How Marco Rubio is quietly killing Obamacare

This is how republicans fix

something or someone

that is broken,

give them a poison pill!

The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), is not broken.



Snowbird’s visiting with intent to live.

Pay closer attention to this senator in Washington.

Senator Marco Rubio is the congressperson leading the charge to take your insurance and sending this state back into the 1960’s and beyond!

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Type in and see for yourself.

How Marco Rubio is quietly killing Obamacare

Rubio, by contrast, didn’t read Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor, but he has quietly pushed Obamacare into what may prove to be a death spiral.

When the Obama administration was crafting Obamacare, it came up with a crony capitalist solution to entice reluctant insurers to join the exchanges. Many insurers worried that there would not be enough healthy people paying in to cover the costs of sick people. So the administration created a “risk corridor” program to help prop up insurers who lost money in the first three years of the law. Profitable insurers would pay some of those profits into a pool to help insurers who lost money. If the amount insurers lost exceeded what the companies paid in, the government would step in and make up the difference.

Calling this

“a taxpayer-funded bailout for insurance companies,”

Rubio last year quietly inserted language into the omnibus government spending bill that barred the Department of Health and Human Services from dipping into general funds to pay failing insurers.

“While the Obama administration can still administer the risk-corridor program, for one year at least,

they won’t be able to use taxpayer funds to bail out insurance companies,”

Rubio said.

His provision sparked little opposition at the time,

but it has proved to be a poison pill that is killing Obamacare from within.