This is your tax dollars being cut for their wars!

 Cuts to poverty programs are ‘as compassionate as you can get,’

Coal Miners,

you are also on the

‘Chopping Block’!

It takes millions and millions of gallons


Oil, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Gasoline and Gas

to run our

“War Machines!”

It takes a lot of

Blood, Sweat and tears

to fight our

“Political Wars!”

It takes

Billions and billions


‘Your Tax Dollars’

to build our

“War Machines!”

People –

This is your tax dollars being cut for their wars!

Most of our “War Machines” are built by companies owned in other countries

U.S. taxpayers fund 126 separate federal anti-poverty programs each year.

Three will not be cut—-For Now!

Here’s hoping that any of you that voted for your presidents

are among the

‘Taxpaying Citizens,’

that will suffer

so that the rich

can get the country

into wars,

just to fill their pockets and bank accounts

With the blood of your children!