Welcome to Brooklyn, New York, the visitor to a few of our posting
about the Teardrop Dream Catcher.


The home of the bridge that has been for-sale for as long as I have been alive
(as a paronomasia for the gullible)
“Fake News as Real News”
In other words for the young whippersnappers out in ‘Internet Land’ that do not know the old saying?
If you believe this I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale?
Our ancestors, yours and mine, used tear drop because the Spider-woman turned sad tears into happy tears

Three of my mentors while growing up in


came from New York, one from Brooklyn.


Elementary School third-graders Tribal Fair

November/Native American Month


I am pleased to see schools once again recognizing the second half of that first
‘Thanks Given Day’!
I looked this over this morning around 5am and deleted it as an enjoyable reading,
and it was.
This afternoon after prayer, I feel the need to write.
I am please to see schools are enjoying our people.
Elementary school children and their teachers can do no wrong by this old warrior,

O. K.

You should notice after reading that the school is in W. Virginia so the tribes are East-coast people, east of the Mississippi river.
Native American is correct.

Making a Teepee is o k

Because you live in the Eastern part of Native American Country.

Making a ‘Wigwam is also O.K.

Making a ghost mask in o k.

Because you live in the Eastern part of Native American Country.

A grape vine Teardrop Catcher is also OK?

Navajo God’s Eye is o k.
Because you live in the Eastern part of Native American Country.

The Native American Talking Stick or Feather is also O.K?
Johnson Elementary School
531 Johnson Ave, Bridgeport, WV 26330
Johnson Elementary School third-graders hosted a Tribal Fair for family and friends before closing out school for Thanksgiving break.
Friday’s Tribal Fair, a collaborative effort among third-grade instructors, was part of a learning unit on Native Americans. The goal was to teach students not only about the history of Native Americans, but also about their culture, art and music.
Visitors could peruse student artwork and projects, as well as watch student performances of Native American customs.
“November is American Indian Heritage Month, so we do a big unit on the Native Americans, and it covers content standards in subjects like social studies,” third-grade teacher Kim Olivio said. “We focus on about 10 tribes, while there are apparently over 200 that existed.”
When they entered the fair, parents, grandparents and other visitors were given a sheet with questions to ask students, who then could share what they learned about Native Americans.
Student MacKenna Rabren, 8, said her favorite part of the learning unit was doing crafts related to what the students had learned.
“The god’s eye was my favorite thing we made. You take two Popsicle sticks, glue them together, and wrap yarn around them,” she said.
MacKenna said students also learned about and created their own Shaman masks, which were used by Native Americans to scare evil spirits out of sick people.
“We also made wampums. Ours were out of macaroni, but they were actually made out of shells,” she said. “The purple stands for wealth and wisdom, white is for peace, and the black stands for unhappiness.”
Audrey Kerr said making a turtle rattle was her favorite project during the learning unit about Native Americans.
“It took so much detail and a lot of effort; it was super cool,” she said. “I learned they lived in different types of houses than actual houses, too.”
Audrey said one thing she didn’t know before the learning unit was that one tribe became friends with the Pilgrims. She thought all Native Americans and settlers were enemies.

Is there such a thing as a black American?

Is there such a thing as a black American?

There seems to be a subtle but concerted effort to paint black citizens who criticize President Donald Trump or the United States as un-American.
Black people who dare suggest that the country is not living up to its professed ideals are offhandedly deemed unpatriotic and ungrateful for the blessing of being born in the
“shining city upon a hill.”
If our critiques are not met with a crude suggestion to buy a one-way ticket “back”

to Africa,

we’re accused of rent-seeking in laziness and victimization.
It’s as though some political strategist discovered the best way to counter claims that our leaders are indifferent to pervasive racial inequalities

is to imply the accusers

hate the nation and the troops.

Take few moments to look over this photo?

I love and serve this my country!
Shechaim Ohjieshan – is proud to be a decedent from Black Ancestors.
Shechaim Ohjieshan – is proud to be a decedent from Red Ancestors.
Oh, by the way,
Shechaim Ohjieshan – is also proud to be a decedent from White (Irish) Ancestors.
Shechaim Ohjieshan – is extremely unset with this story about

a Military Brother that is protecting the very people slamming him
his right to his opinion!
What is happening to our country America?
This is a proud Veteran of the United States of America!

Korean War, Thomas J. Hudner Jr.

Thomas Hudner Jr., Medal of Honor recipient, dies at his Concord home at 93 By David Margolick, New York Times News Service On the afternoon of Dec. 4, 1950, shortly after China had entered the Korean War, Thomas J. Hudner Jr., a lieutenant junior grade, was piloting one of six Navy Corsairs on a three-hour “roadrunner” mission near the Chosin Reservoir, in Korea’s northeast. After 45 minutes aloft, at roughly 6,000 feet and 5 miles behind enemy lines, Hudner watched in horror as a plane operated by a squadron mate, Ensign Jesse L. Brown, was hit by small-arms fire.

Losing pressure quickly and too low to bail out, Brown needed to land. Hudner, among others, directed him by radio to a clearing on a snow-covered mountainside, where his colleague crash-landed belly in.

Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

If you do not understand this

“Nursery Rhymes Lyrics”

You have not been following

my Florida Postings


Florida News!

What is good for a woman is equally good for a man; or, what a woman can have or do, so can a man have or do. What is good for one type is equally good for another type, despite any irrelevant differences between the types.

The governor is White!

The little old lady is Black!

The Sly Sneaky Politician’s are White!

Sly sneaky politicians are everywhere.

We have a politician that has learned in times gone by

“When to hold I’m, when to fold I’m and how fast to run away”.

Keystone Pipeline leaking once again!

Keystone Pipeline leaking once again!

This one oil leak plus the other 17 leaks that are reported in the following post is sending Caustic, Corrosive, Sulfur loaded oil down into the Aquifer

of our brothers and sisters around Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri, effectively finishing the job not completed not so long ago with ‘Small Pox laden Blankets’!

So, how many oil leaks are never reported?

Keystone Pipeline Suspends Operation After Leaking 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota
NOVEMBER 16, 2017
The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration didn’t immediately return an email requesting additional information from The AP. Since 2010, companies have reported 17 spills bigger than the leak announced Thursday, topping 210,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) of crude oil or refined petroleum products, according to U.S. Department of Transportation records.
The existing Keystone pipeline transports crude from Canada to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma, passing through the eastern Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. It can handle nearly 600,000 barrels daily, or about 23 million gallons. TransCanada says on its website that the company has safely transported more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil, or about 63 billion gallons, through the system since operations began in 2010.
President Donald Trump issued a federal permit for the expansion project in March even though it had been rejected by the Obama administration. The Keystone XL project would move crude oil from Alberta, Canada, across Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines feeding refineries along the Gulf Coast.
Keystone Pipeline Suspends Operation After Leaking 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota

CNN needs to “Dumb it Down” a lot more

“This is an Apple and this is a distraction”

CNN ad
“This is an Apple and this is a distraction”
cannot and will never work.

I believe, you are trying to reach the followers of

Fox News
the Trump supporters?
If this is true then you did not

dumb it down enough!
You must bring them all back to basics
(Sandbox Schooling).
Think about it if you will?

Trump and his pet puppets in congress are and has been constantly
taking from their supporters.
Fox News is making sure that their followers
blame the pain on a past president and/or his Secretary of State.
The president that was responsible for giving to them in the first place.
If that is not dumb enough to convince you to keep on with
“Dumb it Down”
nothing will.

One job to feed your family, Social security, Medicare,Medicaid , Senior discounts on your home?
Going, going, gone, if they do not wake up soon!

when preachers actually preached from the “Word of God” (Bible)?

when Christians, Jews and Muslims believed in God as the only Judge?
And not
Man is the judge of the world?

VA Is Working to End Homelessness Among Veterans

Homeless Veterans
VA Is Working to End Homelessness Among Veterans

In late 2009, VA announced an ambitious goal to end Veteran homelessness. The plan to address this urgent national priority was outlined in 2010’s Opening Doors, the first-ever federal strategic plan to end Veteran homelessness. These moves galvanized federal, state and local actions to prevent Veterans from becoming homeless and help those who are homeless become stably housed as quickly as possible. Since then, as a result of VA’s close collaboration with local and national stakeholder organizations, success in ending homelessness among Veterans is happening community by community. State and local governments across the nation—Virginia, Houston, New Orleans and many others—have recently announced that they have ended Veteran homelessness. Many more communities are poised make similar announcements in the near future.

School student killed himself (suicide)!

Slow gun violence to a trickle?
School student killed himself (suicide)!
How did he get the gun?
Who owns the gun?
Why was the gun not in a safe place?

Do Not Take The Weapons!

Punish every careless weapons owner with a massive jail time and a stiff fine!
Florida police have been known to have weapons stolen!
NRA Member/Member of Congress is an Oxymoron!

Florida police have been known to have weapons stolen!

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

NRA Member/Member of Congress is an Oxymoron!
82,000 stolen guns are missing in Florida | Reveal
50% of the weapons on the streets were stolen from careless owners, including officials!
50% of the weapons on the streets were sold without a background check!
90% of the student weapon suicide were taken because it was not protected!
NRA (the Death Squad)!
Lake Mineola Florida High school student killed himself (suicide)
Notice the extra, extra long line of parents to pick up their child because they did not know if it was their child?
Why was this student thrown under the bus, so to speak?