The royal bloodline of Mohegan’s

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Royal Bloodline Mohegan/Pequot

The last of the Pequot Sachems and the first of the Mohegan Sachems could not have had all these descendants of today? Even King Solomon of the Israelites would have been dead from exhaustion, (King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, 1 Kings 11:3)? He was reported to only have one son? Back in high school in the 1950’s while doing a book report I could find NO PEQUOT’S and only 26 MOHEGAN’S while looking all over the New England and neighboring states while interviewing for that book report, it was an assignment given at the beginning of the school year and was part of our English reading finales . Not one of them ever question my family or claimed to be a descendant of either Sachems, or any other Sachem, Chief, or Sagamore, for that matter! It would seem that ever since the casinos, everyone is a descendent of both Sachem Sassacus, the last Sachem of the Pequot’s and Sachem Uncas the first Sachem of the Mohegan’s?

Someone must have been a descendent to some of those over one hundred warriors, women and children followers of Chief Poquiam (Sachem Uncas)?

Sachem Uncas was known as Chief Poquiam while still a member of the Pequins (Pequot)/ Mohiingan people.

Someone needs to explain to these “Decedents” that it is not necessary to be of royal blood to be a casino Indian?


Somebody had to be a warrior or just a tribal member?