Can ‘White’ politicians cater to ‘non-white’ voters’?

Why yes they can.

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While it is true that people now called ‘Black, Red, Brown and Yellow’ are replacing the ‘White’ in the voting public.

The system IS rigged: The Electoral College and the 2016 election – People’s World (

It is also true that the ‘White politicians’ in government can adjust their psychology expectations to please those so called (Non-White) voters?

Voters’ knowledge of political news varies widely, study …

Heads Explode Over Florida’s New Surgeon General

Heads Explode Over Florida’s New Surgeon General – Rick …


Remembering when?

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On May 18, 2020, Jones was fired from her position at the Florida Department of Health. According to Jones, state officials pressured her to strategically align COVID-19 case data with Florida’s goal to reopen the state. The Associated Pressreported that Jones’ public remarks led to her firing; the report cited state records detailing repeated warnings by her supervisor not to publicly discuss her work without permission.

Rebekah Jones – Geographer & Environmental Enthusiast (

Was  State Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees also fires?

State Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees issued a Public Health Advisory rescinding the public health advisories issued on March 25, 2020, June 22, 2020, July 21, 2020 and January 21, 2021. The Public Health Advisory also expands vaccine access and eligibility to any individual in Florida who is present in Florida for the purpose of providing goods or services for the benefit of residents and visitors of the state. Finally, the Public Health Advisory encourages government offices to conduct in-person operations and services.

20210429-Public-Health-Advisory-filed-4.29.21 | Florida …


As Florida tries to move past the COVID-19 crisis and reopen businesses and venues, the former manager of the state’s novel coronavirus data project alleges she was fired for refusing to cook the numbers and make the state look better. Rebekah Jones said Friday she was removed from her position, local outlet Florida Today was the first to report.

Ousted scientist says she was asked to manipulate Florida …

Florida governor under fire over claims state is ‘cooking …


Republican Florida governor is ‘cooking the books’ – News


Are These States Cooking the Books on Coronavirus Data …


Heads Explode Over Florida’s New Surgeon General – Rick …

After more than a year of setting aside his last doctor, DeSantis announced that Ladapo will have his new surgeon general on September 21. It is not difficult to see why. After earning a BA from Wake Forest University, Ladapo earned a Ph.D. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He then went on to teach at NYU and UCLA School of Medicine. Prior to his appointment to Florida, Ladapo was working as an associate professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

But it is not his resume that led DeSantis to choose Ladapo, but his open and blatant battle with the scientific community over the pandemic. In July 2020, he was one of many doctors on the steps of the Supreme Court promoting hydroxychloroquine and protesting the mask mandates. He has also been promoting ivermectin as a treatment method lately, saying the vaccines were more dangerous “than advertised.” In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, he also said that taking children out of school is detrimental to public health.

As you can guess, many of these ideas are exactly what DeSantis promotes. Despite the genuine threat of the virus, DeSantis wants children to go to schools without restrictions and for masks and vaccines to be a purely personal choice. So naturally, he chose Ladapo to take over as surgeon general, which quickly escalated Florida’s battle against science. He is reportedly on a two-year contract along with a concurrent position at the University of Florida School of Medicine.

Florida’s Surgeon General Says Students with Covid Can Go to School

While many conservative states have been fighting the mask and vaccine mandates, Florida has been at the forefront of the war on science. Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis has been fighting school districts over masks mandates, and a judge ruled against DeSantis in early September. A doctor was caught taking advantage of that battle, offering parents $ 50 opt-out letters. Meanwhile, business owners have joined in, too, and some have banned masked customers from their store.

To help continue his fight, DeSantis recently appointed Ladapo as the state’s surgeon general, a move that has generated wide controversy even before his ruling. The appointment has sparked fears of a massive increase in Covid cases in Flordia, which already has one of the highest in the United States.

Ladapo’s ‘Positive Approach

“We are going to have a positive approach,” Ladapo announced at the September 21 conference, which we took a look at a day later. The Surgeon General announced a new rule directed at schools. From now on, families will have “sole discretion” over the masking and quarantine of their children, not schools. He also adds that a child exposed to Covid-19 can continue to attend school, “without restrictions or unequal treatment, as long as the student remains asymptomatic.

The rule was endorsed by DeSantis, who said it aimed to avoid “quarantining healthy students,” which would be “detrimental to their educational advancement.” He said the state would follow a “symptom-based approach,” although most cases have no symptoms. In addition to rendering schools powerless, he also dismissed any legal challenges DeSantis has been fighting over the past few weeks. “I don’t see any leeway in doing anything other than dismissing this case,” said Judge Brian Newman, who was overseeing the case about the masks mandate ban brought in by school districts.

In addition to this, Ladapo also criticized vaccines, despite the proof that they work. “It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that just doesn’t make sense,” he said, adding that they were getting “too much publicity.” The ruling has left parents and educators fearful for their health and safety, but with few options to defend themselves. As of Sept. 21, Florida reported a seven-day average of 9,112 cases with more than 85,000 people in the hospital, of which 24,161 were in intensive care.

State Surgeon General | Florida Department of Health

Today Kale recall, yesterday meat recall tomorrow vegetable recall

Today Kale recall, yesterday meat recall tomorrow vegetable recall (WAIT WHAT)?

Updated: Baker Farms Recalls Various Brand Name of Kale …

What’s going on lately over our food products?

1 – Lack of food inspectors.

2 – Lack of trusted food inspectors.

3 – Well paid government controlled food inspectors.

4 – Government officials responsible for hiring food inspectors also held accountable for crooked food inspectors.

Abstract vector icon colored people in the Union

5 – Union only companies dealing with keeping track of our food.

6 – Union employees in federal jobs dealing with our safety inspecting food companies, manufacturing companies and our safety in general.

If our companies were held accountable for producing and selling their products as in the past there would be a lot less recalls of poison food and poor quality products!

Union employees cannot be forced to do crooked shoddy work for companies because the union has your back!

Aquai/Aquine (

If you are in an accident and you were not to blame

Every attorney even one fresh out of school will win your case for you if?

If you are in an accident and the police say you were not to blame the other vehicles insurance pays the bill!

Today if you do not get an attorney you with suffer at the hands of the other insurance company!

I know this personally believer me!

“My office is one of the top in the business” is an ‘oxymoron’ because most attorneys will not take the case of a guilty driver.

I cannot believe that everyone on tweeter, face book, instargram and all search engines have not been all over this years ago?

Today at least in Florida dozens of (Ambulance Chasers) are on media telling you how great their record is!

What about the other guy in the accident does his/her attorney also has a winning record?

Central Florida and the World News: If you are in an accident and you were not to blame (

 What is it that puts humans on top of the Food chain?

Food_Chain_Fun.pdf (

Compassion! – sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

“the victims should be treated with compassion”


pity · sympathy · feeling · fellow feeling · empathy · understanding · care · concern · solicitude · solicitousness · sensitivity · tender-heartedness · soft-heartedness · warm-heartedness · warmth · love · brotherly love · tenderness · gentleness · mercy · mercifulness · leniency · lenience · tolerance · consideration · kindness · humanity · humaneness · kind-heartedness · charity · benevolence

“This is what happens when you believe in your rights.”


This is what happens where your rights are killing the rights of others like for instance, students, teachers, other parents and school administrators!

Brevard school board extends mask mandate, 2 arrested before meeting

Students will be allowed to remove their masks in the classroom if social distancing can be maintained

Brevard school board extends mask mandate, 2 arrested before meeting (


Check the remarks after the news?

Parents are starting to understand in spite of the government (Brain Washing)!

Two people arrested before the start of tonight’s


board meeting including mask policy discussion. One demonstrator says,

“This is what happens when you believe in your rights.”

A crowd supporting mandatory face coverings applauds man’s arrest.


Four young men stepped up to help a woman in need

This state, country and the world needs a lot more of this replacing the constant bombardment of political news lately!

In the photos, you can see the men pushing the scooter uphill in the rain while the woman held an umbrella over herself.

This certainly is a day the woman won’t soon forget because of the kindness she received.

Good job, fellas!

Central Florida and the World News: Four young men stepped up to help a woman in need (

This story should warm the cockles of one’s heart? 

This is a story that will warm your heart and remind you there is a lot of good in the world.

On Sunday night, when rain was pelting Seminole County, four young men stepped up to help a woman in need.

Katty Castro posted the heartwarming story to Next-door, sharing how four “helpful boys”

Pushed an older woman on her broken-down scooter back home through the heavy rain.

‘I was so moved:’ Young men push woman on broken-down scooter back home in the rain (

Help save ‘All Floridians’ from this pandemic?

Where are those state officials that are fighting masks on our children to help save ‘All Floridians’ from this pandemic?

I lived to be 80 years old up in New England city water without oxygen used in our drinking water; couldn’t Floridians live a few months while in this war from a virus?

OUC optimistic as customers continue to cut back on water usage

Florida is a ‘Tropical state’ which means that for the most part we get rain, like now plenty of rain so why are Floridians still watering lawns, flushing swimming pool and watering golf courses?

OUC optimistic as customers continue to cut back on water usage – WFTV

That said; it would be nice id Florida governments would also help out some?

Bleach Added To Tap Water Because Hospitals Need Liquid Oxygen

For instance, what did Florida water companies do before the use of ‘Oxygen’ to refine their water?

Water Disinfection with Chlorine and Chloramine | Public Water Systems | Drinking Water | Healthy Water | CDC

Win one lose one – C’est la vie

Florida is #1 once again however lost one to a neighboring republican state!

(That’s life)!


Florida is no longer the state with the most COVID-19 cases.

Central Florida and the World News (

Texas now takes that spot, but some of Florida’s airports are on the list for the highest number of TSA employees infected with the virus this month.

Miami International Airport is number one, with more than 500 employees testing positive.

The Fort Lauderdale airport ranks fourth, at 370 cases.

Orlando International Airport came in at number five.

3 Florida airports rank in top 5 for most TSA workers with COVID-19 (

Thanks to our governor and his republican congress Florida still makes it to the top shot in the tragedy news of the day!

Hurray Florida!

Videos of 3 Florida Airports Rank In Top 5 For Most TSA workers …

 Is this country again asking for a king?

Is this country again asking for a king not a president?

According to 90 to 95% of this country (Christians, Muslims and the Jewish religions), we already have a king (GOD)?

The ‘First People’ of this land (North and South hemispheres), have our king (Creator)

 Their God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son!

All Kings love themselves do much that each took and took so much they destroyer the countries!

Each time the Christian’s invaded our land they had their king (God).

When the Jews came to this land they had their king (God).

When the Muslims came to this land they had their king (Allah).

So now this country of Christians, Jews and Muslims want yet another king (king trump and king DeSantis)?

Anyone care to take a look at all of the countries changing from their God to a king?

I have a great book of the history of just one of those countries!

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