Humans can live on other crystal planets

Human minds since being turned loose on this planet, has proven that you can live on the moon and many other crystal planets if or when we destroy our home!

So if we the human race would ever put our minds together as the scientist mathematician that we claim to be and solve the problems of weather?

Severe weather blamed for several deaths and injuries across the Midwest and South a storm system caused damage in Kentucky, an Amazon facility in Illinois, a nursing home in Arkansas, and numerous homes and buildings many people were feared dead at the factory in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Numerous deaths reported in overnight tornadoes, storms across the Midwest (

Next we could try the possibility of putting our minds together as the scientist at hate, race, nationality, sex, weapons, love and anger, not necessarily in that order?

Deadly tornadoes, storms strike US; roof collapse at Amazon – WFTV

Romans 1:20

To worship anything that you could see with physical eyes would be worshipping someone’s creation.

Turtle Island Embouq (

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