Such capabilities will include provisions that allows NCA to manage the site in a manner that maintains the same level of decorum our customers experience in our national cemeteries.
For more information about the Veterans Legacy Memorial, visit Have questions about Veterans Legacy Memorial? Find what you’re looking for at VLM FAQ.

Veterans Legacy Memorial honors deceased Veterans online

Welcome to the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM). VLM is an online memorial space for Veterans managed by the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). NCA manages 136 national cemeteries as shrine spaces to honor our Nation’s Veterans and extends memorialization of the 3.7 million Veterans interred in NCA cemeteries to this digital memorial space, providing a VLM profile page for each. To find the memorial profile of a Veteran, please enter the name of your Veteran in the format of First Last with no commas (“John Doe” not “Doe, John”). To search with additional information (branch of service, cemetery name, etc.), please click on Advanced Search. We hope you share your feedback so that we can continue to improve this memorial platform. You will find the Customer Support link at the bottom of this page.
Find Your Loved One:

Science has come a long way since the burning of fossil fuel!

In my 40 plus years at a heating and cooling technician,
my truck was equipped with about 98% of parts
(Generic parts and as you now know just as good as the original),
to keep my customers comfortable for the next 25 to 30 years.
Your ‘Small business company’ could sell the parts and/or equipment made for homeowner repair?
Science is now using ‘Mother Nature’s Free Fuel!
Do you live in one of those poor states, countries, town cities or county?
Is it because many businesses large and small have close?
Did you know that science has ‘a fix for you’ one that has been around for years?
In order to show you this fix,
we must look back to the old ways with new way products.
Because each company has their own parts or there no longer are parts
for their outsourced equipment!
For example, you can no longer fix a ‘Window Air-conditioner’, it goes into your landfill and you buy a new one?
In my 40 plus years at a heating and cooling technician,
my truck was equipped with about 98% of parts to keep my customers comfortable for the next 25 to 30 years.
Now after outsourcing, equipment is made in other countries as throwaways in 3 or 4 years?
‘Small Business Company’ could sell the parts and/or equipment made for homeowner repair?
Any technician will now come to you in a car with a toolbox because this technician must order your part!
How many days does it take to come back with the part?
‘Small Business Company’ could sell the parts and/or equipment made for homeowner repair?
‘Big Money’ has paid to keep you in the dark all of those years, so to speak?
For instance
Slide it out repair it, slide it back for the next 30 to 40 years?
Did you know that there are many places in this country?
To get help to build a small or large for that matter,
Business to make or sell modern parts and machinery all over the world?
Build your own business with the help of a ‘Loving Government’ not this old ‘Greedy Government’!
The 10 Poorest States in America For 2019
Mississippi (Photos)
New Mexico (Photos)
Alabama (Photos)
Louisiana (Photos)
West Virginia (Photos)
Kentucky (Photos)
South Carolina (Photos)
Arkansas (Photos)
Georgia (Photos)
North Carolina (Photos)

Because factories have been outsourced to other countries.
Build your own business with the help of a ‘Loving Government’ not this old ‘Greedy Government’!
Today we now know that,
Fossil Fuel is expensive, stinks, is poisoning you, not safe to use and
can no longer be useful without the help of electric power.
Science has come a long way since the burning of fossil fuel!
Alternative Equipment will run as the old ways for 30 to 40 years without maintenance!
Think about it and vote for a better life for you and yours?

It has been only 18 years people?

911, 18 years ago today
It has been only 18 years people?
 It has only been 18 years
and our country’s politicians, state and federal,
are already forgetting our loss!
On or about March 1933 until 1945
86 years ago!

the Holocaust murdered millions of innocent people
for not being white and also white people for helping them!
Sound Familiar today?
Today many of our citizens, and politicians, after only a short 18 years
have forgotten thousands of our
(First Responders)

Shame on this country!

Today selfish people are stating, without proof, that there never was a Holocaust.
Is this going to also happen to all of our (First Responders)?
The Holocaust was the genocide of approximately six million ‘Human European’

When Did the Holocaust Start? Key Dates and Timeline

I have personally seen the tattoo numbers on my neighbor’s arm,

best neighbor anyone could ever ask for.