Sachem Speaks on Cauchegan

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While looking for information on our prayer rock Cauchegan.

Sachem Speaks on Cauchegan

You may notice right from the start that we, the first people in this our village pronounce the name different then our modern conquers (Cochegan)?

This can be easily answered, we name is after our Warrior Chief Cauchegan so name for his bravery in battles to protect our villages by our supreme leader Unkas (Uncas)!

This is our prayer rock (Cauchegan’s) from back to the time of my ancestor Sachem Uncas and long before first contact

as told to me many times by my elders now ancestors.

Sachem and his people (tribe) placed a table and some chairs ( made out of logs, branches and skins) on the top of this rock so,

while holding meetings they could also keep an eye out for any enemy.

From time to time you will see our prayer rock spelled the way the Europeans misspelled it as Cochegan Rock.

However, as was told at our meetings, as a reward for his services, Sachem Uncas gave this land to and set one of his

greatest warriors at the foot of this rock, the tribe helped him, the warrior and his family,

build his round house right into the base of the rock.

At their next meeting he, Sachem Uncas, named the rock after that warriors family (Cauchegan rock).

If you were to look closely at this photo we took back at a tribal meeting held by then Sachem Zeak, my father,

in the winter of 1986, photo # 6, you can still see the makings of our prayer alter.

At the foot the rock, running close to the opening of Warrior Cauchegan’s door was the river he and the tribe would fish in the warmer weather. Photo’s 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Is there a petitionto try to save these beautiful beings?

Another Great question

Is there a petition people could sign to try to save these beautiful beings?

Yes my friend and I will see if I can dig it up however, this is Florida and the petitions has been circling for about 5 years now and will do no good because MONEY TALKS and humans refuse to listen to our animals while they TALK!

This is the problem in a nut shell!

I count it a blessing when anyone has a question

Another Great question by one of my long time readers

Thank-you for your question because as you all know, I am stumbling along as best I can and when and for sure I will, I leave questions,

I count it a blessing when anyone has a question to clear thing up,and you asks?

After all remember, I would also have many questions of interest about your culture, as will I should?

As I explained to a few of my faithful readers this morning,

we are following doctors directions with the love of our lives “Breanna,” (prayers requested), doing what we can until Tuesday at her doctors or sooner so we are not on word press much lately.

Now as for the question, thank-you for your help and the question.

Remember and this is extremely important.

“The post is about a “Sacred Circle,”

it is also important for me to now once again remind you that,

“the only dumb question is the one that you think of but do not ask!”

If one has any questions about my posting it is always my fault and never yours because it is my culture and my responsibility to explain completely, something that is still hard for me!

I want everyone to know that Florida as well as many states do have many “powwows” the question was once again,

“Sacred Circle?”

In this state (powwow, gatherings and meetings) like in most others are not with a Sacred Circle and this is OK.

I am always writing to protect my readers from phony wannabes just looking into your pockets with what they want one to believe is a sacred culture as in a Sacred Circle?

As stated earlier this was a Great Question!

This is why I try to always state that my answers are from my constant pestering at the knees of my elders now ancestors starting from around age 5 or 6.


Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)

Florida moving ahead with plans to kill 200 bears in hunting

Florida Fish and Wildlife Hunters, many of them are hunters, are a group of ‘Boldface Hypocrite’ because they are allowing the public to believe that there is still hope for our beloved Black Bears and all this time the money is in the pockets and they and many more hunters are loading their weapons and getting the paperwork set for the June 24th


The officials keep saying that the bear populations is growing out of control?

Truth is no one really knows how many bears are in Florida.

Because, you see, at least 85% of our beloved Black Bears are not even involved with

“Dumpster Diving!”

It is only in the area where humans are still not protecting their trash!

Commission should vote no on bear hunt

In one month, June 24, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will vote on a proposal to open a trophy hunt on Florida’s unique subspecies of black bears. They were removed from the list of threatened species just three years ago. The trouble is, the Commission does not have enough information to make this decision, and is going against the wishes of many Floridians.

The last statewide count of Florida black bears was 13 years ago, when state biologists estimated that we had 2,000 to 3,000 surviving bears. Without having a handle on how many bears actually exist today, how can the Commission justify allowing hunters to kill 200 bears a year?

Sarasota District Schools

Welcome Sarasota District Schools Sarasota Florida

To one of our postings on a Sacred Circle.

Native American Sacred Circle

While looking for information about Native American Sacred Circles in Florida.

I thought that I might jump in here because I am now retired and living in Florida.

A Sacred Circle is not only homed in Florida, just about all True Traditionalist use a Sacred Circle?

After all basically it is our church for prayer and a blessing from Kiehtan (you call God).

I have found since retirement that in areas like Florida, sometimes it is near impossible to tell a Sacred Circle from a wannabe native circle?

You see, so many things must take place before any Native Sacred Circle and most are never made public that is why wannabes have a variety of circles hoping that the public never catches on?

If you need more information we have other posting free on the internet?

If you need more information please write?



Peace to you

If this did not answer your question, please write?

I like it when you write comments.

I love it when you have question.

Hope that this is of some help to you?

If not just write?




 Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox

of the

Mohiigan  People

Congressional Republicans are outraged

From to you from yours truly

Congressional Republicans are outraged that the EPA wants to protect our drinking water.

“The only people with reason to oppose the rule are polluters who knowingly threaten our clean water”

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 04:52 PM EDT

So who are those willful polluters?

Congressional Republicans, along with a select group of Democrats from farm and energy-heavy states, who are already pushing legislation aimed at crippling the rule in both Houses.

They’re characterizing it, as they do most EPA regulations, as a “power grab” and an overreach, and are vowing to destroy it the same way, presumably, they want to be allowed to destroy waterways.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) summed up the overwrought sentiment nicely in his reaction to the rule’s release.

“The administration’s decree to unilaterally expand federal authority is a raw and tyrannical power grab that will crush jobs,” he said.

“These leaders know firsthand that the rule is being shoved down the throats of hardworking people with no input, and places landowners, small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers on the road to a regulatory and economic hell.”

“SAY WHAT??????”

Oysters to the Rescue

Oysters to the Rescue? A Natural Way to Clean Up the Indian River Lagoon

Every time we plant the Oyster Farms our farmers kill the Oysters with their poisons.


This is about the umpteenth time that the Florida officials sent people and Oysters into the river to clean up the pollution and still nothing about cleaning up the Floridians that are polluting the river with pesticides, poisons, chemicals and fertilizers along with farm animal waste!

Millions and millions of tax dollars are being thrown into the river.

It’s like trying to kill a Tyrannosaurs Rex with a B, B, Gun!

The lagoon runs for 156 miles through five counties including Volusia and Brevard and has an estimated economic impact of $3.7 billion per year.

But the Brevard portion of the lagoon – which includes the Indian and Banana rivers – has seen a severe spike in pollution, which reeks and has been linked to allergic reactions among some nearby residents.

The pollution also creates multiple algae blooms each year that kill fish and potentially the other creatures that eat the contaminated fish.

Iraqi forces launch operation

Iraqi forces launch operation to drive ISIS from Anbar, Salaheddin

Well let’s see how they make out?

Our prayers go with their military for success.

Pressure on Ramadi

Iraqi authorities have not given details of the precise makeup and number of forces involved in the new military operation.

It’s also not clear when combat will begin on the ground and how soon the rhetoric may translate into concrete progress.

The Hashd al-Shaabi fighters appear to be focusing initially on efforts to cut the supply route running northeast from Anbar province toward Baiji.

My new place to visit thanks to Julie & Julia

A movie based on Julie Child


Her blogs were posted on in the movie.

Everything from political to eating food to saving energy and much, much more.

America will die old and broke:

The systematic right-wing plot to ransack the middle-class nest egg.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

Despite what conservatives say, the safety net works—which is why the 1 percent wants to stage a hostile takeover

The attacks on benefits are always underhanded and dishonest, an effort to keep critics quiet, and this latest attempt is no exception, because it only targets future members of the pension system. It’s the same tactic used in the constant assault on Social Security.

“Just take it from people who don’t have it yet.”

My favorite visual is the conservative who collects Social Security month after month (after month after month)

then votes for politicians who will destroy those very modest benefits for his children — all while reciting the false narrative of

“not saddling” those same children with debt.

In my own words my friends!

“My last employer his father and grandfather, all millionaires collected Social Security month after month until the day that they died and so did their family and everyone of them were crushing the American worker while doing so!’

Is smudging haram

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To our posting on

Were in the Quran does it say the Allah wants you to kill?

While looking for information about

Is smudging haram

Short answer, if done correctly


Of course if you know me, a long answer is on the way


If I am reading you correctly and judging from many answers on my tracker, I think I am, you are asking about

arām or Haraam an Arabic term meaning sinful.

In Islamic jurisprudence, haram is used to refer to any act that is forbidden by Allah, and is one of five Islamic commandments that define the morality of human action.

Acts that are haram are typically prohibited in the religious texts of the Quran and the Sunnah. The category of haram is the highest status of prohibition.


Now that we are on the same page?

Please always remember, “Correct Smudging” is a prayer to your Creator and what little I do know about the Quran, I do know that “Prayer to Allah” is always excepted?