How Trump Saves Your Jobs!

How do you like your leaders now Hoosiers?

Donald Trump profited from an investment

in the parent company of a business 

he has slammed for laying off 2,100 workers in Indiana

and moving production to Mexico.

Trump earned interest income of

$2,501 to $5,000 from an investment in a United Technologies Corp. bond,

according to a new

financial disclosure form he filed

Wednesday with federal election officials.

Trump’s Carrier Deal Flops

As 600 Will Be Laid Off Next Month

by Laurel Dammann

Carrier, as part of the deal, must employ at least 1,069 people at the Indiana plant for 10 years in exchange for $7 million worth of tax breaks. However, only 730 of those jobs are actual factory jobs, which was the entire point of the deal. The company is giving the rest of those jobs to engineering and technical professionals that were never intended to be axed anyway.

According to CNBC,

more than 600 employees are preparing to be laid off next month despite assurances from the president that their jobs had been saved.

Trump had

promised that 1,100 jobs would be saved

out of the 1,400 Carrier originally planned to lose after closing the plant and shifting its workforce to Mexico.

The Carrier deal is turning out to be more of a flop as hundreds brace themselves for unemployment next month.

Where’s the master dealmaker?

Trump said

he would save jobs at Carrier.

The layoffs start July 20.

May 24

Indiana is a

“Hate Democrats, Republican state.”

James 1:2-4

How do you like your leaders now Hoosiers?

“There is a Yankee trick for you – done up by a Hoosier.”

A Trickster is one of many words


Devil (Satan)


Native American Country Culture.

Welcome Gainesville, Florida

Welcome Gainesville, Florida


St. Johns River/Everglades/Black hills/Sinkholes


Moiigans (Maïngan) News

May your own personal Creator (GOD) bring peace and good well to you and Mother Earth (the WORLD) today and the rest of our lives!

Shechaim Ohjieshan

Military’s best jet being made in India

Military’s best jet being made in India

Make America Great again by outsourcing our military’s best equipment to India

(For Sale to the highest bidder).


Our factories to China!

Our long time enemy!

How many more thousands of American Jobs will go out of this country before he is finished?


January Trump,

Instead of summoning the best in America’s ideals,

Mr. Trump offered a fantastical version of America

losing its promise,

military dominance and middle-class wealth


“The ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs.”

With sweeping exaggeration,

Mr. Trump spoke of


In the inner cities.

He deplored all of this decline as a betrayal of America, implicitly trashing the four former presidents who sat listening behind him at the inaugural ceremony.

Those presidents, Democratic and Republican,

must have put

Mexico first,






Offering himself as a kind of savior,

the leader of a

“Historic movement, the likes of which the world has never see”


Mr. Trump proclaimed he would have a different priority:

—–>“America First!<—–

—–>Buy American?<—–

India to Take Over Production of Iconic US Fighter Jet

How long before our enemies get to steal and/or buy the plans?

—–>Buy American?<—–

Ford to shift Focus production to China in 2019


How many of republican Trump voters will lose their jobs next?

Welcome to our visitor from Cheyenne, Wyoming

Welcome to our visitor from

Cheyenne, Wyoming

To a posting about our people.


(Friendship Pipe or Peace Pipe)?



This posting is in no way meant to disrespect your states first people.

It is meant to poke a little fun at many of the “Indians” of New England!

With a lot of the truth of our first people.

Shechaim Ohjieshan

USS Fitzgerald collision

USS Fitzgerald collision:

Bodies of sailors found in flooded compartments of ship.

Captain among 3 injured after incident with much heavier Philippine-registered container ship

First question.

Who was the officer of the Bridge at the time of the collision?


Who was at the helm


on watch-duty


who was in charge of

the cargo ship Carina Star

at the time of the collision?


The captain is always responsible for his/her ship.


The officer in-charge of the bridge is also always responsible while on duty.


Who was in-charge of the sonar and the starboard watch at the time of the collision?


Who was the ‘Starboard Watch on duty at the time of the collision’?


All now should be charged in some way with the loss of life, injured and the damages of both ships.

Having the right-away could kill people!

Think wrong way drivers on our highways!

“USS Montana” vs Lighthouse…. FUNNY



President Tom Kirkman Second Term

President Tom Kirkman Second Term

This is and more than likely will be the only time



Will be posted kind by anyone in this home.

Well as kind as you are going to get!

Because of all of

the tweets


(Designated Survivor Show)

Will have a 2nd season.

Designated Survivor season 2-release date – 2017, to be announced on ABC

CTV Fall 2017-18 Schedule – Designated Survivor


Congress, what time is it?


Not that!


When is it

Time to say?

“Hay, my follow congress men/women, our

‘Assault Weapons Laws’

Are now making it possible o

f our

dissatisfied constituents

to aim their weapons

at us!”

It might now be time to tell the NRA,

‘Go pound Sand,

We no longer need your pay-off;

we are now going to update our laws!


we will not take your guns,

Just work on stronger laws for,

‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

It is no longer necessary to shoot our wildlife

(Deer’s, Bears, Turkeys and such),

With a semi-automatic weapon


four or five clips

of ammo.

Arming every citizen did not work well for the

O.K. Corral


The Old West,

Why should it be any different for the whole country?


he still would have died,

would any innocent bystanders have died also?

Thonotosassa, Florida, Keeping the fire

Welcome to the visitor from

Thonotosassa, Florida,_Florida

To one of our postings about Fire Keepers

Keeper of the Fire After Grand Entry

Moiigans (Maïngan) News

Remember, this post is about our people the Moiigan’s.

While it is true that Florida is in the eastern part of Native American Country

as are the Moiigans.

After a dozen years living in Florida,

I have no control or idea

what the people in your area

do with their circle.

I can tell you this, the Creek Chiefs that I have met

while traveling 76 years,

‘Respect Creator’ exactly

as do I.

Ancestor Story

Riverhead, New York

Welcome to the visitor from Riverhead, New York


Our main website by way of



Yes, your Native Americans are relations of our people.

You may read more about current Native American Issues at



Moiigans (Maïngan) News