Pope urged families accept children God gives them

What about ‘Free Well’?
Free well is in the Catholic Bible many times.
Yes God made it possible for creation to have babies (humans included), “there’s the rub”
Humans can have babies and humans can pollute their babies.
However, if humans do pollute their babies, should the baby suffer a life of hardship created because of humans?
I agree, people who want to end a pregnancy just as an ending to a few minutes of fun, should be punished and punished hard!
Should the baby suffer because the parents did chemical drugs?
Should the baby suffer because the family lives next to a chemical factory?
Should a baby and mother suffer because she was brutally raped?
Babies do not have the knowledge to voice their opinion on this subject, if that could, what would they want?
If you say yes to any of those questions, you should have the baby!


How corrupt is Florida you ask?

Florida’s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd can back whomever he wants to vote for, this is a free country, our military is keeping it that way.
However, doing this while in uniform is, to me, very threatening to voters, especially when the person that he is backing has been in the news lately with questions as to whether he is able to do his job!
(NRA backer, lost control over gun laws and a constant problem with inspecting a small roller coaster)!
How about a County Sheriff that feels free to push his county and state into backing a questionable candidate, at the very least, to become his governor?
Florida’s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd ‘while in uniform’ can push Florida voters
for Adam Putnam?
Where is the justice in a corrupt state like Florida?
No one, at least in his county, can question his motives because of what it might cost?

Bet that you tired of my political whining?

Bet that you tired of my political whining?
Well good because I am tired of people voting for
“Crooked Politicians!”
Did you notice how comfortable US Attorney Jefferson Sessions was with his interpretations of the Christian Bible while speaking throughout the
“Bible Belt?”
This time while in Indiana.
I have been to Indiana and most of those, so-called, Bible belt states, many times, each states citizen has a gun and a bible in their truck.
If these people with those bibles would actually read their book, US Attorney Jefferson Sessions would have been tarred, feathered and thrown out of the state because of his interpretation of their bible!
Where was their Southern Baptist Christian Mike Pence while he was speaking with his forked- tongue?

If this post upsets you,

scream at me

while voting the

“Crooked Politicians!”

out of office!


The Author of the book in question has the answer

The Author of the book in question has the answer
This family loves and watches MSNBC’s AM Joy and today was no exception
The author of this book (Creator God), always has the correct answer
This is what the Author of the bible has to say to all Nazi Sympathizing White Supremacist and any Christian that sides with them.

Welcome to our visitor from Israel

Welcome to our visitor from the country of Israel
Smudging the correct way
This does not happen very often but I am at a loss for words?
I do remember the first time I ever heard the ancestors name for the leader of our people was at my first gathering (Paw-paus) in 1946
not unlike an important city in the past of the Israelite fight to survive, (Shechem).

I know far too little about the ceremonies of the Israelite people.
I do believe that we have one thing in our past alike like According to the religious narrative of the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites’ origin is traced back to the Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs Abraham and his wife Sarah.
I am however, always open to learn more.
That goes both ways, I am always open to answering questions?

What do I mean for Corruption in Politics?

What do I mean for Corruption in Politics?

Let’s start with the phony in a navy hat that quit the nave after a few months!
And another of his

(Faults Ad)!
Senator Bill Nelson is a senator from 2000 to Washington.
18 is not even close to 100?
The ad
(Bill Nelson
Isn’t half a century in Washington Enough)?
Paid for by Rick Scott
Bill Nelson started in politics in 1978 however, not in Washington!
Congress of the United States of America passed tax laws, not just one senator.
How Marco Rubio could sway Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla, was co-chairing a school safety forum on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon just as Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott; the man hoping to oust Nelson in November was across town raising money for his Senate campaign this fall
Senator Bill Nelson will not be getting donations from the NRA, weapons manufacturing companies, billionaires the likes of the Koch Brothers or Publix’s grocery store, why?
Because he is one of a few honest politicians working for you!
The guy in the navy hat unfortunately is like Adam Putnam, will cater to anyone waving a dollar in his face!

This is why I keep on writing my friends (Corruption is everywhere)

“NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam’s office failed to run background checks on Florida concealed weapons permits for over a year
or more?
Posted By Monivette Cordeiro on Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 4:22 PM
Just six days after Publix announced they would suspend political donations, the right-wing trade group Florida Retail Federation (FRF), which is heavily funded by the Lakeland-based grocery chain, donated $100,000 to Adam Putnam’s Florida Grown political action committee.  

Five Other Companies Besides Publix That Gave Big Money to “NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam
JERRY IANNELLI | MAY 28, 2018 | 8:17AM
Florida gubernatorial candidate, Rick Scott ally, and self-proclaimed “Proud NRA sellout” Adam Putnam will pretty much take campaign money from anyone. Case in point:
He scheduled a fundraiser last week with a man who was previously videotaped repeatedly shooting two dogs. 
But one of Putnam’s big donors has spent the last week gravely regretting their financial support: Publix faced a “die-in” from Parkland survivors, led by David Hogg, over the $650,000 the grocery chain has given Putnam over the last three years. Gun-control advocates demanded Floridians boycott Publix until the company changes its ways — and, in response, Publix agreed to suspend its political donations and reevaluate where its money goes.
Trump-Backed Florida GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ducks Gun-Control Question
Five Reasons to #BoycottPublix Besides Its Support of “NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam
Florida Legislators Meet Day After Parkland Shooting to Relax Gun Background Checks

Good job this time Governor Rick Scott

Bill Nelson was elected to Florida’s Congress in 1978
The Ford Pinto was still being made in the Unites States of America by ‘American Union Workers’ making union scale pay with benefits (MADE in AMERICA)!
The President in the United ‘States was
‘Democratic President Jimmy Carter’
The Governor of Florida was
‘Democratic Governor Reubin O’Donovan Askew’
And life was good!
Things changed drastically after this in Florida and the country didn’t it?
Why was this do you suppose governor?
The Republican Party started its long grip hold on both of our congress!
Senator Bill Nelson now had to fight for this for the citizens of Florida and the country everyday for the next 18 years.
The voters respect this as seen in their voting record!
Senator Clarence William Nelson II served in the Florida House of Representatives from 1972 to 1978.
Because Floridian voters like the work that he was doing for our state in our congress he was voted to serve our state and the country in the United States House of Representatives from 1979 to 1991.
In January 1986 he became the second sitting member of the United States Congress to fly in space, serving as a payload specialist on the Space Shuttle Columbia.
As our senior United States Senator from Florida, a seat he was first elected to in 2000.
He is still doing the work any representative is elected to do, ‘Serve our country’!
Why not elect him in 2018 to keep doing what we in the country need him doing ‘SERVE THIS COUNTRY’!

Thank-you Governor Rick Scott for your vote in 2018
To re-elect Senator Bill Nelson!


Welcome Arizona

Welcome to our visitor from Arizona
Our posting about
Greensboro North Carolina


Please keep in mind that we have never and will never go into the many sacred ceremonies in writings because they are Sacred Ceremonies.
The Four Corners is one of the many ceremonies performed by the Head Clan Mother with the blessings of Creator and direction of a Sachem Chief (Shechaim Ohjieshan).
At that point Head Clan Mother is in charge of how, what and who of within the circle.
This ceremony could be for weddings, births, deaths, naming, and many more.
Once the Shechaim is informed about a ceremony the Head Clan Mother arranges a circle with her clan mothers in a four corner position  depending on which ceremony she needs to perform.
Everything in an American Native’s ( Native American) culture is with the circle of life or within a circle (our church-‘Chachu’).
, Mother Earth, Powwow circle, Paw~ paus circle, Fire circle, Prayer circle, even our Alters are in a circle (our church-‘Chachu’).

Welcome to Mountain View, California

Welcome to the city of Mountain View, California
One of our postings about Smudging.
Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?
Posting like this one keeps coming up on my tracker so I would like to keep with my answering.
Remember that you are as far west as you can get without getting your feet wet and I am as far east as I can get without getting my feet wet, with thousands of tribes in-between.
However, you did come to my tracker looking for an answer so I will give the best answer as it applies to our people over on the East coast.
First if I may, the tribes over on this coast did not use Sage or sweet grass until a visit to tribes over in the plains.
Our ancestors use herbs called (Kinnick-Kinnick).
Moiigans (Maïngan) News
I write without an apology; Because of the end time Evil in our land lately!