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To one of our posting about our culture and ceremonies.
Native American birth ceremonies.
Need a little more input?
“Head Clan Mother” (Objiasan Tah)
Shechaim Ohjieshan
And of course in today’s world mother and expected baby go to a hospital and the ‘Paw-paus comes much later.

 Everyone has a take on Brett Kavanaugh.

My take on Brett Kavanaugh is
Everyone has a take on Brett Kavanaugh.
But first, a question to everyone reading this post.
Did you or do you now play sports in school?
If yes you already know what I am writing about.
My first hand and a very reliable females agreement!
My belief is ‘Cheerleaders’ and most others is a sport, how do I know, because in Junior High I tried to keep up with our cheerleaders thinking that it would be good extra exercise,
I player basketball in ‘Junior High’ and Football in Junior High and High School.
I was no good in basketball because it takes too much time to be any good and I was needed in my father’s business.
I quit football after two years because of the locker-room talks.
Almost all of the jocks in school sports love to talk, with proof, their conquering of the school girls no matter the age.
Judge Kavanaugh played Basketball and football and was a rich jock!
Kavanaugh was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. As a teenager he attended Georgetown Preparatory School, where he was two years senior to future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. At Georgetown Prep, he was captain of the school’s basketball team and played as a wide receiver and cornerback for the school’s football team.
Multiple accounts from 1980s-era classmates depict an alcohol-soaked party culture among the close-knit network of single-sex, mostly Roman Catholic private schools in the country’s wealthiest state. At raucous house parties and drunken beach vacations, boys from Georgetown Prep and other all-male academies would meet up with students from nearby all-girl private schools like Stone Ridge, Holy Cross, Georgetown Visitation and the non-sectarian Holton-Arms School. Binge drinking was a routine part of the social scene, with minimal adult supervision.
California college professor Christine Blasey Ford, a 1984 graduate of Holton-Arms, has accused Kavanaugh, who graduated Georgetown Prep in 1983, of pinning her down in a locked bedroom and groping her during a drunken house party when she was about 15 and he was about 17.

Welcome to Lake Forest, California

Welcome to Lake Forest, California visitor
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You live in Orange county California, we are retired just outside of Orange county Florida, quite a ways from you as the crow flies.

So always remember that culture and ceremonies can change over distance.

What is the difference between ‘Ass’ and ‘Class’?

What is the difference (challenge), between ‘Ass’ and ‘Class’?
I worked two and sometimes three jobs many weeks a year for just under ‘forty years’ just to support my family, so I know where thousands of ‘Florida Families’ are coming from!
And so do our politicians!
Who is ready to be a ‘Servant of the People’?
So, how do we tell the difference as to which is ‘telling you the truth’ and which is trying to ‘Hood-Wink’ us into putting them into office?

While sitting in your easy chair sipping your beer, wine, coffee or whatever.
Just listen to what is being said.
First and foremost, who is showing you what she/he has done and wants to continue to do for your family, you, Florida, and the country?
(Ass or Class)!
For instance let’s take a long look at the two running to become Floridians next senator, Scott or Nelson.
Watch all of Scott and his ‘Super-Pac’s ad spending millions of their dollars!
Remember, what has ‘Scott and his ‘Super-Pac’s’ been doing (to) Florida the past eight years?
Then watch Senator Bill Nelson’s ‘Down to Earth’, nothing but the ‘Truth’ ads?
How many times has our senator (Servant of the People), ‘Butted heads’ with the ruling congress for
‘We the Floridians’?
Now you can pick your Senator to Washington to ‘Be the Servant’ of your family, Florida, and your country!

Natural gas pressure was 12 times normal level











Florida natural gas users beware!

Massachusetts natural gas explosions, was from an Indianapolis Indiana-based gas company.

Natures Gas pipelines are coming onto Florida from other states companies!
NO UNION at construction site that capped off the unused gas line, no union workers at any of the gas companies.
Why is this important to the public?
Without union backing the workers are at the Mercy of crooked companies and can do shoddy work!
The mass explosion in Massachusetts was the fault of companies in another state besides the company in state!
Natural gas pressure was 12 times normal level before Massachusetts explosions

The NTSB says a Columbia Gas control room in Columbus, Ohio, registered pressures of 6 pounds per square inch last Thursday in pipelines that are intended to carry just 0.5 PSi

Florida man hunting Elk becomes hunted!

Florida man hunting becomes the hunted!
Because one hunter survived however; the Elk did not!
‘Trappers from ‘Jackson Hole Wyoming’ killed two bears.
Were they the correct bears?
Who knows!
And why two bears?
The, Cowardly hunter, ‘Corey Chubon’ threw his gun to Mark and left Mark to die!
This is how a true lover of ‘Creator’ (God’s), creation, (Christians, Jews, Muslims), should act from foolish killing of any of ‘Creation’!
Don’t hunt but if you do, your trophy will belong to any animal.
For years, people looking for wall trophies, like the ‘trump brothers’ go hunting in
(Yellowstone a National Park)!
Hunting unarmed victims!
‘This is how I’m dying’: New Smyrna Beach hunter recalls bear attack that killed guide in Wyoming
Updated: 10:32 PM EDT Sep 16, 2018
A News Smyrna Beach man attacked by a bear on a hunting trip in Wyoming spoke Sunday to WESH 2 News.

Trump illegally approved oil pipeline from Canada

Native Americans say Trump illegally approved oil pipeline from Canada
Associated Press
September 10, 2018
Updated September 10, 2018 12:00pm
BILLINGS, Mont. >> Native American tribes in Montana and South Dakota sued the Trump administration today, claiming it approved an oil pipeline from Canada without considering potential damage to cultural sites from spills and construction.
Attorneys for the Rosebud Sioux tribe and Fort Belknap Indian Reservation asked U.S. District Judge Brian Morris in Great Falls, Montana, to rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, issued last year by the U.S. State Department.
The tribes argue Trump brushed aside their rights and put their members at risk when he reversed President Barack Obama’s rejection of the $8 billion TransCanada Corp. project.

Trump signs an executive order on the Keystone XL pipeline in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington in 2017. Native American tribes in Montana and South Dakota say the Trump administration unlawfully approved the Keystone XL oil pipeline without considering potential damage to cultural sites.

“Six hundred twelve days”

“Six hundred twelve days”
That’s how long it took for Pulse headlines to become Parkland headlines,”
said Brandon Wolf,
a survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting.
That’s how long Rick Scott sat on his hands while the rest of us buried our families!
Only then because he wants to be a senator without ‘term-limits’!
Just think
If we had governors like Senator Bill Nelson in Florida for the past 20 plus years?
Truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God!
Mass shooting victims join up to demand gun reform in Orlando
By: Deanna Allbrittin
Updated: Sep 15, 2018 – 6:53 PM
ORLANDO, Fla. – Politicians’ stances on guns are expected to be a major focus in the 2018 midterm elections, particularly in Florida given the mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the Pulse nightclub.
Victims and families of those mass shootings joined Sen. Bill Nelson at a campaign stop Saturday afternoon, saying gun control will be the single most important factor determining their vote.
“She has no voice anymore. I’m her voice now,” said Fred Guttenberg.
Guttenberg’s daughter Jaime was the first of 17 victims identified in the Parkland school shooting.
“One of the details I don’t remember from that morning is if I said to my daughter, the very last time I saw her, the words ‘I love you,’” he said.
In the 7 months since the shooting, Guttenberg has dedicated himself to preventing similar tragedies.
His focus is on tighter gun restrictions and more mental health funding.
“Six hundred twelve days.
That’s how long it took for Pulse headlines to become Parkland headlines,”
said Brandon Wolf,
a survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting.
That’s how long Rick Scott sat on his hands while the rest of us buried our families!
Those who attended the Saturday afternoon campaign stop voiced their support for Nelson, saying he will support gun safety measures.
Yes Scott signed a ‘pacifier Bill’ back in March and the NRA immediately sued the state of Florida!

7-10 split
The NRA Files Lawsuit Over Florida Gun Legislation Passed by Gov. Rick Scott