Two down Two Thousand to go


Mind you my followers (Republican Followers).

U.S. Representative Corrine Brown a Democrat,


LOST and I am Glad!

Not sure how we will make out with this (Al Lawson), do not know much about him, Yet.

Rep. Dan Webster won and I am not pleased.

Because I do not like the way he treats his women.

Rep. Dan Webster handily wins GOP primary in U.S. House District 11

Al Lawson won out over Corrine Brown for U.S. Representative District 5


Jeff Aston is a Democrat, LOST

and I am Glad!

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood

is a Republican WON




I would like to Clone him

to put into every county in Florida

plus, every congress seat in the country!

Prosecutor Aramis Ayala

won out over the corrupt Jeff Aston.

The only time that

(No Show Rubio),

should win is over the Mafia!

Rubio beat Millionaire Carlos Beruff a Governor Rick Scott Corrupt businessperson as expected.

How did Carlos Beruff get his money?

He is just another Rick Scott Puppet!

Sen. Marco Rubio easily secured his name on the GOP ticket during the Florida primary,

despite pledging he would quit politics after his failed White House bid.

The former presidential candidate snagged 72% of the vote against real estate mogul Carlos Beruff and will advance to face-off with Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy in the general election.

Volusia County Sheriff

Mike Chitwood

Election night:

Chitwood wins Sheriff;

Lewis wins elections head, but several races close in West Volusia

Florida had its Official Primary Election



We voted today,

did you?

Florida had its Official Primary Election Today 08/30/2016.

I was under the impression that it was my Ballot?


Florida, at least Lake Country, now forces you to vote for an opposing party’s candidate ever if it is against your principles.

They have been doing this at least since we moved to Florida.

However, I use to just leave that section blank.

After all of these years seeing the constant crooked politicians

getting into office and being able to stay there,

I decided to draw a line down that section.


The computer will not allow you to do this.


once your ballot comes back out of the machine

and into human hands

and you leave this blank?

I am a Florida Democrat!


Because the Florida Republicans have completely corruped the system and rigged it so that they can get rich off of

my tax money and

I, for one am tired of this!

On the way out the door,

I asked those republican majorities in the building,

“What would the Republican Party do,

if the tables were turned


they were forced to vote for a Democrat?”

“It got so quiet in the building that you could hear a pin drop a mile away!”

I also voted YES on Solar, we shall see?

Nine Investigates: Solar energy debate

Solar energy debate casts shade on Sunshine State


Nine Investigates: Solar energy debate casts shade on Sunshine State


Florida, the third-largest state in the union, has on average 236 days of sunshine each year. Despite the population and the abundant sunshine, Florida is behind 11 other states in solar capacity, trailing states like New Jersey and New Hampshire.

 Where are Donald Trump Hats Made?

 Where are Donald Trump Ties Made?


“Make America Great Again!”

Truth be known,

“It does not matter one bit as to where products are made!”

“What does matter

is how much our American Companies

charge for the products made!”

“In this country,

the United States of America,

products cost (X) dollars.”

“In countries like China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and so on,

product cost (Y) dollars to make!”

“However, the companies in

the United States of America still charge their customers (X) dollars!”

Let’s take for instance

(Trump Ties).


“A tie of his could have cost him $15.00 per tie, to make in the USA


he sold it for $55.99.”

“This same tie made for him would


cost $1.00 a week for labor if made in Vietnam.



Sold to him for $5.00 per.

And sold to his customers for $55.99 each!”

“That is a $10.00 per tie profit to the USA Companies!”


The tie made in the USA by American Workers,

would have to be safe to wear

and safe to make,

while not polluting the environment

and would last for around 50 years.


The ties made in those other countries are junk ties

and might last for 3 years if not less.


Trump has made the flow of U.S. jobs overseas, especially to China,

as much a centerpiece of his exploratory campaign for president

as his questions about whether President Obama was born in America, saying,

“The problem with our country is that we don’t make anything anymore.”

Donald Trump Blames China for Fact, That Much of His Gear is ‘Made in China’

By JOEL SIEGEL ·April 28, 2011

Slave President/Female President


Slave President/Female President

The Jewish Messiah that those Christian Pastors believe is Jesus Christ,


came as a

‘Dark Skinned Jew!

This Dark Skinner Jesus Christ always had women with him in his ministry every year before the cross,


some became apostle of this minister after he ascended!

I am a Spiritual Teacher

(Different name for anyone better at the job then I),

for my people.

My followers know that, I am, in no way bragging,

this was more or less a process of elimination.

Kiehtan (Creator), has a great sense of humor.

My main job, if you will,

is to be a mediator between religion and my people,

the first people on Indian Country Land.

However, as if my job was not hard enough, along came these,


“Modern Religious Leaders,”


their foolish interpretation of

‘their good book.’

Pastor Pat Robertson, Pastor Mike Huckabee

and this new person Pastor Swanson come to mind.

Unfortunately, this is only the top of a polluted political barrel from people who forgot the golden rule.

Separation of Church and State.

If the government must keep out of the affaires of the church.

The church must also keep out of the affairs of the government!

The modern Separation of Church and State doctrine, created by the United States Supreme Court in 1947, prohibits any federal, state or local government preference or support for religion. This federal judicial doctrine generally eliminates religion from the public square.


“Electing A Female President After A Slave President Is Part Of The Liberal War Against U.S.”

Written by Lea Vat Kens August 2nd 2016

Therefore, first we got ourselves a slave president. And now, part two of the plan is to disguise yet another horrific thing, which is a woman president, by wrapping all of it into their favorite words as of lately, ‘historical precedent’ and ‘history in the making,’” the pastor said.

There is nothing,

I repeat, nothing,

in the religious books to point to 80%

of what these people are calling

“The Truth!”


how can people like yours truly,

convince our people

to sit at a ’round table’

with this going on?

How can we convince


to come sit at a ’round table’ with our people?

The Jewish Messiah that those Christian Pastors believe is Jesus Christ, came as a

‘Dark Skinned Jew!

This Dark Skinner Jesus Christ always had women with him in his ministry every year before the cross, and some became apostle of this minister after he ascended!

Doctor to Doctor

Doctor to Doctor

 We have been so busy

that I was not checking all of my sites.

From lablouisianaboy

A very good friend on .

on 7/28/16

To Zieks Doctor


From professor to professor, I would like to express thanks to Dr. Wuerz who I have never met but obviously is a dedicated, caring professional who I encourage to emphasize those traits along with the clinical knowledge to her students at the University of Florida. To Breanna and Ziek, my best to both and to your humans to whom you bless with your love and comradely just as they bless you. While each may be strong and capable by themselves, together as a family the bonds are made stronger exponentially. on




I am so sorry for the delay in answering your beautiful tribune to Ziek and Breanna’s doctor.

We have been busy enjoying our newest (BOSS) to family.

Hamilton Ontario Canada


Welcome Hamilton Ontario Canada

To one of our postings about our people


Eastern Woodland People

While it is, true that there were no borders between our people until ‘First Contact’ by both countries.

It is also true that our people are some distance apart and therefore our culture and ceremonies might differ some.

However, it Woodland people of our area is what you are looking for, this one should do?

If not please write.

sachemuncas at

All Wars are Hell!


All Veterans Rock!

Donald, I am a Citizen of Mother Earth



the United States of America.

I am a proud member of the Moiigans.

The (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

I am also proud to have server my country

and her people in a war.


(The Vietnam Conflict, War).

I was not ‘Captured,’


I do not feel as if I was partially great,

because I was a very small member

of a very large group of people

that served

their countries

all around the world.

I like people the were captured

and the ones like me,

that were not captured.


“As You Will Never Know,”


All Wars are Hell!


I love God (Kiehtan),

my family,

all veterans,




even, at times, people like you.


Because of the above posting,

I will not, nor have I ever, voted for a

“Draft Dodging, Coward,

you seem to be proud to call yourself!”

You, Mr. Trump,


will never know how it feels

to kneel by a friend,

while holding that person’s head together

waiting for help to arrive!


you and your doctors made sure that you

did not have to get involved in

“serving your country.”


This Mr. Trump, is not war,

this is,

like you,

the people who make the


Native American gifting

Native American gifting

Friendship Pipe 003

Welcome Oklahoma City Oklahoma

To one of our postings about gifting.

Native American gift protocol


Just wondering my new friend.

With all of the tribes (Nations), throughout Oklahoma, why our sites over on the East coast of Indian country?


Not to worry, as I stated, you are welcome.

I have no knowledge about the ceremonies or the culture of the people in your state however, this is our ancestors ways and you came to visit our site.

The correct way to gift an American Native is from your left hand to their left hand.

If the gift is words, then from your mouth with your left hand to the left shoulder of that person, which you should know is the closest to the heart.

If the gift is too big, then your left hand to your heart, straight out pointing at the gift or gifts.

It is very easy to spot a real Traditional Native American.

They are the ones constantly giving something away.

If you choose to gift a true American Native, and you do not want that person giving it away, do not give it to them.

As a young native a wise old native told me , ” Once you give something to me, it is mine, you cannot tell me what to do with it”.

“Once I give something to you it is yours, never ask if I want it back, now you go do the same”.

If at any time an American Native is thought to have a religion, this would be it.

We believe that everything on Mother Earth is a free gift from Creator to all creatures, so if it is a free gift from Creator to all creatures, then it was predestined to be given away.

If Creator wishes you to have it, then it will be coming back.

Tobacco (Herbs)

Tobacco (Herbs)


Akron “Ohi:yo” (Ohio)

Welcome to the visitor from

Akron Ohio

We, Tah and I,

have had the honor of visiting a few


Shawnee Villages in the past

One in


“Ohi:yo” Shawnee name for (Ohio)


one in


come to mind.

Can you imagine the number of,

so called,

“Non Recognized Shawnee Tribes?”

That are still in those two states,

not even counting Oklahoma.

What did they do paint themselves with invisible paint?

Maybe they thought that it was

“War Paint?”

Please keep in mind while you read our answers

to this type of question.

We love, respect and protect our people and for the most part the Elders.


one of only two tribes

that never surrendered

to the invaders

and never will.


if you do not kneel to the man,

you get treated like

dirt under foot


swept under the rug so to speak.

Well back to your visit

to one of many of our posting on

Native (Indian) Tobacco.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift



Our friends,

even with the distance between tribes,


“Blessed Tobacco,”

the same as our people.

Because tobacco seems to be one of the most asked question.

Please understand that when talking about tobacco

“Traditional Tobacco”

I write only as a


so tobacco


Kinnick – Kinnick (Herbs),

tobacco no one would ever enjoy smoking.

Herbs picked special by the

“Clan Mothers.”

The Problem, Florida Oxygen!

The Problem, Florida Oxygen?

Florida Fish & Wildlife said it is the Low Oxygen in the water.

Taxpayers Question,



Florida has been testing for better than five years!



Why will it cost the taxpayers another $300.00

for yet another phony test?


Why not spend $0.25

for a glass to dip into the runoff from chemicals

all along the shore of the

“Indian River Lagoon”


and from


Florida Fish and Wild Life solved the dead fish problem low oxygen in the water

Dead fish, stingrays wash ashore in Brevard County

Published  11:24 PM EDT Aug 25, 2016

After an inquiry from WESH 2 News, Florida Fish and Wildlife said several reports have come in from residents about dead fish.

FWC issued a statement on the recent fish kill. In part, it says, “This event is not associated with the blue-green algae located in the southern part of the lagoon earlier this summer.”

Instead, FWC believes recent kills have been caused by naturally occurring low dissolved oxygen.

In a different statement, FWC said it’s been testing waters weekly at eight different sites. The recent kills could be caused by something else.

Earlier this month, county commissioners decided to place a property and sales tax hike plan on the November ballot.

The plan attempts to raise $300 million over 10 years to clean up the lagoon.

Causes and Prevention of Fish Kills