Strike Three! Buyer Beware:

I hope that my
(Taxpaying Followers),
are willing to spread the word?
This is three (3), so far, blunders
that you and I as tax payers,
are cleaning up after
‘shoddy workmanship’
by companies
‘Hired by your congress’
to build our
‘War-deterrent defensive vehicles’!
Strike Three (3)!
If the ‘Taxpaying Public’ spends a billion-dollars on a vehicle’,
especially if it is a billion-dollar frigate for our navy,
we should expect,
‘No Demand’,
that it runs as one should be able to expect a ‘frigate’ to run
for at least as long as any ‘frigate’ would run,
the builder must make it right!
Not right the
‘Ship Builders way’,
who is the crooked
‘Ship Building Company’ this time?
‘Crooked Government Officials’
to turn their back once again?
The U.S. Navy’s, New Frigate Doesn’t Come With A Warranty
by Michael Peck
You expect to get a manufacturer’s warranty that promises to fix all defects
without the customer paying a dime.
But not when it’s a billion-dollar frigate.
The U.S. Navy’s new FFG(X) frigate will not come with a warranty.
Instead, each ship will come with a “guaranty,”
in which the shipbuilder pledges to correct defects—‘though
only up to a certain dollar value’,
with ‘the government paying for part of the repairs’.
In other words, we the taxpaying public,
gets stuck with the bill one again!
A new Government Accountability Office report
describes this arrangement:’s-new-frigate-doesn’t-come-warranty-74191

Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island, Florida
Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)
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Want to talk immigrants?

Soon they will be coming from,
(Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua
and many other communist countries)!
Because of a cabinet loaded with
‘bankers, realtors, money sharks, and suck-ups’
a ‘Federal Senate’ run my a ‘Money Crazed Millionaire’ (Moscow Mitch).
We are losing the wars before they even start!
“trumps trade talks or lack there of”?
Well we still have many (trump tanks), missiles maybe, bullets and cap pistols to fight with for when they arrive!
Lord knows no self respecting ‘corrupt person’ will be handing over their ‘assault rifles’!
For God Sake let’s give trump his crooked share of the money, before losing wars with our enemies!

First it was our ‘massive aircraft carriers’!

Now it is our ‘Top Rated Submarines’,
what is this government doing to our ‘Major Defenses’ against our known enemies?
The contract for the 10-ship
Block V Virginia-class attack submarine
was supposed to be signed in April, but Navy and industry sources say that
there has been a lot of talk and little agreement between the service and the two shipbuilders,
General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Newport News.

Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua,
and other communist countries are forming at the mouth at wanting a piece of the war prize!

Ballistic missile (slbm), built by Lockheed martin space systems in Sunnyvale, California,
New space in Lockheed Martin Space Florida and Colorado are due to be completed by 2024.
However; if our boats and ships are not completed we might have to try launching them from “trumps tanks”!
We must dump any company that is stealing our tax money, as in

General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Newport News.



Who would hire an incompetent company to make ships?

Who would hire an incompetent company to make our ‘War Machines’?

 Apparently someone that is looking for what is in it for them!
The PSA at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia
Another incomplete ship handed over to our navy with our navy’s permission!
It looks as if this has been going on since 2016?
Newport News Shipbuilding is the sole designer and builder
of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy.
trump’s Navy secretary bet his job on getting a
critical super carrier weapon system to work.
The Navy says it won’t be ready in time.

“Mowing with Cops”

Rodney Smith Jr. invites police to help mow lawns in all 50 states
August 13, 2019

See we can do ‘Good Stories’ in the Media?
Photo: Jay Reeves, AP

In this Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 file photo,
Rodney Smith Jr., founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, looks skyward
while talking with homeowner Irene Renee Jolly in Huntsville, Ala.
Smith Jr., who traveled to all 50 states to mow lawns for free says
he’s traveling across the country again to bring together police officers and the community.
Rodney Smith Jr. tweeted Monday, August 12, 2019 to announce his tour called
“Mowing with Cops” will start Wednesday August 14 in Apopka, Florida.
An Alabama man who traveled to all 50 states to mow lawns for free
says he’s traveling cross-country again to bring together police officers and the community.
Rodney Smith Jr. tweeted Monday to announce his
“Mowing with Cops” tour
will start Wednesday in Apopka, Florida.
Smith says on his website that he wants to mow at least one lawn in each state for
the elderly, disabled, single parents or veterans.
He is inviting police officers to mow with him.
He had a special police-themed mower made.
His website shows it’s painted black and white and has emergency lights.
Rodney Smith Jr. Traveling All 50 States,
Mowing Lawns For Elderly, Disabled, Single Moms And Vets For Free.


Big Business is selling war parts to our enemy!

Front air-to-air view of an F-14A Tomcat aircraft from Fighter Squadron 102 (VF-102), just after taking off from the aircraft carrier USS AMERICA (CV-66). The aircraft is armed with two AIM-54 Phoenix missiles, centerline, two AIM-7 Sparrow and two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles (outside), mounted on wing pylons.

How could we stop them?
Made in USA:
Why Iran’s Old F-14 Tomcats Actually Pose a Real Threat!
August 14, 2019

The extremely rich American companies in the United States of America
are selling ‘Black Market F-14 parts’ to our enemy (Iran)!
Iran is repairing their planes to be able to use against Americans!
Sixty-eight of Iran’s F-14s
survived the Iran-Iraq War that ended in 1988.
Sanctions that the United States imposed after the 1979 revolution
prevented Iran from openly acquiring spare parts for the heavyweight fighters.
Tensions have escalated in the Persian Gulf region in the aftermath of trump’s
decision unilaterally to withdraw the United States from
the agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program.
If war breaks out,
American forces likely will attempt to secure Gulf air space
by destroying or suppressing Iran’s air forces.
The regular Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force and the air wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps militia
together operate around 700 aircraft.
(This first appeared in July 2019.)
Federal agents arrested Iranian-born Parviz Lavi at his home in Long Island, charging him with violating U.S. export law by attempting to buy up spare parts for the F-14’s TF-30 engine and ship them to Iran via The Netherlands. Lavi got five years in prison plus a $125,000 fine.
More arrests followed. In 1998, an aircraft parts vendor in San Diego told U.S. customs officials that Multicore Ltd. in California had requested price information for air intake seals used only on the F-14. Agents arrested Multicore’s Saeed Homayouni, a naturalized Canadian from Iran, and Yew Leng Fung, a Malaysian citizen.
“Bank records subpoenaed by the Customs Service showed that Multicore Ltd. had made 399 payments totaling $2.26 million to military parts brokers since 1995 and had received deposits of $2.21 million,” The Washington Post reported. The company shipped parts mostly through Singapore.
The feds began investigating 18 companies that had supplied airplane components to Multicore.
In September 2003, U.S. authorities nabbed Iranian Serzhik Avasappian in a South Florida hotel as part of a sting operation. Agents had showed Avasappian several F-14 parts worth $800,000 and arrested him after he offered to buy the components.


Mehkar, Maharashtra, India

Welcome Mehkar, Maharashtra, India
Ole! Imao!
What’s a girl to do?
I like hats.
The Koch Organization
Is just one of far too many!
How Koch Foods Built a $3 Billion Chicken Empire
Koch Brothers employees get arrested, brothers get to keep their paychecks, is that how it works?
Just asking?
Documented and Undocumented Employees go to Concentration Camps?
Are they Racistas ????

Just Asking?



Georgia, United States

Georgia, United States
Welcome to our visitor, guessing, Mobile phone user?
Eliquis Lawsuit
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
I do not ask anyone to quit your drug or to use what works for me!
I am no doctor, hospital, pharmacist, drug store or drug pusher!
Actually, although I am forced, under the knowledge of death if I do not, I hate the use of drugs!
However; I have been using ‘Baby Aspirins’ for ‘Cardiomyopathy’ since 1988 as a ‘Blood Thinner’.
Four baby aspirins, a day equals one regular aspirin, a day as a ‘Blood Thinner’.
Cardiomyopathy, chronic disease of the heart muscle.
That and a great Cardiologist doctor and his head nurse at day one.
A three wire ‘Defibrillator.
The V.A.
A ‘Retired Treatment Nurse.
I am living a reasonable good life, without the use of ‘Rat Poison’.


Please do nothing
until you talk with
a Cardiologist
for permission?
Good luck with that!

66 more reasons why we are in

66 more reasons why we are in ‘Deep Donkey Poop America’!

Welcome to the visitor from
Caracas, Distrito Federal, Venezuela
The only visit to
Read this and weep trump voters!
And I suspect that it is from a (Spammer).
This once ‘Free Country’ is systematically being ‘dissected by Evil’ and few, if any citizen care unless it directly hits their pockets!

Hitler’s party, the NSDAP (Nazi party),
***trumps party (Republican Party)***
Managed to gain most of the seats in the Reichstag.
***Republicans gained most of the seats in congress (2016)***
Hitler then became appointed chancellor in 1933.
***trump became their leader (2016)***
The Nazis took over the local government and police.
***trump controls (ICE)!***
Hitler set up the Gestapo which was the secret police,
Encouraged people to tell on each other.
This caused millions to go to concentration camps
(Mostly Jews,
But also homosexuals, prostitutes etc)
***ICE caused thousands of immigrant, documents or undocumented, into concentration camps and children are dying!***
Hitler also eliminated national opponents.
***trump constantly telling lies and half-truths since 2015!***
He took over the state by
Reorganizing the parliament
************Moscow Mitch!***********
So only the Nazis could become governors and had the majority.

************Moscow Mitch!***********
He also banned all opposing parties.
Guess What America?
It is not only hitting your pockets it is stealing your pockets while you are
‘Sleep Walking Through Life!

The United States of America
‘Hears no Evil, Sees no Evil,
And constantly speak All Evil!

Get the care you need right away!

Dear VA Pulse User,
You can now access 24/7 virtual urgent care services through the VISN 8 Clinical Contact Center by calling 1-877-741-3400. 
The service is available to Veterans enrolled and eligible for VA care in Florida, South Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 
Services include general administrative support, nurse advice and triage, and virtual visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner
via telephone or VA Video Connect.
Pharmacists are also available to assist with medication questions and prescriptions.
Veterans can contact the center and be seen by a provider at no cost. 
A co-pay may be required for prescription medications depending on your assigned eligibility group for VA health benefits.