Indigenous in Peru Set to Strike


Indigenous in Peru Set to Strike Against Massive Copper Mine

Published 4 May 2016


The mine is being operated by Chinese multinational MMG Limited!


Copper Mine!

Need I say any more?




China Water

Will I am going to!


Take another look at China?


China is run by a small rich group of Bully Communists, hell bent on destroying the world to make more riches for themselves, do you honestly believe in your wildest dreams, that any one of them care what happens to Peru?


copper mine pollution

Thank- you Els Herten

Last September, a strike took place against this same mining company that resulted in 4 civilian deaths.

All commercial activities came to a standstill during that time.

The government declared a state of emergency and armed forces were called in.

The protest took place after the Environmental Impact Study was changed, along with the addition to the project of a Molybdenum plant, a filters plant,

and a concentrated materials storage facility – all without having reached an agreement with the communities.

Farming communities represented included the following: Huancuiri, Pumamarca, Sacsahuillca, Fuerabamba, Chuicuni, Ccasa, Huanacopampa, Ccahuapirhua, Pamputa, Choqueca Antuyo, Chumilli, Chicñahui, Quehuira, Manuel Seoane Corrrales, Carmen Alto–Challhuahuacho, Cconccacca,  Arcospampa Congota, Pabamba, Pisaccasa, Yuricancha, Huaruma, Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Chacamachay, Pitic, Qqello, Allahua, Ccasacancha, Hulluyo, Asacasi, Payancca, Queuña, Tambulla, Pararani, Huancuiri, Chila, Choaquere, Minascucho, Lahuani, Chocoyo, Chuntahuillqui, Huarccoyo, Llamahuiri, Anta Anta, Patario, Cuchuhuacho, Picosayhua, Juan Velasco Alvarado, and  Escorno.

Cauchegan Rock once again


 Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox heading to the Altar on the rock for morning prayer.

Welcome to Brewster New York once again

To one of our posting about our prayer rock

Cauchegan Rock

Someone from Brewster has been to the post twice before.

Brewster New York

June 10, 2012 /

Brewster New York

April 22, 2014 /

You might find this to be of interest.

Then Shechaim Ohjieshan Unkas (Sachem Uncas) because of his bravery in many battles with our then enemies

(the Narragansett tribe), named Cauchegan Rock after a Maïngan Warrior, gave this brave warrior our ‘Sacred Prayer Rock,’

to guard and care for and re-named him

“War Chief Cauchegan.”

Cauchegan – Bravery in Battles.

The Brewster family are a decadent from this War Chief.

Back in the late 1980’s while tending to Shechaim Ohjieshan Ziek (Sachem Ziek) Crossing;

our office was cleaned out, including our safes, so your proof is in your genealogy (ancestors)!

Your town father, the one the town was named after might be an old member of the Mohiigan people?

Indian burial prayer

This question has been asked over a hundred times in the past and as of late, quite often in Florida, so one must now wonder,


Maybe it is the wrong question

or the question needs more in – put?

Native American Teachers on-line or in a tribe, one might question ‘nation’ in Florida, would more than proud to answer your questions about our/their culture, if you give us/them the chance.

Welcome Port Saint Lucie Florida

 To one of many of our posting along this line.


Native American prayer for a funeral

 This is another only in Florida.

Indian ritual graveside prayer

June 30th 2015

 If I were looking for a place to hold such a ceremony in Florida,


one might think Indian Mound?

Indian burial prayer



Indian burial mounds in Florida

Forever Gone!

Walking with the Alligators

Picture credit : Grey 2 K

For the past two days and for as long as we have lived here in Central Florida, the News has continually covered the various groups opposing the Racing of Greyhounds.

The pictures on our News yesterday and again this morning, were/are pathetic and tragic.

Dogs were/are shown being forced to run/race to empty stands.

No one, or very few, it seems, cares about dog racing here anymore.

But many people do care about the beautiful dogs that are doing the racing/running.

It as usual, all comes down to money.

The city of Melbourne has a lot at stake here, not the dogs of course which are merely pawns in an unwilling activity, called sport, and neatly disguised,  but the gambling that is done on the property which is a big money maker for the owners.

This subject is a sore one for me and many who…

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A Pay it Forward Free Meal. — harbin77

You know just about all you hear now days is bad things happening around town and around the world. Today 05/02/2016 we had called some friends to go out and get a burger at Red Robin here in Amarillo Texas. We always enjoy eating with this couple, we have known them ever since our kids started […]

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“Why should evil exist at all?”

“The Story of God”


 Morgan Freeman seeks to find out why evil exists in world

We love Morgan Freeman

and will watch anything that has him in it,

because we know him to be a great actor and person.

I have been extremely quiet with a new project of his,

“The Story of God”

Actually enjoyed watching.

I even liked this last episode

“Why should evil exist at all?”

Mr. Freeman, bless his heart,

does not appear to have the background

to be able to dispute some of the answers

that he was receiving from every religion

that he is seeking information from.

This post is long enough now however, it is just a start!

Follow up on this blog.

This is a late add-on- Sorry.

The first reading of the bad, Satan, devil, Lucifer.

Genesis 3:1-24

Now the serpent

was more subtle than

any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.

Satan’s revolt took place when he was on the earth.

He would mount on all-out assault, with his army of demonic followers, (Isaiah 14:13 – 14)!

Isaiah 14, that he planned to ASCEND

to the third heaven

where his throne resided

(meaning he was not already there!).

One foundational Bible verse that gives us a time frame

for when Satan was cast out of heaven

In Luke 10:18

He was literally ejected from God’s throne long before

what happened in Genesis 1:2 took place.

Before his rebellion and sin,

Lucifer’s position as a powerful covering cherub

(a special class of angels),

right over the throne of the universe,

is confirmed in Ezekiel 28:14 – 15.

While still obedient,

God put him on the earth with certain responsibilities.

He then, with one third of all the angels that existed,

decided to rebel against God

(Revelation 12:3 – 4).

The Eternal tossed Satan from his heavenly abode

when he and his angels arrived to attack it,

as Jesus witnessed.

Genesis 1:26

Let us make man in our image,

after our likeness:

Notice the plural

(Us and Our)?

It does appear, however, that the devil will once again

try to rise up from the earth to attack God’s headquarters,

only to get thrown down yet again

(Revelation 12:7 – 9).



Toorak Victoria Australia

As your “Aboriginal in country will tell you,

there are good and bad spirits.”

You can get better information from them,

because they are the experts of your land.

However, your question is about my people.

Both good and bad can be handles in our part

of ‘Mother Earth’ with much prayer.

Bad spirits are of Trickster

(a foolish creation of Creator’s, Kiehtan, gone horribly wrong).

This fool and his followers (evil spirits), can be controller

with prayers to Kiehtan our Creator for a removal blessing!

There are hundreds of pictures of Trickster (Evil Spirit) out on the internet, truth be known, Trickster can if he so chooses, look just like you and I at times, so always be where!

We in this culture, believe that ‘Good Spirits’ are created humans that have had a problem crossing the path to Creator.

And just need help through prayer to Creator for a blessing to them of help completing the crossing.

Welcome to Toorak Victoria Australia,_Victoria

To one of our postings about Native American evil spirits

Native American Evil Spirits


First thing, I wish to remind every one of my followers is, “the only dumb question is the one that you think about and/or want answered to but you are afraid to ask, so you do not ask.”

I want to keep reminding you of this because I want you to ask questions.

We were just talking about why I keep repeating myself with answers to questions.

I guess that I can answer a question, plus prove my point about Spirits and people needing to know.

Guess what came into my tracker 28 Jul, Sun, 02:16?

Native American Evil Spirits?

Welcome to the person from Evansville Indiana,_Indiana

looking for information about Native American Evil Spirits.

First thing we should clear up is a fact that Native Americans do not have a monopoly on spirits? I just wrote a posting about Spirits

Ghosts, Goblins and Spirits July 27, 2013

If you traveled to these postings, you should have seen my answers?

However, if not please keep asking until you understand?

Remember that you found your way to this sites

Never fear, we are only a website or blog away.

and if you have questions or comments,


If you need more information please write?



Peace to you

I like it when you write comments.

I love it when you have question.

Hope that this is of some help to you?

If Not


of the Mohiigan People

(Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)

Daytona Beach Hard Rock Hotel on hold


I am writing once again about Hotel’s/Casino’s



“Indian Reservations”

Please read the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act below and explain to me why

(Indians off reservations, are allowed to build casinos, off reservations)?

Do not comment on how you just love blowing your money on slot-machines, tell me how or when I can build my casinos?

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (Pub.L. 100–497, 25 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.)

is a 1988 United States federal law that establishes the jurisdictional framework that governs Indian gaming.


There was no federal gaming structure before this act.

The stated purposes of the act include providing a legislative basis for the operation/regulation of Indian gaming, protecting gaming

as a means of generating revenue for the tribes, encouraging economic development of these tribes,

and protecting the enterprises from negative influences (such as organized crime).

The law established the National Indian Gaming Commission and gave it a regulatory mandate.

The law also delegated new authority to the U.S. Department of the Interior and created new federal offenses,

giving the U.S. Department of Justice authority to prosecute them.

The law has been the source of extensive controversy and litigation.

One of the key questions is whether the National Indian Gaming Commission and Department of Interior can be effective

in regulating tribal economic decisions related to Indian gaming.

Some in Congress are in favor of greater regulation, while a professor in the field is skeptical that such regulation is effective.

Many of the controversies have produced litigation, some of it reaching the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hard Rock Hotels in an Indian Company and on their

(Reservation, or what Florida is calling a reservation),

They also add a casino!

Daytona Beach to get new Hard Rock Hotel, condominium


May 4, 2014

By Jim Stratton, Jason Garcia and Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel

A Toronto-based real estate and financial services company

is working with

Hard Rock to build a resort and luxury condominium tower

on the oceanfront in Daytona Beach.

Work on the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach is expected to start by the end of the year.

The property is a 10-acre site on State Road A1A,

half a mile from the Daytona Beach Pier.

The project, estimated to cost more than $100 million, will feature 250 guest rooms,

a Hard Rock Café, two luxury suites, a workout center, a spa and a seaside pool.\


Ronald Reagan: “Statement on Indian Policy ,” January 24, 1983.

Online by Gerhard P eters and John T. Woolley,

The American Presidency Project.


Request that Congress repudiate House Concurrent Resolution 108 of the 83d Congress which called for termination of the Federal-tribal relationship.

The administration wants this lingering threat of termination replaced by a resolution expressing its support of a government-to-government relationship.

Ask Congress to expand the authorized membership of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations to include a representative of Indian tribal governments.

In the interim, request that the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs join the ACIR as an observer.

Move the White House liaison for federally recognized tribes from the Office of Public Liaison to the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Establish a Presidential Advisory Commission on Indian Reservation Economies to identify obstacles to economic growth

and recommend changes at all levels, recommend ways to encourage private sector involvement,

and advise the President what actions are needed to create a positive environment for the development and growth of reservation economies.

Support direct funding to Indian tribes under the Title XX social services block grant to States.

Sought and obtained funds for FY 1983 to implement the Small Tribes Initiative to provide financial support needed to allow small tribes to develop basic tribal administrative and management capabilities.

Sought and obtained funds for FY 1983 to provide seed money for tribes for economic development ventures on reservations.

Supported and signed into law the Tribal Governmental Tax Status Act which will provide tribal governments with the same revenue raising and saving mechanisms available to other governments.

Support the use of creative agreements such as joint ventures and other non-lease agreements for the development of Indian mineral resources.

Direct the Cabinet Council on Human Resources to act as a review and coordination mechanism to ensure that Federal activities are non-duplicative, cost-effective,

and consistent with the goal of encouraging tribal self-government with a minimum of Federal interference.

White is Beautiful (Whitehouse)

White is Beautiful

Well at least the (Whitehouse)


For over seven (7) years (7 years 4 months).


The Whitehouse has been beautiful.

As it always happens.


This is about to end.


In about seven (8) months.


We will know if the tradition of a ‘ Beautiful Whitehouse’


will continue for another eight (8) years (4+4).



On this day this country and the world will miss

the best president in this country in many years!