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Aquai (Hello) my friends from Kiehtan Creator, Shechaim Ohjieshan, the Mohiigan people and our Ancestors (Aquine Peace to you).

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Jakarta in Jakarta Raya Indonesia Asia.

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Creator help me to be with my woman

Welcome to a visitor from the City of Adrian Michigan

To my Sachems Speaks/ Words from Sachem blogs.

I know that this question is from 29 Nov, Fri, 16:10:52,

I have been praying on just how to answer?

My life is in your hands now!


I have stated many times that I will try to answer all questions and answer I must.

However, it is not clear as to why anyone would come to me and request prayers toward Creator or just why someone would be asking my help with his women?

The question was

sachem speaks creator help me to be with my woman.

First, I have no control over, nor would I even think such a thing as to how or when Creator can and will answer, other than I do know that, in Creators own time, the answer will come.

If the question to me is Sachem teach me to ask Creator for guidance for anything that one might wish guidance with?

My answer is simple, pray as if you were speaking to a loving father, because you will be. No funny or foolish words, no long winded speeches, just keep the prayer coming from your heart.

If one were to ask me a question like, help me to be with my woman?

Because I am not Creator and I have been on Mother Earth for a very long time and wish for that to continue, I must tell you that it would take a very large book of my questions even before I sat down with you to speak and even then I will let you know that I am 100% sure that I would be wrong at best?


A good safe start for me might be to ask if you have ever picked your moment and just ask your women for better guidance while you are with her?

A big present, candy and a lot of flowers in hand at the time may or may not help?

Everyday men must just wing it and hope for the best!


If you are now with her and you show her everyday that you love her, the future is looking good.


I and my readers sure would like updates from you if possible?

Native American gathering circle meaning

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Bowmanville Ontario Canada

To one of the older websites

Looking for information about native American gathering circle meaning?

Because you are in another country (Canada) I am not sure if you understood our reason for Paw-Paus and or why we changed the name?


What is an American native Paw paus?

We have been to powwows in and around your country so explaining a powwow is not necessary?

A Paw Paus is what my people have called our gatherings for at least as far back as any of my teachers could recall their ancestors teach about and I am now 72 years young, or old depending who you are asking?

So as you can see a very long time, the word goes something like this.

Soon after first contact some of our invaders stumbled on one of our past gatherings and enjoyed what they were seeing.

Sachem speaks Powwow or Paw – paus

As far as what is this gathering

I can and will only talk about this very spiritual event from what I have been taught from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and allowed to talk about!

As told to me by the traditional elders of our New England people, this gathering was held after each of our four season Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer or in their words South, West, North and East.

Fall (south) is the time of year for meetings to get ready to head in to the middle of the land gathering food and supplies and make ready to last out the colder weather that is coming, at the end of this time (fall) there would be a gathering of the people and prayers, dancing and drum for the Creators protection while on our journeys or a mini gathering. The New England people did not carry homes around the land instead they would build homes (round and long houses) in each of the seasons, places they stayed in for that season. In the winter time (west) the people split up into family groups (clans and headed west) because of the food shortages at this winter time. In this winter it would be a time of hardship keeping warm and finding food and firewood so at the end of this winter these clans would hold a gathering to share food, clothing, wood and storytelling. Spring (North) would be the time to start back toward their main homes at the great river, for planting and repairing homes and fishing holes.

At this time I will input the fact that these homes (except for the sachems family) is on a first come first serve bases so if the last owner shows up both families work together an build one or the other a new home!

Summer (east) is the time for a gathering of all the people this gathering ( Paw-paus) would be a great Spiritual event and everyone would bring food and work together repairing and rebuilding the prayer circle of course with a great opening in the East to allow room for Creator and all of the ancestors to enter.

While the people are fellowshipping, telling their story of the past season and learning of members past while gone west and new members arriving while gone and so on the fire keeper and helpers would clean and clear the circle and get the fire ready for the time Creator comes to visit with the people.

The Sachem, with a warrior on each side to help and tend to any needs while dancing around this circle, these warriors would carry the Sachems gifts and staff if necessary to Creator and would be at the head of a line so as to pray to have a friendly gathering before entering the circle.

Sachem would at this time ask the people to please place any bad feelings, gossip, and bad thoughts at the east door, if they wanted them back after the paw-paus just let Creator know otherwise Creator will take them into his fire to burn forever and the people can be cleansed enough to enjoy dancing and drumming with Creator and the ancestors.

Each family (clan) had their own prayer staff with prayer bags and medicine pouches from past family members and animal family members, this staff would usually be carried into the circle through the east by the family’s Clan Mother. Next would be the elder women then elder men, younger women and children, last but by no means least would be all of the warriors keeping a close eye out for any unwanted guests. As you may now start to see this gathering is a little different from a modern day powwow that you may have gone to, this would be because first, remember we are of the matriarch society, but most of all I am writing about a Paw-Paus not a powwow!

They had no need for fancy ropes or railings around this circle each member would place their skins or fur blankets around and all knew that the correct way into Creators church was through the East, even our animal friends (always welcome into our church) seem to know that they are welcome to come dance and fellowship with the people, the ancestors and Creator, if they made a mistake someone, usually the fire keepers helper, would just pick it up and carry on with the gathering. No vendors nothing to sell every family would bring something for meals and the young women would cook, every family would also bring things for trade and give away.

Creator would come into the circle and take over the fire usually for about week.

I have broken no code or promise made to my elders by not going into our spirituality aspects during this gathering so traditional people please understand that we need to at least get something out on the net so non-natives can see that we still do our church.


I am not a saint

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”

President Barack Hussein Obama in South Africa speaking at the tribute, (a Bid Farewell and Honor), to President Nelson Mandela, was wise enough in this an extremely eloquent speech, to quote Mr. Nelson Mandela (Madiba) in, what I believe to be one of his (President Nelson Mandela’s) many great speeches.

Quote from Mr. Nelson Mandela

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”

Our president also mentioned that Mr. Nelson Mandela walked the walk the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and some of the Great South Africans before him (Mr. Nelson Mandela).

Mr. Nelson Mandela, facing meanness and muscles with kindness and determination was able to free both his people and the people controlling the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is just what a saint is, a sinner that knows that he/she must keep looking for forgiveness and get back up to walk the walk?

Please tell me who’s God would allow any human, son of god the exception, to claim to be a saint of god?

Who’s God would be willing to allow people or peoples to assume the right to make a saint?

We are the creation of our Creator, owned by our Creator, we do not own ourselves, our children, our grandchildren or their children’s children, how can we make saints?

Please always remember my friends that,


Rest in the peace Mr. Nelson Mandela that you have earned, at the side of your god!

Native Americans gather to celebrate traditions

By Ryan Broussard


November 24, 2013

Native American traditions on display at ‘powwow

Welcome to some of my teachings from a visitor from GONZALES Baton Rouge, LA

Yes it is somewhat unusual to see a drum or two in the middle of a circle in today’s world.

As for is it a problem for elder traditional natives?

I hope not.

You see even though I am not familiar with tribes around New Orleans although I have been there to taste some really fine food, I am real pleased to see tradition at its best.

In my part of the country, the north east, long before first contact and the word powwow as you know it, we celebrated a ceremony known as a Paw-paus.

As explained in some of our posting, our sacred fire was over in the west of the circle for sacred reasons and the drums

(the heartbeat of mother earth and our tribe)

was always in the circle as we danced around them with Kiehtan our Creator.

GONZALES — As dancers of all ages filed into a tribal circle Saturday, U.S. Army veteran Shaun Murphy joined the familiar ritual, swaying to the Native American rhythms hammered out by drummers in the circle’s center.

Of course this gathering in indoors so one would not expect to see a fire in that circle however, it could very well be outdoors in the west?

Four Sacred Colors Earth

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Jacksonville North Carolina

fourbsaxred conors eaeth

I believe looking for the four directions?

fourbsaxred conors eaeth (four sacred colors of earth).

We of this tribe do not use four direction or four colors however, you did come to our postings so, if I can help, this is our Six Colors of our people used in our Friendship Pipe Ceremony?

Red ~, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue the Mohiigan colors.

Red is the east; It is where the star of knowledge appears.

Red is the rising sun bringing us a new day we thank Kiehtan our Great Spirit, for each new day that we are allowed to live upon Mother Earth.

From knowledge springs wisdom and goodness and we are thankful, for the morning sun that rises in the east.

Knowledge shall become the beginning of peace throughout this world.

Yellow ~The south is yellow. Mother Earth gives us growth, gives us all that sustains us, and herbs that heal us.

She brings forth the bounty of warm south wind and the yellow so that we think of strength, growth and physical healing and a time for planting.

Black ~ is the water; the life-giving rains come from the west,

where the thunder beings live Water is life. Black stands for the spirit world where we shall all enter someday.

What we do or do not do upon this earth, we shall carry with us over into that spirit world.

We shall all join together and either be ashamed or proud of how we treated one another, how we respected or disrespected our Mother Earth.

How we respected or disrespected all living things made by Kiehtan the Great Creator of creation.

White ~ is for the north power strength, endurance, purity, truth stands for the north.

The north covers our Mother Earth with the white blanket of cleansing snow the snow prevents many sicknesses.

Courage and endurance these strengths we seek and wish to be blessed.

Green ~ is the color for Mother Earth.

Every particle of us comes from her through the food we take from her daily.

We all start out as tiny seeds, we have grown to our present state and status through what she provides, she is truly our mother and must be acknowledged and respected.

Blue ~ is for our Creator, Kiehtan some times known as Father Sky, that gives us energy from the sun.

Father Sky provides the energy that moves our bodies.

Father Sky has daily communion with our mother.

Together, they are our true parents.

May Blessing fall on all that read this postings from our Creator Kiehtan?


Native American higher power

Seems that a little change in words still confuses many search engines?

One would think that by now a company that wants us to use their site to search the internet could keep improving on their search help?

However, makes more room for me to find questions to answer, so I am OK.

Welcome to my visitor from the City Denver Colorado

Take good care of Peyton Manning?

Sorry for your confusion while out looking on the internet for your information about our Higher Power Beliefs.

Native American higher power?

Pleased that you at least found one of my postings to help clear up any confusion?

Native American Spiritualism

You may find out that is you change a word or two many other sites will also pop up that may help in your search.

No reason that you should have known this, it is up to companies to improve their search engines.

For instance, Supreme Being, Creator, Native God, Native Beliefs, just to name a few.

Native American Alters

Welcome to the visitor to my postings about Native American ceremonies from Salt Lake City Utah

Native American Alters how they are set up for different ceremonies

I have been to a few denominations of religious people, Jewish, Catholic, and many of the protestant churches and have not noticed much change between ceremonies?

Same with my people.

I believe the error might be with the question?

First we did not call our prayer place an alter until sometime after first contact.

In my culture, the Mohiigan people, a prayer place is set up for convince to pray to Kiehtan our Creator, it would have no need to be changed much because all of our ceremonies begin with a request for a blessing from Kiehtan to continue with the ceremony?

The only time that the alter might be changed some is if a different person is praying for the ceremony, for instance, I am a left hander, the next Spiritual teacher might be right handed.

Sachem Unkas prayer place.


My prayer place.


My father and grandfather’s prayer place.


Church alter

Jewish alter

Kenya and the Circle of Life

Welcome to the City of Nairobi, Nairobi Kenya,%20nairobi%20kenya%20&utm_campaign=Bing+CPC+Campaign

To one of my postings about the Circle of Life at

You may find even more information about this our beliefs at

Native American symbol for Sacred Circle of Life

I can only speak as a traditionalist elder and from teaching from my elders from the New England area.

Our circle of life started long ago while (Creator) and (Father Sky) were on one of their walks around, what we now call the universe, which was already a circle of life in of its self.

New today Words from the Sachem blog

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox postings

This page is for writing about happenings other then directly from the teaching of the ancestors.

Word Press has made it possible for this poor old wannabe teacher and I do mean poor,  to write from the heart, many things that I personally believe will help, even if it is only in a small way, some of my reading friends on Word Press without loading up the Sachems Speaks postings?


I am Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox of the Mohiigan people, the administrator of both Sachem Speaks and this Words from Sachem blogs.

On this page I wish to write about events of the day that are important to me and I hope to you also however, not necessarily speaking about the first people of this land but still is affecting you and I?

I still wishes to remind you as I have on the first blog that only Creator can bless, as my Gravatar is showing, one of the ways to request a blessing from your Supreme Being (Creator) never to be mistaken as a blessing from any creation (me).