Did I spent 6 years of my life defending our flag?


I love the flag of the United States of America,
my opinion
I believe our flag is the best looking flag in the world.
I am sure that other countries feel the same about their flag.



Did I spent 6 years of my life defending our flag?
Did I spend 6 years of my life defending the freedom of the citizens
the constitution of the United States of America?

‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now’


Because he is kneeling while our ‘National Anthem’ is playing?

I, along with millions of my brothers and sisters of our military, spent Six Years of my life ready, willing and able to defend our country.
Defend our country, what does this mean?
See any thing in our protocol about

“Kicking a citizen of the United States of America out of the country because she/he is kneeling on a knee?
The military has many missions.

Their primary mission of course

is to defend the United States


United States interests,

the military does a lot more than simply fight.

Some examples of military missions include:
• Rescue operations
• Medical assistance in impoverished areas
• Food & humanitarian relief
• Security at embassies and other locations
• Policing in volatile areas
• Natural disaster relief
• Law enforcement
Piracy and drug interdiction

The military is also the nation’s biggest group of international ambassadors.
As such, there is a great deal of responsibility and respect to show.
Trump on national anthem protests:
‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now’
Sep. 22, 2017, 10:30 PM
Donald Trump on Friday said NFL owners should fire players who take a knee during the national anthem.
“Get that son of a b—- off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!”

Trump said during a rally for Republican Senate candidate Luther Strange in Alabama.



Insurance companies/Teamsters Unions/ Wake-up!

Insurance companies are paying needlessly


unions are missing great opportunity at unionizing of companies

with bad insurance records.

Insurance companies need to clamp down on trucking companies to improve their drivers records.
Teamsters need to take advantage of the poor quality of hiring practices of ‘Non-Union Companies’.

A Female Fire-keeper

A Female Fire-keeper

Fire keeper can it be a woman or can a woman help with fire

This would all depend on your location Barbara.
For instance Native American Country or Indian Country?
Are you talking matriarchal society of patriarchal society?
Matriarchal Society, yes always.
Patriarchal Society, I have my doubts.
If it is you own circle, “Go For It!”
Smudging the correct way.

Thank you for your service Luther Walker


Thank you for your service Luther Walker

World War II veteran Luther Walker is loved by his

Mitchell Elementary School Students.
How can you tell?
Just read on.
PLANO, Texas

Students give unexpected surprise to 94-year-old crossing guard
There are many important people at Mitchell Elementary in Plano, but perhaps none more treasured than the man across the street.
“Come on babies,”
Luther Walker shouted as he led a group of students across the street.
Walker has been the crossing guard at Mitchell since 2006.
He turns 94 this week.
“God bless you,”
he said to students passing by.
This World War II veteran says the key to being a good crossing guard, or a good person for that matter, is to always treat people right.
Luther truly loves his job. In fact, hasn’t missed a day since he was 83. That is, until last week, when he just never showed up.
“That never, ever happens,” said one crossing guard.
“The children were worried, the staff was so worried, everybody kept checking for updates on him because he’s like family,” 5th grade teacher Cyndy Spangrud said.
Turns out, Luther had taken a late night drive the day before when he started feeling dehydrated. He was later found on the side of the road, passed out in his car. For Luther, it wasn’t that serious. But for his family here at Mitchell Elementary, it was a big deal.

Energy Companies earn $$ Billions $$ per year!

Energy companies are responsible for all equipment

from the outside of your building all the way to their home office, this included their

stock holders!

You are responsible for equipment inside of your building.
At least this is the way it has worked until lately.
Today we find out that energy companies like Duke Energy,
Now get to force their customers to pay to repair and replace their equipment.
Plus interest from any loans????

Which political party


change this law

and why?


Creator God/ Children

My wish for the day is
that I could have the wisdom of my Matriarch Ancestors.
With this wish I would be able to write for the humans on Mother Earth about just how important
I believe a post like this one below is for the children on Mother Earth and why.



The VA doesn’t need to experiment on dogs

The VA no longer needs to experiment on dogs.

This must stop NOW! Shame on you all that are still doing this disgusting thing!
Former Navy physician: The VA doesn’t need to experiment on dogs
USA TODAY Published 8:05 a.m. ET Sept. 19, 2017
Just because the VA has used dogs for experiments in the past doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to do research to help veterans in 2017.
Leading civilian, federal and military facilities — acknowledging the wastefulness and lack of applicability of animal-based research — are actively developing and using more efficient and humane research technologies. For veterans’ and dogs’ sake, the VA should do the same.

The Single-Payer Insanity

Welcome to the Town

(The USA)
Vladimir Putin’s


Donald Trump


Bernie Sanders


The Single-Payer Insanity
The Democrats’ presidential contenders are rushing to embrace Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan. Have they learned nothing?
By BILL SCHER September 12, 2017



Discard – A Hardy Race of Men
America’s Early Indians

Another slap in the face to my people, this one is from

(a library in Illinois)!

My Anthropologist



This one word is the worse by far
of anything that can be said about a book!
If one thinks about this for a few moments, the same can be said for my people,

(The first people of this land– Native American Country– Indian Country)!

As a Spiritual Teacher, now retired, since being chosen by Shechaim Ohjieshan Ziek in 1986,
I have been trying to keep the words, wisdom, culture and ceremonies alive in print for those few interested in knowing about their ways and for too many years it has been (DISCARDED), Alas, I keep trying.