The joke is on the author!

Mark Andel,

A Native American Thanksgiving:


Revenge by Casino

Another article written by a non native for the pleasure reading by non natives!

Remember while reading this post that I do not now and never will have anything to do with gaming because of bedside promises made to my real native elder first people.

Indian Casino

If this government really wishes to help the poor Indians (Native Americans) it should start with the real poor Indians (Native Americans)?

I will always fight tooth and nails for my people, the banished people of their own land, never fighting for any wannabe’s!

Many of those so called Indian Casinos are now run by the mob!

Let’s start with the ones that I am most familiar with in New England?

A lone welder, (a full blooded White Man) with a claim to a long passed Mohegan lady (calling her a Pequot) and with a, good attorney.

A white president tired of the land claim bickering.

A ‘white governor’ and a few ‘senators and house members’ quickly removed from office.

A ton of half truths proven to be after the fact.

Now one of the largest groups of ‘people’ in the land. Where did they all come from?

Along comes another casino to follow, not one of them have ever follower the ancestors.

A third build on a island made of rock almost impossible to get to so it is just a bunch of lighting.

Another casino down south built by invading Indians and not the natives of the land.

So, why are we still calling them native casinos and how many of them help anyone but themselves?

This should never be billed as a good reason to forget the real native Americans throughout Indian country still poverty bound through no fault of their own but because of First Contact!

If this government really wishes to help the poor Indians (Native Americans) it should start with the real poor Indians (Native Americans)?

Follow up on Clan mother

Follow up on Clan mother for eastern woodland

Little follow up on the last posting about clan mothers before I head out to see the heart doctors.

While trying to sleep, I pushed back the cobwebs a little bit and remembered many of the ‘powwows’ for so many years around the New England area.

So, I challenge anyone that actually believes that women are in charge of those ‘New Age Nations’ around Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Go to any of the ‘powwows’ of the Pequot‘s, Mohegan‘s, Wampanoag‘s, Narragansett, wabenaki new name Abenaki), Golden Hill Paugussetts, Penobscots, and watch what happens when you try to tell them this.

If you survive the trip, spend some time just watching any gathering of the Narragansett.

Try telling their White Sagamore Chief or their African-Americans people who women rule the people?

Tell the Penobscots or Pequot’s, Sagamore that women can remove them from leadership?

Have your running shoes on and an army standing between you and this New Age Nation and never go back!

GOOD LUCK, been nice knowing you? Smile

Where does the Mohegan Tribe live?

Today I wish to welcome one of my friends on WordPress, thank you for your visit to one of my postings about

Where does the Mohegan tribe live, a posting from January 12, 2013

I would also like to introduce you, my friends, to another posting if I may?

Fort Shantok State Park at Uncasvillage October 7, 2012

I am now in complete shell shock to find that today the website to this old nuclear waste dump is still up for all to read?

Half of our people living in what is now called New London County have a casino on land they claim from their people however, technically in belonged to a tribe that they (the Mohiingans) took after annihilating that tribe.

The other half of our people now only claim a little piece of Brownfield Land, the rest was bartered (to trade goods or services without the exchange of money) for a casino. Remember this while you are losing your money?


Example of Brownfield land at a disused gasworks site after excavation, with soil contamination from removed underground storage tanks.

However, remember that we are talking Nuclear waste land?

Why just New England

Welcome to the town of Huntington on Long Island

To one of my websites

Asking why do I just talk about New England when teaching about our ancestors?

I stand corrected.

Thank you for your great question.

You are correct when you pointed out that New York and parts of North East Canada should be included in my teaching.

Sometimes the most obvious questions are overlooked by a teacher and it takes an inquiring mind to get to that question/answer.

My only defense would be, while growing up around tribal monthly meetings, each time a speaker included New York into a speech about New England, an elder from our neighboring state took great pride in stating that New York is not a part of New England.

To a child growing up around so many terrific teachers (elders) from so many different parts of our past from our ancestors, it made very little sense not including them all?

However. not knowing that it was just a friendly game of teasing among friends and family while at those meetings I did not question at the time.

It is a ‘respect your elders thing that I do need to get over’, sorry.

It is hard to believe sometimes that our ancestors traveled and did so often.

Traveling the powwow trail one will meet members of the Mohiigan (Pequot/Mohegan) tribe of mixed bloods cast out by this government from Northeast Canada to the tip of Florida and out to the Mississippi river.

Our last visit to the Keys watching the sunset inches from the end of Florida, we met a few of those brothers playing cards and enjoying life in the sunshine state.

In the great state New York and for sure your Long Island, there are many decedents from the ancestors (Mohiigan) tribe.

I often state ‘New England’ because once you leave our area tribal ceremonies do change.

In the New England/New York/Canada area, I have been too many ceremonies that faithfully following our ancestors traditions, my new friend.

The myths about our symbols, flag or staff, Part two

While writing about our flag, called the Sachem’s Staff, I must write from my past teaching from our elders, now ancestors.

Like Old Glory, a Sachem’s Staff is sacred to our people, so much so that it is never to be recorded or abused.

A blessing for Sachem.

The last time that I was able to enjoy the powwow trail we were at an Auburn University Student powwow many years ago.

The Head Veteran walked over, stood to be recognized then handed me tobacco, left hand to left hand and asked permission for my staff in the circle.

You all know me, the big bag of wind, I spent so much time explaining the history of my Great Grandfathers staff, while he stood in silence.

He then said “thank you Sachem, please walk my circle with me, we will make the circle worthy of grandfather”.

That was the only hiccup of the day, make a circle worthy of Creator.

The next intermission we, every veteran in his group, walked my great grandfathers staff and my peoples POW~MIA Flag into the circle and set them in the East.

I am so proud of those students and that University and will never forget!

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America.

I am also a proud New England Native American descendent.

My ancestors also have a flag, or should I say, a symbol (Sachems Staff) for our people (Mohiingan) and our tribe.

This symbol was in use long before Old Glory of course because we were around long before the United States of America.

Yes, many other tribes have a Chiefs Staff, some now also have a flag?

For this reason it does not matter to my people where a flag must be at any time, because, our symbol as well as all of our ceremonies, should always be shown to the left.

So, if presented with other symbols from other countries it should never be a problem.

That was until this newer group of gatherings, loosely called powwows.

Everyone of the hundreds of Paw-paus that I have attended, all of the Sachem staff’s go into any Sacred Circle before Grand Entry and set in a place of honor, once set recordings are welcome.

This blog does not care where other tribes wish to place a flag or a staff because this blog is only here to teach you about my people?


I am no expert on other countries or tribes.

However, if you are at our gatherings, this blog now cares. Please respect our ways.

All for the powwows up until the early 1980’s, Sachems and guest Chief staff’s do the same, they go in before Grand Entry, Creator is always invited first and before the people. It is also easier at avoiding any recordings.

From the time soon after my Grandfather sent my cousin, his War Chief out west, we have also allowed flags, as long as they were presented properly to follow the staff’s at the beginning of Grand Entry.

We do not have a rodeo, circus or carnival, we always have a Paw-paus or the old fashion powwows and do so four times a year, so if you come to visit, all are always welcome, enjoy an old fashion Traditional Gathering of the People.

Pequot Prayers

Welcome to the person from the city of San Juan Puerto Rico

To a few of my websites and blog looking for a prayer?

Pequot Prayers

I feel the I should be saying welcome to my brother or sister the indigenous native American from Puerto Rico?

Because as far as I know, Puerto Rico is in America?

Now, as far as our prayers go, I do not believe that we differ all that much in prayer either?

Maybe in a little different language but about the same.

By the way allow me to take this opportunity to say that your language is beautiful.

The tripod site is no longer, the Google site is close to being up to date however, I have many friends on the WordPress blog and feel very comfortable writing there often.

Our prayers are very sacred as I am sure that your are also.

This would be a little taste of our prayers, hope that you enjoy?

Crossing Ceremony

Connecticut’s First Peoples


When Connecticut was Quinnetukut (Quinatucquet)

While we read this article and we should if we wish to learn more about my people.

Always remember that anything written after a casino, might be a little slanted.

Also check on how many writers are actually Connecticut natives or native at all?

As with a few past writings, I like this information.

It is understandably light on our past homeland, light on how we got to the land , has a different spelling then the name I learned from my Grandfather and the elders and is a plug towards selling tickets to the museum.

All of that aside not bad reading?

Posted: Saturday, August 3, 2013 12:15 am By Betsy Wittemann WASHINGTON, Conn.

If I ever go back to the land, I would go for a visit.

We also know that it takes a lot of time and money to gather all of this information clean and preserve it to show at live museums so who are the sponsors?

Good Morning California

Sorry that it has taken a little time to get to my trackers, we have been away.

Welcome to the City Los Angeles California

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Looking for information about me?

Sachem Walkingfox


Please remember, if you ever have questions, ask?

Mohiigan (Mohegan) came from the Bering strait bridge and Iceland

A vote is coming, look for it?
Yes, I have written about this subject a few times however, as time goes by this seems to get lost in all of the fog from new writers looking to change our past?
Our ancestors would not allow small changes in our culture like our word Squarw, beautiful one, changed to Squaw, pigs, by Europeans.
We, the true Traditionalist should not allow small changes like our real name and very large changes like Sachem, chief, Head Clan Mother, warrior for European words like president, counselor, committee, chairman? Let’s not forget, Adoption for blood quotes, Village to reservation (jail)!
The story of Sachem Uncas and the Mohegan people, the native name of  (Mohiingans) the sources for some of this information was handed down by my Grandfather and other Elders and some was from other sources like while writing that book report in high school.
All of these teachings by my Mohegan Elders, took place at our monthly meetings, while I was growing up in and around Uncasvillage, New England.
As computers, telephones or libraries did not exist in the time of Sachem Uncas, it would be nearly impossible to say that there is any source about him that is perfect.
That said, It is very disturbing to me and my family and for that matter all traditionalist, to read all of the so-called true stories about not only Sachem Uncas, but the Mohegan people as well, written by those who are neither Mohegan, most not even Native.
How can one be an expert without living the life?
Uncas the first Sachem of the Mohiingans (Mohegan) People was a descendant of Royal Pequot Blood, really also from the true name of (Mohiingans).
His mother was Mekunump and his father was Oweneco, they were both Pequot’s.
Uncas was born near what is today Norwichtown, the historical Pequot Village in Connecticut in 1588-1683/84.
Europeans like the Vikings came from the east over Iceland, Greenland, Canada and down into our tribe. Little is known about those visitors except they seem to have been friendly towards our people.
Most people believe that American Natives ( our people) chased their food source, mainly the Woolly Mammoth, through the Bering Straits Land Bridge and that our people then came across and down into what are now the Great Lakes and the Hudson River Valley.
One of these groups of people became farmers (called land diggers, my people), however, most of the tribes in that area were warring tribes which over time, forced this group of Monheag (Mohiingans) People East.
After some time and many forced movements, this group of Monheags ended up along the  Quinatucquet River, which later became known as the Connecticut River in what is now Connecticut and on to the Pequot (Thames) river area, just short of the ocean.
The many years of battles and losing their farms, taught this tribe how to fight, so that when the Mashantuckets, Missituks, Niantic’s came to fight and to destroy them and take their farms, as the Mohawks, Mohicans and others had so long ago, the Monheags were ready for them, waging war first on them, then the Dutch and then the French.
After this, the Dutch called them the Pequins (destroyers), later the French changed their name to Pequods and the English changed it to Pequot’s.
When the English showed up on the Quinatucquet and Pequot Rivers, Sachem Wopigwooit was the leader of the tribe.
After his passing, the next in line was Sassacus as leader, instead of Chief Poquiam (Unkas, Uncas). Sachem Sassacus was hoping that he would force the English back into the ocean so the people sided with him.
Sassacus like the Niantic’s and the Narragansett’s hated the English and was at war with them constantly.
War chief Poquiam (Unkas), Sassacus son in law, tried to reason with Sassacus and the people, but they would not listen to him.
So he (chief Poquiam) took all who wished to go with him, across the Pequot River, to the Cauchegan Village, gave them back their old name Mohiingans (Monheags) and became their Sachem. Once again with non natives, the English misspelled the name and we now have the name  Mohegan’s. All of those still proud of your ancestors, I vote to take back our original name once and for all?