Underground piping my friends

My heart and knees bleed from praying for the loss of life from this latest all weather related storms.

As you must know by now the town in Kentucky needs to be completely rebuilt?

I have been pushing to place Electric, Water and Sawyer in plastic piping since the middle 1970’s!

I know that up until the late 1980’s underground pipes were lead, iron or clay and did not last long, plus humans were constantly digging and destroying them!

Today, by making full use of the brain and newer types of piping and by placing pipes inside of piping inside of piping they will last for a long safer time (thousands of years)!

Hindsight is intended; if this was in those towns, our cities, the country and the world, at least the survivors would have the use of water and electric?

In this country alone hundreds of thousands of homes, buildings and roads are being built and still we put our electric up on wooden poles?


This country has been using above poles since 1837!

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One would guess that it might be time for a common sense change?