Is Obama’s ‘lead from behind’ working?

Fight against Islamic State

Is Obama’s ‘lead from behind’ working?

Critics say the Obama administration is doing too little to fight the Islamic State, but others say America’s modest military goals are forcing regional powers, such as Egypt and Jordan, to step up their role, which could be a positive sign.

OK so which is it?

Everyone in the media is starting to think like the members of our congress.

Is our president doing too much against Isis?


Is our president doing his job correctly?

Woodrow Wilson was our president when WW-1 started (1913-1921)

World War I, also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war centered in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was our president when WW-2 started (1933-1945)

World war 2 from 1939 through to 1945

Harry S Truman was our president when the First Indochina War stared (1945-1953)

The First Indochina War began in French Indochina on 19 December 1946 and lasted until 1 August 1954

Dwight D. Eisenhower was our president when the Vietnam war started (1953-1961)

George H. W. Bush started the first Desert storm war


George W. Bush (2001-2009) started the next two wars in the desert.


No one has ever asked if these past presidents are doing the right thing about war while they were president!

Barack Obama is our president and started no war and finished two and yet people are questing a game plan that was, is and will if allowed keep working? (2009-present)

The new war in the desert is not our war and we should not be leading in any war that is not our war, we are the major helper in their war!

Native American Dream catcher Teardrop

Native American Dream catcher Teardrop

Welcome Middletown New Jersey

Looking for information about

A Native American dream-catcher/teardrop

Dream Catcher

The Story of the Teardrop

Middletown Township, New Jersey,_New_Jersey

I also placed this 2nd website up because I want you to know that can see nothing wrong about your Motto, mainly because it is not called Mascot and it is by no means derogatory to our people as with the name “RED SKIN, MASCOT or the disgusting  TOMAHAWK WAVEING rudeness by a white so called Florida Indian Group!


Thank you for that!

A Dream Catcher is a dream catcher is a dream catcher, just about all Native Americans and a few non-natives have a story about a Dream-Catcher however, you are in New Jersey so un-less you visit one of those ‘New Age’ tribes running around your area, a traditional tribes east of the Mississippi and on the east coast of Indian country tell the story about the Teardrop Catcher.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the name Dream-Catcher and nothing right about Teardrop it just depends or the area of Indian country as to how the story came about?

Our Traditional names are “Authentic”

Mark Zuckerberg

Eliminated his “friends/roommates/coworkers that attended Harvard University

and helped him in the making of the social network, from Facebook!

Eduardo Saverin

Dustin Moskovitz

Andrew McCollum

Chris Hughes

 Now he is systematically eliminating all indigenous people from Facebook while trying to assimilating our people into the Euro-American group of people!

We are the original ‘First People of this land.

Facebook Flags Aboriginal Names As Not ‘Authentic’


Our Traditional names are “Authentic” for instance,

I have been known as Walkingfox for 69 years

because my Grandfather,

Shechaim Ohjieshan Tallfox the then leader with the blessings from Kiehtan, our God,

in a traditional ceremony at age six, names me


How long has the ‘leader of Facebook’ been called ” Mark Zuckerberg”?

Facebook needs to be refined

Mark Zuckerberg is only concerned about one thing and it is not if your name is acceptable or not!

Mark Zuckerberg is only concerned about MONEY and how he can get more of it!

Thank you for your visit, AQUINE

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 Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox

of the

Mohiigan  People

Should another country control a citizen’s private land in the US? That’s my question about the Keystone Pipeline.


Not my land!

Originally posted on LAB Louisiana Boy:

I’m confident that I know how my friends would respond to that question, and I think many other private landowners in the United States would concur with a resounding NO.

Folks that simple question is one of my concerns about the Keystone Pipeline.

Everybody knows that President Barack Obama wielded his veto power on the “Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.” His message to the Senate was brief and concise, 114 words including introduction and signature.

The final sentence is direct:

“And because this act of Congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest — including our security, safety, and environment — it has earned my veto.”

Edward Morrissey of the Fiscal Times titled his analysis, “Keystone XL Veto Demonstrates Obama’s Extremism – And Hypocrisy”

House Speaker John Boehner responded to the veto:

“The president’s veto of…

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Happy Birthday Hippo

Yes it is my day however as usual I have been out staged by a Princess!

Princess Breanna’s new toy from her Mommy.



My Honey and I have a pack (Agreement) on her/his birthday we get to pick the day, who, what, when and Where.


Every guy in the world is laughing at that statement!

Will at least I get to pick the place to eat.

Care to guess my first and best place to eat?

Anyway I would like to thank Kiehtan and my three Angels for giving me such a great day!

Kiehtan for giving central Florida the much needed rain and finishing up so that this house whole could enjoy the rest of the day.

Ishi for being a good girl.


Breanna and Donna for making the day perfect!

My best restaurant out of all is.

Waffle house and the breakfast was perfect as usual. The second or last stop was a new, to me, place.

Elijh’s Café

Today we enjoyed a perfect authentic Mediterranean cuisine meal.

Reminded me of my navy trips through-out the Med, twice stopping in Greece, Café’s up on a hill overlooking the clear blue water.

If you like authentic Mediterranean cuisine and are around the area, stop by a hidden jewel in the Eustis square shopping Plaza a true Floridian native hide out you will not be sorry!

This is “Boots on the Ground

If our government votes for


“Boots on the Ground”

I will be the first in line right behind each and every one of them if they put on their boot?


As long as evil knows that it must fear freedom, evil should keep in its little hole in the ground as in the Russian government!

Good job Mr. President!

U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border

Russia’s Baltic neighbors, meanwhile, have said that what happened in Ukraine demonstrates exactly why they wanted to join NATO in the first place.

U.S. tanks rolled through the streets of Riga, Latvia, in November for that nation’s Independence Day parade, another powerful reminder of U.S. boots on the ground in the region. The United States has sent hundreds of military personnel to joint NATO exercises in the Baltics. NATO nations committed in September to forming a rapid reaction force that could deploy quickly to eastern Europe if they are invaded.

As long as we help support countries being invaded by evil with air support if they have their

“Boots on the Ground”

Freedom will survive and prosper!


As in the worms (ISIL) that slimmed out of their hole to infest the middle eastern countries!

If our government votes for “Boots on the Ground” I will be the first in line right behind each and every one of them if they put on their boot?


Doctors checkup yesterday, still kicking?


Not much time for the computer?


Honey is taking me out for the 75th!



Gone through another VA Doctor again, VA changes doctors as fast as a Floridian shoots a deer!

If the government would treat our medical people as if in a competition with the outsiders they might stay a little longer however, if you are not in the 2% forget it!

Did Native Americans have Wedding Ceremonies


And we still do?

Welcome Kansas City Missouri

OK that said, I am not an expert in many let alone all tribes however, in all of my travels through-out the years I have not found a tribe without a wedding ceremony or just about any ceremony by non natives?

This tribe’s ceremonies are a work of art however, as one will find out by an elder instructor, no piece of cake, Kiehtan does not take any of our ceremonies lightly and wishes for them to stick.

It is also very hard, by design, to find a true traditional ceremony in writing because stealing is a sin!

A few of our postings

Marriage Ceremony (Prayer)

Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

Will a chief let you join his tribe if you are black?

Welcome Wilson North Carolina

Before we go too far I give you Laura Brown one of my ancestors.

Next would be

Joshua Hempstead House 11 Hempstead Street

Underground Railroad Trail (28)

Let’s Take This Conversation Underground

Underground Railroad Trail

17 Towns all over Connecticut

This trail after leaving New London stopped at the village of Mohiigan on their way north or on ships to sea.


Now to your question?

Will a chief let you join his tribe if you are black?

You live in North Carolina, tribes did not have chief’s in the days I just wrote about and I am not sure about new age tribes however, most of your states tribes do have African American members.

My tribe of New England had better also or they are not really a Native American Woodlands Tribe!

The site that you stopped at,

Clan Mother/Adoption into a tribe

I was asked and answered the question below with no response as this date?

Patti Maxwell March 11, 2014 at 9:23 AM

Please tell me who one could contact about adoption into a real American Native Tribe. Thank you


Walkingfox March 22, 2014 at 4:07 PM

Patti Maxwell in Melbourne, Australia

I need more information to give you a good answer? Pease tell me about yourself and why you wish an adoption?

the Objiasan Shechaim

Alice Storey Native

This is another form of assimilation that is still working today!

Welcome Olney Illinois

Back again looking for information about a native American named Alice Storey.

Alice Storey Native

Alice Storey Native

While checking my tracker this time I noticed that you also checked the link on images?

If you, my followers and friends will notice, there is a picture of everyone and everything and most having nothing to do with Alice Storey however, the thing that might slip past you is that my ancestor is not among the collection of images!

While I have you all back to this subject might I also add that in the posting

Bright Star or Alice Bright Star

Only one of the photos is of Alice?

Canadian tribes did not have Shechaim!

You should also know that Alice is a descendent of Objiasan Shechaim Cooper that married William Storey therefore a Princess at the time of the photo and the Objiasan Shechaim until her crossing, so if you are a descendent of Alice Storey your last name should be Storey?

A Grandmother (Objiasan) is Mother Earth or Grandfather (Ohjieshan) is Kiehtan Creator and a male and/or female that has lived the culture and teaching of the ancestors are wise with age, it could also be that you are looking for one of our Clan Mother?

Father could be my father or Father Sky (Son of Kiehtan)?

Mother, could be my mother or Mother Earth?

Thank you for your visit, AQUINE

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I love it when you have question.

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