leading a native American pipe ceremony

Welcome to the visitor from the City of San Diego California


To my postings about our Friendship pipe.

Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional



Friendship Pipe 006

I am not sure who it is that wants to lead a pipe however, until a teacher knows this the sacred parts are always blank?

Also, and this is just as important, California is as far as one can go west without getting your feet wet, my tribe, the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People are as far east as one can go without getting your feet wet, so I am sure that the culture and ceremonies are in some ways different?

California leads as usual

Happy Holidays to the good state of California.

The state of California has for many years been at the forefront

when it comes to

‘a change for the good’

It looks like this coming year they will be keeping up their tradition?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This posting is about good people being disenrolled!

Disenrolled, discarded, to cast aside, dispose of, get rid of, to throw out, a person or thing that is cast out or rejected.


Because by doing so the people doing this (their own people) will be rewarded by the conquering nation!

For most of my life I have picked up the torch from my elders to stumble through my time on Mother Earth to help make right the wrong done to my ancestors.

Today is no different.

Capitol Alert:


California has nation’s largest Native American population

By Dan Walters dwalters@sacbee.com

December 23, 2013

They may comprise less than 1 percent of California’s 38 million residents, but the state — perhaps surprisingly to many — has the nation’s largest population of Native Americans,

a new Census Bureau report reveals.

The state-by-state and tribe-by-tribe reports list 352,427 American Indians and Alaskan Natives in California, and only Oklahoma’s 313,305 approach California’s numbers.

The reports also reveal that California’s Native American population represents hundreds of specific tribes and sub-tribal groups, with tribes from Mexico, at 45,933, the largest single grouping, followed by Cherokees at 20,969. However, 126,425 Californians identified themselves as Native Americans in the 2010 census without designating a tribal affiliation.

Lois Edwards stands with demonstrators out front of an Enterprise Rancheria tribal meeting,

Saturday, August 5, 2006 at Southside Community Center in Oroville,

where the Enterprise Rancheria General Council met to vote on the citizenship of approximately 70 tribal members who were disenrolled in 2003.

Many of those protesting had been disenrolled.

Sacramento Bee/ Lezlie Sterling







1 Population 1.1 2010 Populations with multiracial identifiers

2 Racial and ancestral makeup 2.1 Europeans

2.2 Hispanic or Latino Americans

2.3 Asian Americans

2.4 Pacific Islanders

2.5 Middle Eastern Americans

2.6 African Americans

2.7 Native Americans/American Indians

All but the natives of this country are recognized as being human beings?

Disenrolled, discarded, to cast aside, dispose of, get rid of, to throw out, a person or thing that is cast out or rejected.

The joke is on the author!

Mark Andel,

A Native American Thanksgiving:


Revenge by Casino

Another article written by a non native for the pleasure reading by non natives!

Remember while reading this post that I do not now and never will have anything to do with gaming because of bedside promises made to my real native elder first people.

Indian Casino

If this government really wishes to help the poor Indians (Native Americans) it should start with the real poor Indians (Native Americans)?

I will always fight tooth and nails for my people, the banished people of their own land, never fighting for any wannabe’s!

Many of those so called Indian Casinos are now run by the mob!

Let’s start with the ones that I am most familiar with in New England?

A lone welder, (a full blooded White Man) with a claim to a long passed Mohegan lady (calling her a Pequot) and with a, good attorney.

A white president tired of the land claim bickering.

A ‘white governor’ and a few ‘senators and house members’ quickly removed from office.

A ton of half truths proven to be after the fact.

Now one of the largest groups of ‘people’ in the land. Where did they all come from?

Along comes another casino to follow, not one of them have ever follower the ancestors.

A third build on a island made of rock almost impossible to get to so it is just a bunch of lighting.

Another casino down south built by invading Indians and not the natives of the land.

So, why are we still calling them native casinos and how many of them help anyone but themselves?


This should never be billed as a good reason to forget the real native Americans throughout Indian country still poverty bound through no fault of their own but because of First Contact!

If this government really wishes to help the poor Indians (Native Americans) it should start with the real poor Indians (Native Americans)?

While following up on a visitor

While following up on visitors to my trackers today,

I noticed that a past visitor more than likely came from a website in their state.


Posted by AuroRa / Little Crow Feather on August 17, 2012 at 4:32am in THE GOSPEL OF THE REDMAN


To my earlier posting yesterday

November 25, 2013

Misunderstanding Spirituality



City Oklahoma City https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=35.4822222222,-97.535&spn=0.1,0.1&q=35.4822222222,-97.535+(Oklahoma+City)&t=h

I only wish to bring this up because, ever though it is a long winded site, this person does the right thing, something in this day and age of wannabes, must be commended, because they give credit while quoting and writing the website, refreshing to this old mans eyes, AHO

Native Americans gather to celebrate traditions

By Ryan Broussard



November 24, 2013

Native American traditions on display at ‘powwow


Welcome to some of my teachings from a visitor from GONZALES Baton Rouge, LA


Yes it is somewhat unusual to see a drum or two in the middle of a circle in today’s world.

As for is it a problem for elder traditional natives?

I hope not.

You see even though I am not familiar with tribes around New Orleans although I have been there to taste some really fine food, I am real pleased to see tradition at its best.

In my part of the country, the north east, long before first contact and the word powwow as you know it, we celebrated a ceremony known as a Paw-paus.


As explained in some of our posting, our sacred fire was over in the west of the circle for sacred reasons and the drums

(the heartbeat of mother earth and our tribe)

was always in the circle as we danced around them with Kiehtan our Creator.

GONZALES — As dancers of all ages filed into a tribal circle Saturday, U.S. Army veteran Shaun Murphy joined the familiar ritual, swaying to the Native American rhythms hammered out by drummers in the circle’s center.

Of course this gathering in indoors so one would not expect to see a fire in that circle however, it could very well be outdoors in the west?

Misunderstanding Spirituality

Welcome to a visitor from Oklahoma City Oklahoma


To an old website of ours

Native American Spiritualism


While surfing the internet looking for information on the misunderstanding of native American spirituality?

I must, as always, start with your state in the South Central part of Indian country and we are from the North East.

Culture and ceremonies may differ a little in tribal information?

A couple more of our sites may help in your search?



However, something’s that seem to confuse our European friends might be the same in both areas of the country?

The first thing that I have noticed throughout the years while traveling around Indian country invited to attend their religious roundtable discussions and I believe, the most confusing to religious leaders is,

Native Americans throughout the country have no problem with our own Spirituality (they call religion).

We all Fear (believe) in our Creator, some call this Supreme Being by different names and some difference in ways of contacting our Supreme Being.

However, it has never, to my knowledge, turned into battles as with our Europeans do?

They also do not understand our praying inside of a Sweat Lodge, Longhouse or to trees and rocks, why we have a Prayer Pouch or call a Drum our heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Information that can be found on our newest blog,


Four Sacred Colors Earth

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Jacksonville North Carolina


fourbsaxred conors eaeth

I believe looking for the four directions?

fourbsaxred conors eaeth (four sacred colors of earth).

We of this tribe do not use four direction or four colors however, you did come to our postings so, if I can help, this is our Six Colors of our people used in our Friendship Pipe Ceremony?


Red ~, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue the Mohiigan colors.

Red is the east; It is where the star of knowledge appears.

Red is the rising sun bringing us a new day we thank Kiehtan our Great Spirit, for each new day that we are allowed to live upon Mother Earth.

From knowledge springs wisdom and goodness and we are thankful, for the morning sun that rises in the east.

Knowledge shall become the beginning of peace throughout this world.

Yellow ~The south is yellow. Mother Earth gives us growth, gives us all that sustains us, and herbs that heal us.

She brings forth the bounty of warm south wind and the yellow so that we think of strength, growth and physical healing and a time for planting.

Black ~ is the water; the life-giving rains come from the west,

where the thunder beings live Water is life. Black stands for the spirit world where we shall all enter someday.

What we do or do not do upon this earth, we shall carry with us over into that spirit world.

We shall all join together and either be ashamed or proud of how we treated one another, how we respected or disrespected our Mother Earth.

How we respected or disrespected all living things made by Kiehtan the Great Creator of creation.

White ~ is for the north power strength, endurance, purity, truth stands for the north.

The north covers our Mother Earth with the white blanket of cleansing snow the snow prevents many sicknesses.

Courage and endurance these strengths we seek and wish to be blessed.

Green ~ is the color for Mother Earth.

Every particle of us comes from her through the food we take from her daily.

We all start out as tiny seeds, we have grown to our present state and status through what she provides, she is truly our mother and must be acknowledged and respected.

Blue ~ is for our Creator, Kiehtan some times known as Father Sky, that gives us energy from the sun.

Father Sky provides the energy that moves our bodies.

Father Sky has daily communion with our mother.

Together, they are our true parents.

May Blessing fall on all that read this postings from our Creator Kiehtan?


Native American higher power

Seems that a little change in words still confuses many search engines?

One would think that by now a company that wants us to use their site to search the internet could keep improving on their search help?

However, makes more room for me to find questions to answer, so I am OK.

Welcome to my visitor from the City Denver Colorado


Take good care of Peyton Manning?

Sorry for your confusion while out looking on the internet for your information about our Higher Power Beliefs.

Native American higher power?

Pleased that you at least found one of my postings to help clear up any confusion?

Native American Spiritualism


You may find out that is you change a word or two many other sites will also pop up that may help in your search.

No reason that you should have known this, it is up to companies to improve their search engines.

For instance, Supreme Being, Creator, Native God, Native Beliefs, just to name a few.




Tobacco bags for requesting your native name

Welcome to my visitor from the City of Lima Ohio


requesting information as to tobacco bags for requesting your native name?

To my website


On 17 Nov, Sun, 08:19:43.

This is a very old and out of use tripod discontinued site so, I am not sure if you found what you were looking for?

First thing, I believe, that will go a long way in your request for that native name, if you are truly looking for a traditional name by a respected Spiritual Teacher?

Would be a little teaching and understanding about our culture and ceremonies?

As always I must remind you that you are visiting a site and posting about east coast tribes so the information is from our ancestors.

That said, I do know many good proud people of the great Shawnee tribe and know that their ceremonies and culture are close to ours.

First, this bag is called a pouch, this pouch is stuffed with herbs, we use Kinnick, Kinnick and it is used at all of our ceremonies.


A few sites that might be of help to you?

Kinnick, Kinnick








Violence Against Women Act

Native American women murdered at a rate more than twice the national average”, said Senator Leahy

Another good reason why the people that descended from Shechaim Unkas (Sachem Uncas) of the Mohiigan tribe (Mohegan) a Matriarch people elected to have Clan Mothers?

On November 13, 2013 Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont address the Senate of the United States regarding the plight of Native Americans today.

“As we celebrate Native American contributions to our country, we must also examine the unique struggles faced by these communities and work together to find solutions. violence against Native women through the Violence Against Women Act, nearly three out of five Indian women have been assaulted by their spouses or intimate partners. On some reservations, Native American women are murdered at a rate more than twice times the national average. Native American women are murdered at a rate more than twice times the national average. Those statistics are chilling. Native women are being brutalized and killed at rates that simply shock the conscience”, said Senator Patrick Leahy


Taw-but-ni (Thank you)

to Senators Leahy Democratic Party and Senator Crapo Republican Party for finding the way to work together for our women!