The Daughter of Dawn

A 1920 Silent Film and more than likely the only all native American film ever made.

Run time: 80 min.

The Daughter of Dawn features an entire cast of Native American actors and actresses, including a son and daughter of Quanah Parker.

It was filmed near Lawton in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge among the Comanche and Kiowa nations.

The Oklahoma Historical Society acquired and restored the film, virtually unseen for decades, with funds from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

The Oklahoma Historical Society commissioned a new musical score composed by Comanche David A. Yeagley and recorded by the Oklahoma City University Philharmonic.

“The Daughter of Dawn is all Oklahoma. Acted by Oklahoma Indians, filmed entirely in Oklahoma, in a story of Oklahoma’s Kiowa and Comanche nations, scored by a Comanche and played by the Oklahoma City University Philharmonic students, even the film was restored by an Oklahoman working in Hollywood for the Film Technology Lab.”

Adam Sandler Script

Adam Sandler Script That Caused Native Actors to Quit

I have never been much of a fan of Adam Sandler’s dry sense of humor however, I am not a prude and I do watch movies with my better half like

’50 first Dates’


‘Anger Management.’


Keeping the Faith

On the other hand!

This is why Film Directors get non-natives to play native parts in a movie about Native Americans.

No self-respecting native would so pollute our culture with this type of garbage talk on film.

No self-respecting women let alone native women should ever speak to any male, I say male because people talking and/or writing this stuff are not a man, that goes to see such a film so degrading to women let alone natives women in this country?

What’s next, a comedy about the people of the Holocaust?

Maybe he would like to try his hand at the Armenian Massacres?

Not so long ago I can remember many a comic in movies the likes of Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg , Red Skeleton, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mom Mosley, Jack Benny and hundreds more without a word of filth, no disrespecting others race, culture or country!

Now, a movie cannot be scripted without sex, foul language and insults, why?

Spitting on Veterans


I am still trying to go along with other countries walking on our flag and people from this country burning the flag in disrespect, still on the fence about banning


However Urinating on our flag by the people who I went to war to protect is a


Disrespecting any Wounded Warrior no matter how drunk one gets should be immediate expulsion from this country!

Because I believe that, No one in this country could ever get that drunk to do such a thing unless it is already planted in the heart?


Florida Frat Bros Accused of Spitting on Veterans, Peeing on Flags

On Friday, vets say, members of UF’s Zeta Beta Tau chapter were seen spitting on veterans, throwing beer bottles at them from their hotel room balconies, ripping flags off their cars, and insulting them for “wearing caps and T-shirts.” Some Zeta Beta Taus were also apparently seen peeing on American flags.

One vet, Nicholas Connole, told WFTV,  “They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself.”

New Tribal Recognition Rules

Obama Administration Advancing New Tribal Recognition Rules


It’s about time that someone, loosed the chock-hold both government controlled ‘New Age Casino Indians’ have on Connecticut Taxpayers!

The only reason why these ‘so called Indian Nations’ exist is because of the shady paperwork that was rammed thorough both the congress of the state and the federal government cutting off the real true traditional native people and stuffing the state with wannabes, ending any chance that the real people can get compensation for their ancestors losses and lives!

Connecticut officials, in particular, are concerned about large land claims and the possibility that new Indian casinos could affect a slot machine revenue-sharing agreement between the state and the Mashantucket Pequots and the Mohegans, two federally recognized tribes with gaming operations in Connecticut.

Forwarding Doug Hughes’ Letter to Congress

Originally posted on Aware & Fair:

Doug Hughes letter to Congress

Corvus Black at Cosmic Twist printed Doug Hughes’ letter to Congress in its entirety, and suggested that ‘you can copy it and mail (or email) it directly to your representatives.’

What a great idea!

I prepared the letters, garnishing them with the red ‘Stamp Money Out of Politics’ stamp from Stamp Stampede.

They’re folded, sealed, stamped, and in the mail. (smile)

Bet you a lot of other people had the same idea. But if not, spread it, won’t you?

I’d love to see mountains of Doug Hughes’ letters in the Congressional mailrooms.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Politicians Denying Science Is ‘Beginning Of The End Of An Informed Democracy’

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Think Progress

What will you be doing on Monday, 4/20, at 11 p.m.?

Perhaps watching the premiere of acclaimed astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new show StarTalk. Tyson, who may be best known for hosting the reboot of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series in 2014, will now be appearing weekly on the National Geographic Channel in what may be the first late-night science talk show. Along with a trusty cast of comedians and science-minded folks like Bill Nye, Tyson hopes the adaptation of his popular podcast to a broadcast format will make getting a regular dose of science as pain-free as possible. He thinks that by embedding it between pop culture discussions and entertaining asides, the science will go down easy, and even leave you wanting more. And he’s right.

The first episode features an interview with George Takei, who requires no introduction to…

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Late Military honors for Cesar Chavez, Navy veteran

Thank you for serving Cesar Chavez, Navy veteran

APRIL 23rd 2015 remember the date?

On this date the navy will finely amend a long standing debt to a “HERO” in the eyes of many.

Did Chavez receive military honors during his funeral in 1993?


Military honors planned for Cesar Chavez, Navy vet

Valdovinos received a call from Chavez’s son.

 Cesar Chavez family was honored and grateful, and had chosen the anniversary of Chavez’s death, April 23, for the ceremony.

The late labor leader has also been honored as the namesake of a Navy dry cargo and ammunition ship.

The event is set for 10 a.m. Thursday at the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in Keene, Calif. The 116-acre property was the headquarters of the United Farm Workers, which Chavez helped found, and was his home from the early 1970s until his death. Chavez is buried there.

The family has opened the ceremony to all veterans, and invited local Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion members and others.

The honor guard will include a rifle team, and about 20 members have volunteered to take part, he said.

Medicine man runs Indian ceremonies?

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Corbin Kentucky

To three of our postings

How much tobacco offering to elder for inipi


Native American Medicine Men


Organization Chs – Bna Lan

While looking for, one would guess,

The Elder in charge of a Native American Ceremony?


“Does the Medicine Man run Indian ceremonies?”

Actually it is not the Medicine Man or Medicine Woman.

In our tribe and mind you that you did come directly to all three of our posting so you have been here before?

You are always welcome and thank you for your question my friend.

The leader of the tribe, in our case the tribes through-out the Eastern Area, is the Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief.

This person assigns the particular ceremony to the person in the tribe better trained for that particular ceremony, and yes for the most part it would be the Medicine Man or even the Medicine Women.

Allow an explanation/

Tribes west of the Mississippi river were known to have leaders called


I believe that the longer the feathers on ones headdresses, the more important the chief?

However, tribes and I am only talking

‘True Traditional Native American Tribes’ east of the Mississippi river like the “MOHIIGANS!”

Leaders are called ‘ Shechaim’ or (Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief).

The tribal leader.

As you may have noted lately, time and people pollution, has changed some tribal families in the east so that the leadership has changed to suit the few rather than the many, just as it has in this government in the United States of America?

In this Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief society, responsibility of a job, such as say a ‘Naming Ceremony’ would be turned over to the best qualified elder, this person was called ‘chief’ this chief could be female as well as male depending on the ceremony and qualifications and until the designated job was completed this chief answered only to a Head Clan Mother or the Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief.

Once the designated job was completed the title of chief also ended, this was a way to help keep tribal members humble as chief.


Any ‘Job’ dealing with herb and for sure herbs ending up on the Medicine-Mans table is assign to the Head Clan Mother who in turn assigns the most qualified Clan Mother in her charge for this particular job or correctly stated ‘Ceremony.”

Called Medicine Women as well as chief?

Moving election date is a big advantage to incumbent


Moving election date is a big advantage to incumbent

And the Florida governmental Cheating goes on!

Everyone in the country knows that the larges turn out of voter is always in the year of a presidential election so, the Mayor and the council members that are up for election are


My question still is,

“What are you Florida going to do about it?”

Nothing as usual just roll over once again!

When will Florida get tired of watching the powers to be


Is there not one honest person in all of Florida that we can sit on that corrupt throne and “Take back Florida for the Floridians?”

The city also could have held the election with the presidential primary, as in the past, which would have saved taxpayers about $100,000, according to Channel 9’s Lori Brown.

Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned the move will eliminate any competition for the mayor or three commissioners up for re-election, but Commissioner Patty Sheehan disputed that

Plan to move Orlando elections to November passes first vote

Orlando’s city attorney has proposed moving the city’s next municipal elections forward by several months in order to avoid conflicting with the state’s 2016 presidential primary date

Moving election date could be big advantage to incumbent Orlando commissioners

Mayor Buddy Dyer and

The three Commissioner in question as to why they want to change voting laws are

Welton Cadwell District 5 seat.

James E. Todd of Eustis

Chairwoman Debbie Stivender, District 3 and is in a facing off against Keith Farner of Leesburg.


All Four are Republicans to those tired of me nit picking your political party!

It could have been the Democratic party but we will never know because we will never be able to get rid of the “RAT PACK!”