Floridians are registered Democrat but vote Republican?

Democrat’s need to go find an answer
to why, many
Floridians are registered Democrat but vote Republican?
A desperate place left far behind in Rick Scott’s economy

Under Scott, Jackson County has lost jobs. But politically, he’s likely to do well here, in a Panhandle community where many people are registered Democrat but vote Republican.
Marianna and Jackson County are worse off today than before Scott took office. They’re not alone.
Nearly half of Florida’s 67 counties had fewer jobs than a decade ago, according to a 2017 report by the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Most are smaller rural communities in North and  Central Florida and around Lake Okeechobee.
Other counties include Alachua, Baker, Charlotte, Citrus, Columbia, DeSoto, Gadsden,Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Holmes, Levy and Okaloosa.
The Chamber is a pillar of the business community and a strong supporter of Scott and most Republican leaders in the state. Its Florida Scorecard has tracked the uneven pace of economic recovery across the state.
Its latest report said 44 percent of Florida households could not afford basic necessities such as food, housing and child care in 2015. In Jackson County, the figure was much higher at 58 percent, or seventh-worst among Florida’s 67 counties.
In the Scott years, Florida’s largest metro areas — South Florida, Tampa Bay and Orlando — have seen the most new jobs.
Scott declined a Times/Herald request to be interviewed for this report.
When asked about the worsening conditions in Florida’s rural areas, Scott dismissed it as a “Democratic talking point.”

Was the Iraq War a mistake?

ORG XMIT: WX304 FILE – In this May 2, 2003 file photo, President George W. Bush declares the end of major combat in Iraq as he speaks aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln off the California coast. George W. Bush knows that history will shape his legacy more than anything he can say. But that’s not gonna stop a guy from trying. After two years of near silence, Bush is back. With his new memoir and a promotion tour, the president who in cockier times could not think of a single mistake he had made, lists many. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
By Steve Contorno

“While checking over the last 8 years, this has been your governor’s answers to any question expecting an honest answer”!
Was the Iraq War a mistake? With George Bush in town, it took Rick Scott 75 words to not answer.
In response to the question, Scott said “freedom” and “democracy” but not “yes” or “no.”
Former President George W. Bush will hold two fundraisers today for Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate campaign, including a luncheon in Tampa.
So we asked Scott what he thinks about one of the lasting legacies of Bush’s presidency: the Iraq War. Does Scott think it was a mistake?
Scott’s response was … well, just read it.

Boycott Wendy’s Restaurants!

Representative for the Coalition for Immokalee Workers Oscar Otzoy watches a video Tuesday depicting the injustices faced by local farmers. The Coalition for Immokalee Workers is instituting a ban on Wendy’s because they believe the company does not provide its farm workers a livable wage and humane working conditions.
The Coalition for Immokalee Workers spoke near campus on Tuesday about the unfair conditions they face harvesting tomatoes for companies like Wendy’s.
Workers may get paid only 30 or 40 cents per bucket. 
“If you care about justice, if you care about the people who are here, you need to do business the right way,” a spokesperson said in Spanish through a translator.


 Why are two cigarette companies backing ‘Rick Scott’?


Two more Crocked Scott ‘Super-Pac’s’ biting the dust!
Why do you suppose two cigarette companies are backing someone the likes of Rick Scott for the Florida Senate?
Think about it!
Tobacco Company and major contributor to Rick Scott violated campaign laws in Montana

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (PRNewsFoto/RAI Services Company)

RAI services company spent money trying to defeat a Montana ballot initiative without disclosing it.
RAI Services violated campaign laws in Montana.
The company has donated $200,000 to political committees aligned with Rick Scott since 2016.
(The Associated Press)
By Steve Contorno Sep. 12
One of the country’s biggest tobacco companies and a backer of Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate bid was caught violating campaign laws in another state.
RAI Services Company, the makers of Newport and Camel cigarettes, didn’t disclose their financial involvement in a campaign to defeat a Montana ballot initiative that would tax cigarettes more to pay for healthcare programs, the state’s top campaign official determined.
A Sept. 5 decision found
“sufficient evidence”
to show RAI and another

Altria (formerly Philip Morris), tobacco company,
helped fund the campaign against the ballot initiative and didn’t report it within five days as required by Montana law.
The news was reported by Montana Public Radio.
“The failure to fully and timely report and disclose cannot generally be excused by oversight or ignorance,” Montana’s commissioner of political practices wrote in the decision.
RAI Services donated $25,000 to New Republican Political Action Committee on Feb. 27. Scott stepped down as chair of the PAC in February.
The PAC is closely aligned with his campaign and is focused on electing him to the Senate and running ads critical of his opponent, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.
The cigarette maker and tobacco giant previously gave $175,000 to Scott’s Florida political committee “Let’s Get to Work”
between June 2016 and February 2017.


Sanders/Gillum 10/12 point agenda!

Why I pray that Gillum’s ‘lieutenant governor’ can talk some sense out of his bosses heart and into his head before November?
How do you get the money back out of the rich politicians, governors, state senate, state house, federal senate, federal house or from the exhausted taxpaying citizens of the United States of America?
Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton because democrats knew that his plan, although sounding great, would not work in a two/three party system.
I know that some people have many thoughts different, get over it.
As long as we have to deal with the laws in place and we keep hiring greedy selfish politicians, there will never be enough working across the aisle to push through this agenda, taking money from the rich, which included politicians, and spending it on things like job growth, insuring every citizen, feeding the poor, building highways, bridges, homes for the homeless and so on, it will only be a way to get into any political office!
Mayor Gillum’s 10 point agenda?
Economy and Jobs
Gun Safety
LGBTQ Equality
Puerto Rico
Women’s Rights
Sanders/Gillum 12 point agenda?
Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
Reversing Climate Change
Creating Worker Co-ops
Growing the Trade Union Movement
Raising the Minimum Wage
Pay Equity for Women Workers
Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
Making College Affordable for All
Taking on Wall Street
Health Care as a Right for All
Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
Real Tax Reform
Politicians will always ‘take from the poor, middle-class and the workers and putting it into their pockets,
as you now know!
So far the only thing good, for Sanders, is it took him from being extremely poor to being extremely rich from donations into a ‘Dream’!
Wake up Andrew Gillum and work with your lieutenant governor, Chris King on things that Floridians want and need, not what you can ‘Try to give to them’!

Hey Rick Scott, Senator Bill Nelson Gotcha!

The situation raises additional questions about the intended firewall Gov. Rick Scott said he set up to shield his official actions from any personal financial gain. | AP Photo

Scott’s blind trust mirrors hundreds of investments also held by wife
09/13/2018 05:00 AM EDT
Updated 09/13/2018 11:40 AM EDT

The federal disclosure forms for the first time showed the up to $200 million in family investments in Ann’s name, and showed the extent to which Rick Scott was not reporting his family’s overall net worth as governor. As required, Scott only reported investments in his name to Florida. This year, his holdings amounted to $233 million, of which $215 million was the blind trust.
The federal disclosure forms show that Scott and his wife are worth between $248 million and $480 million. The higher figure, however, could potentially be much higher than that, since the federal disclosure form only requires reporting of the first $1 million of each investment “over $1 million and held independently by spouse or dependent child.” For example, if a stock holding was worth $3 million and held in Ann’s name, Scott would only have to report $1 million of that on his disclosure form.
In general, federal disclosure forms require reporting just a range of an asset’s value, not exact numbers.
TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott’s blind trust, set up by the multi-millionaire to avoid perceived conflicts of interest, includes tens of millions of dollars in investments in the exact same companies as his wife, Ann.
The holdings give the appearance of what one ethics attorney calls a “common investment strategy” that could undercut the intended independence of Scott’s trust, a POLITICO analysis of financial disclosure reports filed as part of Scott’s Senate campaign shows.
Both the first lady’s investments and Scott’s blind trust holdings were revealed as part of federal financial disclosure forms filed in July. The overlap in their investments has not been previously reported. It’s clear from reviewing the holdings that actions Scott has taken during his nearly eight years as governor have affected companies in which Ann Scott holds an interest — which he could
review as governor — and those held in the blind trust, in which a number of investments mirror those held by his wife.
Read on!

Andrew Gillum picked Chris King as lieutenant governor

I am pleased that Andrew Gillum picked Chris King as lieutenant governor, because it might be possible, before the ‘Republican Party catches on’, for Chris King to show Andrew Gillum the fact that Bernie Sanders ideas for Florida, like the Unites States, ‘Will not work’.
Because governors and the congress of the United States, like the congress of Florida, will never go along with this plan, knowing that they will lose far too many votes in 2020 and beyond!
Andrew Gillum as governor cannot do what Bernie Sanders is telling him to do without the support of the Florida Republican Congress any more than President Barack Obama could do better for America because he got no support from the Federal Government
(Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan)!
Bernie Sanders/Andrew Gillum’s political plan for Florida and the country.
Tax the rich, insurance for all, jobs for everyone, feed the poor, house the veterans, sounds great to everyone and especially veterans right?
Show me the Money!
When you have billions of tinted dollars to flood the airwaves with half-truths, fake-new and lies like Florida’s Rick Scott, it might work.
After all it worked, with the help of Russia, Wiki Leaks and crooked republicans like Ron DeSantis and Republican FBI Director James Comey in 2016!


What happened to Florida $50,000,000.00

What happened to Florida’s $50,000,000.00 tax money ‘Governor Rick Scott was said to spent on the dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam?
Remember his ad, “Bill Nelson is responsible for repairing dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam”?
So, back in October 2017 Scott took “50 million of Florida Tax Dollars to repair this dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam,” Where did the money go?
Also in October 2017 his president “promised the countries tax dollars to repair this same dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam? So, where is your tax dollars?
Trump’s budget makes his promise to complete dike by 2022 challenging
WASHINGTON — President Trump’s promise to fast-track completion of the Herbert Hoover dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee won’t be easy to honor thanks to his budget.
The $82 million Trump set aside in his 2018 budget proposal to upgrade and fortify the aging dike is slightly more than the project received this year. But unless Congress adds to that amount, Trump’s pledge to Florida Gov. Rick Scott that he would provide enough funding to finish the project by 2022 could be difficult to keep.
Given that the remaining federal share is estimated at about $930 million, Washington would have to pony up more than $200 million on average in each of the next four budgets to meet the target date. The project has never received more than $153 million in any previous year.
“While the Herbert Hoover Dike did get an increase over (2017), it still isn’t enough to fully fund construction and meet the project’s completion date,” said Rooney, whose district includes a large portion of the lake. “I look forward to working with the president and his team in trying to make them understand how important these projects are to my district.”
Gov. Scott proposes additional $50 million for Lake O dike
Kimberly Miller
October 30, 2017  weather.
Gov. Scott proposes additional $50 million for Lake O dike
Gov. Scott Announces More Action to Combat Algal Blooms
On August 1, 2018, in News Releases, by Staff

‘Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.’

Governor rick scotts ‘Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.’
Nelson’s new ad:
‘The governor was actually doing the price gouging’

Rarely in Florida politics has a news story morphed into a TV ad so fast.
Sen. Bill Nelson is out with a new digital ad that claims Gov. Rick Scott dramatically escalated the cleanup costs from Hurricane Irma
by handing an emergency contract to an inexperienced contractor
instead of the firms already in place to do such work for FDOT,
the Florida Department of Transportation.
The 30-second spot is based entirely on reporting by Jim DeFede of CBS 4 in Miami,
whose voice is heard throughout the commercial.
A Miami Herald headline appears briefly:
‘Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.’
Watch the ad here.
Posted by Steve Bousquet on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018 at 8:19 AM | Permalink

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