Creator help me to be with my woman

Welcome to a visitor from the City of Adrian Michigan

To my Sachems Speaks/ Words from Sachem blogs.

I know that this question is from 29 Nov, Fri, 16:10:52,

I have been praying on just how to answer?

My life is in your hands now!


I have stated many times that I will try to answer all questions and answer I must.

However, it is not clear as to why anyone would come to me and request prayers toward Creator or just why someone would be asking my help with his women?

The question was

sachem speaks creator help me to be with my woman.

First, I have no control over, nor would I even think such a thing as to how or when Creator can and will answer, other than I do know that, in Creators own time, the answer will come.

If the question to me is Sachem teach me to ask Creator for guidance for anything that one might wish guidance with?

My answer is simple, pray as if you were speaking to a loving father, because you will be. No funny or foolish words, no long winded speeches, just keep the prayer coming from your heart.

If one were to ask me a question like, help me to be with my woman?

Because I am not Creator and I have been on Mother Earth for a very long time and wish for that to continue, I must tell you that it would take a very large book of my questions even before I sat down with you to speak and even then I will let you know that I am 100% sure that I would be wrong at best?


A good safe start for me might be to ask if you have ever picked your moment and just ask your women for better guidance while you are with her?

A big present, candy and a lot of flowers in hand at the time may or may not help?

Everyday men must just wing it and hope for the best!


If you are now with her and you show her everyday that you love her, the future is looking good.


I and my readers sure would like updates from you if possible?

New today Words from the Sachem blog

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox postings

This page is for writing about happenings other then directly from the teaching of the ancestors.

Word Press has made it possible for this poor old wannabe teacher and I do mean poor,  to write from the heart, many things that I personally believe will help, even if it is only in a small way, some of my reading friends on Word Press without loading up the Sachems Speaks postings?


I am Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox of the Mohiigan people, the administrator of both Sachem Speaks and this Words from Sachem blogs.

On this page I wish to write about events of the day that are important to me and I hope to you also however, not necessarily speaking about the first people of this land but still is affecting you and I?

I still wishes to remind you as I have on the first blog that only Creator can bless, as my Gravatar is showing, one of the ways to request a blessing from your Supreme Being (Creator) never to be mistaken as a blessing from any creation (me).

Regional summit tries to take out the trash

Counties see value in cooperation on garbage issue, but political difficulty

Ever get the feeling that while talking to some people you are better off talking to a cockroach?

Officials from across North Central Florida appeared open Thursday to the possibility of greater cooperation on confronting a problem common to most of them, garbage and no place to put it.

Open your eyes North Central Florida, look around, we have this thing now, called the internet?

Maybe we can just start using our trash for fuel?

O. K.

I understand, who I am talking to, government officials in Florida, you are not good at computers so I have a few to click on just to get you started.


Another subject close to my heart

One of my life long dreams coming true


Powwow verses Paw-paus -1-0-1?

Part two of two parts

It is time again to create some more enemies?

A blog in two parts, this one is about the New Age Powwow’s sometimes called Intertribal?

I guess that so many of our traditional elders complaining in the past forced them to add a name to their gatherings?

You may either just get mad at me and move on or you may now start to understand why so many elders throughout our area get so traumatized by this new age movement?

Remember, this is only about Eastern Woodland American Native gatherings around the New England area and up and down the east coast.

Allow me to explain.

To understand we must keep going back to the first powwows and the reason for them?

Mr. Powwow, I say this to help drive in an important point, is an Evil Spirit sent to us from the Trickster, the ultimate Evil Spirit.

The extremely rude invaders ( acting like this Mr. powwow) from overseas demanded the right to join our Sacred Ceremonies, so our ancestor fluffed the ceremonies, made them pretty but hollow and allowed them in.

Seeing just how boring that they were, the invaders stopped coming around, mission accomplished.

Our powwows,.

I say our, because true traditional eastern woodland natives still closely follow the ancestors paw-paus!

O.K. back to an intertribal powwow.

The first time I walked head first into a new age arena powwow was the first powwow put on by the Mohegan Casino, sorry but this is true!

Grand Entry started with a group of cowboys wearing plains Indian headdress riding around this arena shooting rifles in the air inside this large tent?

I should have said first and last time I made this visit.

I guess that they felt that it was necessary making all this fuss in order to wake up Kiehtan (Creator)?

First we must take away the Sacred Fire in the west and place it in the middle of an arena, no more circle, that is if they even have a fire now?

So now we must have an Arena Director.

This new age powwow in also no longer from a Tribal Matriarch Society.

This is a Patriarchy Society?

By this I mean that the line up to Grand Entry is totally mixed up and changed around.

First we must have the grass mowed down by Plains Indian Grass Dancers?

Looks a little strange when some times the powwow is held in a school basketball court?

The Head Veteran is now just around there for looks because we are using this director and/or a gatekeeper, not sure what his job is?

Men, elder men, are moved to the front of the line to hold flags and something that looks like a Plains Indian Chiefs War Club or Staff?

Please do not get me wrong because there is nothing bad about a Plains Indian’s Gathering in central America, been there enjoyed that.

Next in the line veterans, then elder women, warriors and then younger females, no longer such a thing as a Sachem, Head Clan Mother or much of anything else resembling an eastern woodland native group of people, most are dressed in Canadian or Plains Indian costumes.

Remember, while all of this lining up we have someone called a medicine man and/or medicine woman trying to smoke clean the place and the people?

Getting into their arena will be another posting this is getting long enough?

Paw-paus – verses new age powwows- 1-0-1?

Part one of two parts.

It is time once again to create some enemies?

Read on to see why.

A blog in two parts, this one is about the ancestors original gatherings they called Paw- paus( pow-waous) and then compare it with part two of two the New Age Powwow’s, sometimes called Intertribal?

This would help you understand just why elders like ‘yours truly’ tend to get so upset when it comes to truth or fiction when explaining our people, culture, ceremonies, our ancestors and the past?

This is a posting on the original structure or setup, of how my elders, now ancestors, laid out and enjoyer their gatherings.


All of the Paw- paus are of the Eastern Woodland area up and down the east coast only, so they are always of a Matriarch Society design?

It is the responsibility, charged by Shechaim (Sachem) to our Head Clan Mother and Head Veteran, “time for our Paw-paus”.

Head Clan Mother assemble the best of the tribe for the particular job at hand, remember in our tribe each of these people now become chiefs until the Paw-paus is over and everything is cleaned, cleared and stored correctly until the next time needed.

Each chief, male or female is in charge of a particular project.

The first assignment of this group of people, assuming that they have a place picked out, at preparing the gathering would be finding the best spot in the west for a Sacred Fire and then cleaning and clearing the spot for the Sacred Circle.

In order to save space on this posting please refresh your memories as needed on these two past postings?

Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle

Keeper of the Fire After Grand Entry


Hope that you start to notice the first major change from original to new age at this point and on?

This is a gathering that my ancestors enjoyed and by my people for many centuries!

This gathering is for members of the tribe, their family, friends and invited guests.

Remember that old saying?


What I am saying is that all are invited, in good faith, to join the gathering, never to run or interrupt our gathering?

I say this because we have for many years allowed others to push their belief over our beliefs!

O K back to Paw-paus

Because this is of a Matriarch and not a Patriarchy Society, women are first in line to be smudged at the Sacred fire in the west and first at the circle in the east.

The smudging at the fire was always tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick), no need for a smudging fire, towards the end of the 1940’s Sage and Sweet Grass was also allowed.

All tribal Staffs from any tribe throughout Indian country along with all approved flags, as long as they give a courtesy notification within a reasonable time set by the Head Veteran before Grand Entry to allow the group time to make a respectable place of honor for each staff and flag?

Just before Grand Entry, Staffs and Flags were walked in around and on to the place of honor, no fan fair, no recordings of any kind until all are in place, strictly enforced.

Grand Entry started with a Traditional drum respect to women called the Women’s song, all drums joined in for this and everyone at the Paw-paus stood if possible, with a feather salute until all of the women were dancing in place around the circle.

At the ending of each days gatherings a 2nd Women’s song and our traditional women were danced out the east again with the feather salute (feather Salute Bird of Prey Feathers) no one dropped the salute or left the area until the last traditional woman passed through the east.

Next, the veterans, all are encouraged native and non native, to dance the circle by starting with the earliest in battles ( since WW-1, the word battles was changed to war as in WW-1, WW-2, Korean, Vietnam and so on), followed by all remaining female dancers, followed by warriors, last would always be the Shechaim being danced in with War Chiefs and elders carrying POW-MIA flags and a flag with the names of our fallen warriors.

Note, POW MIA an Name Flag are then placed at the east.

A name flag has the names of fallen service people of the tribe however, any tribe should dance their name flags along with the Shechaim.

Remember that at all Paw-paus dancers are in Sacred Regalia, absolutely no recording until announced, also strictly enforced!

Never a charge because they are usually on members property, if not and needed a donation bucket is set someplace with an explanation, all venders pay only for electric and/or water if using and must be inspected if food venders.


The friends of members danced in would also include any creation (pets and so on) as long as this creation would not interrupt the gathering as in fighting amount themselves.

There is no need for a rodeo arena director because one if not both the Head Clan Mother along with her many clan helpers plus the Head Veteran is at hand for questions and/ or problems.

Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother, Sachem

North Las Vegas Nevada

Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem)

Welcome to the visitor from the city of North Las Vegas Nevada

To a few of my teaching sites about American Natives.

While looking for

“war what did the medicine man clan leader clan mother and sachem do”?

I believe that what you are looking for is some information on

What did the Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem) do during a war?

Remember I can only respond to a question like this with what I know about my people, the indigenous peoples of the New England and surrounding areas.

Native tribes in and around Nevada may have different answers for the same question?

Clan Mother ~ The duties of a clan mother of an Indian tribe?

So our Head Clan Mother would be the correct person to speak to about going to or coming from war/battles.

Head Clan Mother filters out complains to discuss with Shechaim.

Clan Leader ~ (all clan mothers) leader- Head Clan Mother.

Head Clan Mother ~ runs the tribe anytime Shechaim is away.

Medicine man ~ would always be on the front line caring for the wounded from either side, most of the time not harmed for fear of retaliation from Kiehtan (Creator), plus each side knows that a Medicine man is not allowed to pick and choose who to help.

The War Chief, under direct orders is to supply four of the best warriors for a protection of the Medicine man.

Shechaim (Sachem) ~ is the only tribal member allowed to choose war or no war therefore must always be within sight of the frontlines and many time at the frontlines during a battle and the war.

War Chief and all of the warriors keep a keen eye on the movements of their Shechaim at all times.

Hope that this answers your question?

Shechaim Ohjieshan

Seattle Washington

Having a little problem finding

Welcome to my visitor from

Seattle Washington

Sorry to see that you did not make it to one of the correct sites?

Looking for Unkas

You ended up at this one?

I can see why one would have a problem finding anything about the greatest Native American Sachem of recorded time, my opinion my blog, one must go through so much junk uncas’s and/or junk sachem‘s and still may not find the truth?

I just wrote about this the other day.

( She-Chaim Unkas)

If you think that it was hard for you, think about how all of the ancestors feel.

For instance, a school named for him and his kindness to the area for years was changed to a green lizard soon after the casino Indians came to town!


For years it was our true tribal flag!


Many of his royal family came for a teaching social gathering with the children, dear I ask how many times lately?


The link

will no longer take you any place helpful unless you are extremely tenacious?

Why you may ask?

Can’t have any Sachems or Uncas around that area for long.


Because of so many people, places, and things using an ancient Algonquian word and using it incorrectly, and after many months of prayer I must now violate a long standing commitment to the elders only with permission of the ancestors, the correct spelling of a royal name well known as Sachem Uncas is better known to my people as ( She-Chaim Unkas).

sachem on Line, sachem school, sagamore, sachem Inc, chief, sachem ny patch, narragansett sachem, sachem yacht club, sachem east, sachem community and on and on?

Many of you have seen or heard about a fictional film from a fictional book written about the so called French/Indian War, written by one of my relations and the grandson of a royal family member, “The Last of the Mohicans“?

As you know I have slammed this book/movie/ many times because of the many inaccurate insinuations and liberties taken throughout the book and the film.

What you do not know is a little known fact conveniently placed toward the ending, as in the real name for our royal leaders throughout the Eastern parts of Indian country?

Sachem or correctly pronounced as ( She-Chaim) Tamenund, the Delaware Tribal Supreme Leader at the time of the French/Indian War (correctly known to my people as the English/French War on our land).

Every known true traditional tribe throughout the east side of the Mississippi should have known about this inaccurate spelling by the English and my ancestors have grown tired of the wait for their correction?

Also of interest in today’s society is the right and left hands of this She-Chaim.

Sa´chem`dum~ The jurisdiction of a Sachem ( She-Chaim) in other words any counsel such as Clans, Chiefs, Warrior, and Elders.

Side note of interest, the first time a friend (Shawnee mixed) asked for me to sit to watch this film on TV, when it came to the leader of the great tribe of the Delaware, she stopped, reversed the film and questioned the pronunciation, why couldn’t the leaders of so many modern ‘nations’ do the same?