What gift for native American elder

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To my posting about gifting, this time the question is a memorable one asked often about gifting to an elder.

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This question I am pleased to say, as with most of my postings and websites, cannot be asked too many times, because the more it is asked the more often it gets out on the internet for all to see and/or challenge.

Also, the question is a good one and the answer is a simple one because simplicity is the name of the game while writing about the truth?

As with all of my writings about our tobacco, I start with this.

First thing to remember about our tobacco, it was, it is, and should always be, herbs (Kinnick Kinnick) not a chemical treated cigarettes!

While offering a cigarette, please remember, it is an insult to a Traditional if that person is a Non Smoker!

A person handing this herb will usually have it wrapped in something for a convenience to the elder, not always but, if it is wrapped, red would be the preferred color of the wrap.



Also, by using your left hand to his/her left hand, shows true respect and knowledge to the elder.

Each time a native person uses a traditional elder way an ancestor sheds a tear of joy.

Native American Tobacco

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While traveling around the internet looking for your answers I am sure that you stopped at many websites and blogs? This is a good thing and just what the internet was invented for.

At least one of your stops was a visit to me so, I will answer both of your questions, only remember this, I write from the teaching of my elders and will never tell other tribes how to do their ceremonies.

I also see that your state borders along the Mississippi river and on the east side?

So the land of Woodland Indians.

First before we get into gifting and/or presenting, we need to understand the herb Tobacco, yes, tobacco is an herb.

My people, east of the Mississippi river along the Atlantic coast grow and use this herb tobacco mixed with other herbs for many of our ceremonies.

My people also still use this herb the same way our ancestors used it of centuries, before any chemicals are added.

Why? Because there were no chemicals and also chemicals are not good for you. This is extremely important because as you know from other sites, many tribes differ in their ceremonies, this is also a good thing, but you stopped at this site also.

Please also read my past postings.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift. http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/tobacco-as-traditional-native-american.html

Your questions

Native American giving tobacco – Native American gift protocol. https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/native-american-gift-protocol/

how to present tobacco to an elder


Tribes in the east have been growing tobacco herb plants for centuries for use in ceremonies.

Tribes in central and the west have been using sage and sweet grass for centuries for use in their ceremonies.

So which way is the correct way to do ceremonies?

Both ways are correct for their tribal ceremonies, I believe?

I also believe that school teachers should always remember the tribe and/or area that they are teaching about before making statements about Native American culture and ceremony wouldn’t you agree?

kinnick ~ kinnick chemical make up?

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Looking for information about Kinnick, Kinnick our Native American Tobacco to a few of my postings.

Native American Tobacco!


Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?


Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift


If your tobacco has chemicals in it.

It is not Kinnick, Kinnick!

How to gift a Chief?

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Looking for information on when you visit an Indian Chief is it tradition to give tobacco?

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Native American gifting tobacco to an elder?


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How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder


While traveling around and attending Sundance, Ghost, and other Sacred Dances out west of the Mississippi River, I’ve noticed that there are times when you may need permission just to get near their chief’s and this is OK I just have little knowledge as to when or where because I never had the problem.

Might I suggest that you might play it safe and speak to an elder of that tribe as to the correct procedure.

Gifting a Chief could be a little tricky at times around Indian country so I must once again speak about tribes in and around New England or at least my people.

I do require my chiefs and head clan mothers to pass training on our culture and ceremonies so they use a lot of tobacco while assisting.

People like myself use a lot of tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick). However, unless I am tied up with a ceremony or in prayer, please come speak with me, my chiefs and  Head Clan Mother at any time, Kinnick, Kinnick is optional.


Kinnick – Kinnick

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What is Kinnick, Kinnick?


Looking for information about our herbs called Kinnick – Kinnick.

Because I have covered this so many times and I did see that you were on one of my many postings, I was going to pass and go to the next question. However, while checking other answers that you were reading, this I must not do without a brief answer. Yes real tobacco grown as a plant is an herb and is included into this Kinnick – Kinnick, remember our tobacco as with all of our herbs is NEVER treated with chemicals and when we speak of smoking our pipes, it is always in a ceremony, not smoked like as in a cigarette or cigar? Most participants in our ceremonies will puff enough smoke a number of times to blow a prayer up towards Creator, down to Mother Earth and so on. Some of the participants will tap the pipe with their left hand and pass it on, a few very brave members might even inhale? I do not recommend this un necessary abuse on your body!

Quit smoking?

To my new friend that wishes to quit smoking? I smoked around 3 packs a day until 1986, yes, I quit a thousand times, not good enough! One day my union offered me free nicotine patches to help me quit, so I took them up on it.  The patches soon gave me a real bad rash, skin broke out, (Native Americans are allergic to chemicals) so I stopped the patches. However, I did everything else  that the little booklet told me to do as in picking a date in my future to quit (just a few days) and dump all smokes! If you stick with this you may find as I did that it really is not that hard even for us cowards? Most of the smoking is in the head not in the mind or the heart, hope that this helps? Creator (GOD) Bless, give this an honest try?

Will tobacco help Native Americans at a burial

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Looking for information about

Will tobacco help Native Americans on burial

To my posting

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information.


My answer would have to be yes and no?

Yes, our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) used as with smudging in our ceremonies helps us concentrate on the burial. No, it is not necessary to use anything except prayer (talking) with Creator however, if it helps blank out the world while praying use it.

A Spiritual Leader will use many Sacred materials while leading a group in the prayer ceremony, mostly because they are a collection from passed elders now ancestors. Plus a helper allowing this group to remember that the loved one is going to a much better place.

Christian Smudging Ceremony

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Looking for information about Smudging and Christianity

Christian Smudging Ceremony

To one of my postings on this subject



Is smudging Christian



This question as with the question about our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) will never be put to bed, so to speak, because so many people without the knowledge keep answering with a guess wrong answer!

Smudging, as with tobacco and most of our ceremonies, is nothing more than a prayer, don’t get me wrong, prayer is a talk with our Creator and there is nothing better or more important than a talk with Creator.

Stop adding to this because you think!

You think that Creators words are not enough?

Another treaty broken by the Wašíču?

After you read the story you may agree that this one although technically is a broken treaty, it is also a two edge sword?

As a Spiritual teacher that has spent years helping native and non natives reentry back into society, I know firsthand about our culture and ceremonies in prisons.

8th Circuit affirms dismissal of suit on Native American inmates’ religious rights http://www.omaha.com/article/20130215/NEWS/702159901/1707

Yes, we all agree that they are inmates, yes we all agree that they did something wrong, why else would they be in jail? Leonard Peltier‘s frame up  come to mind for all natives? 🙂

However, other religious inmates get to go to church, eat no meat on Friday, pray and so on?


Mr. Sims there is a big difference between a State Penitentiary and a Community Corrections Centers, not only in the state of Nebraska but throughout this country.

Part of my posting is the inmate writing the complaint.

You are serving a life sentence for first-degree murder? You are in prison where things used in many ceremonies like stones and fire can be used as weapons? Sweat lodge requires a lot of heat (fire) to heat stones. A bird of prey feather like an Eagle Feather for ceremonies are Sacred and only a few are even allowed to handle them. Where would this sacred feather be kept/ A prison cell is no place for a sacred feather and non natives have no right touching them?

Tobacco is another thing altogether. No I believe pipes, cigarettes and cigar cannot be controlled while you are in prison, tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) is used as a ceremony tool, so to speak, in prison ceremonies because it will never be used as a drug, for trading of favors or smoked and most of all does not need to be lit for a ceremony.

If it was agreed on then the American Native in prison should get to worship our Creator, maybe some do not know Creator and that helped land them in prison? Getting back to their culture through our ceremonies is just another way of re training and reentry back into civilization and for a better human? AHO

I need more input to speak about this 2005 settlement, prison officials agree to allow traditional ceremonial foods such as fry bread, buffalo, corn and “berry dish”.


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Why present tobacco to an elder?

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to my postings looking for information on why present tobacco to an elder?

Native American gifting tobacco to an elder?


How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder


The answers out on the internet are long and most of them are human?

The question was asked by a person up north of the border and I am sure that many northern tribes will be answering.

In my tribal information, Tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick), was the first plant gift from Creator (Grandfather).

Grandfather placed this gift with our mother, Mother Earth.

Many of our elders teach, lead ceremonies and events, so they use a lot of our tobacco.

One of our main teachings form our main teacher, Creator, was, is and will always be to teach.

From the first day that someone of our tribal members has a child, we are expected to be that child’s teacher, no matter our age!

We are also expected to always respect our elders!

I laid the ground work so now to answer the question.

We gift tobacco to an elder because it is medicine and our elders are special people!

It is much easier for the young to pick and mix our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinick) then it is for many of our elders.

We wrap this gift in a red flower or cloth because this gift comes from our Creator by way of our mother, Mother Earth and her color is red.