Senator Elizabeth Warren has Blood

This is still a ‘Free Country’ in spite of those past horrible (4) trump years and whatever is coming from next year!

 (God Known’s).

Are christians of today Christians? – “It’s puzzlement”? (

As I have stated many times before I have no use for ‘Back Stabbers’!

 I am not stating. ‘Blood from which indigenous ancestor that is up to her to trace?

If Warren would be running against trump it would be the 2nd time that I did not vote, the first time I was in the middle of an ocean bringing war wounded back stateside and it was too late to vote.

I am stating however that you can pick your friends and your enemies but you cannot pick your ancestors no matter who tells you that your blood is not acceptable to that other person (BULL – POOP)!

I’ll bet you ‘a billion dollars’ that ‘if that person was dying without a blood transfusion’ and you were the only person with the blood to save that person, you could be called anything or anyone you wish?

 From the first day of ‘First Contact’ our warriors and females

have been abducted and taken from our land.

 Aquai/Aquine (

The Vikings came around the late 10th century.

The Spanish came around (1509).

The French came around the (1530s).

The Russians came around (1552).

The English came around (1600s).

The Dutch came around (1615).

Elizabeth now know Déjà vu

Elizabeth now know Déjà vu | Shechaim’s News of the Day (

CherokeeNation (1794–1907) – Wikipedia

Just saying?

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John Hayne Herring and Mary Annie Scharan).John was born in Cornwall, England, the son of John Herring and Ann Hayne.Mary was born in Switzerland.”

Elizabeth Warren – Wikipedia