Flag Day


We in this house wish to honor and show our respect for our flag and the birth of our Army.

You will not find our flag flying this day because of fear of a misunderstanding of another birthday on this day.

If flying a flag this day, it might be at half-staff with a prayer to our Republican and Democrat Congressmen/women’s ball game for charity, the shooter because of the lack of help

(Feeling the Bern),

before he felt so driven to do such a thing as trying to take human lives.


A prayer for the steady downfall of our country.

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14.

It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

The United States Army also celebrates the U.S. Army Birthdays on this date;

Congress adopted

“the American continental army”

after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775.

If Orlando can do this

Democrats are a splintered party

If Orlando can do this.

So can we in the Democratic Party

It will take a complete party to defeat this corrupt congress, not a fraction of a party.


We need a committee from each fraction of our party to put together one package for the people of this country.


Why saying NO! to Trump Isn’t enough.

Fully rejecting Trumpism

also means

routing Republican House and Senate stagnated members!

Who showed any ambivalence

in pushing back against

what so many upscale voters

regard with horror.

Rudra Kapila

Using the alphabet

The Four Squares of the party

Hillary Clinton Fraction

Moderate Fraction

Bernie Sanders Fraction

Elizabeth Warren Fraction

Ask not what this your country can do for you.

Ask what you can do for this your country!



Cape Coral, Florida

Welcome to the visitor


Cape Coral, Florida


A land of the lost tribes

Florida’s Lost Tribes Map by Theodore Morris.
Courtesy Theodore Morris, http://www.floridalosttribes.com

To one of our blogs about our people


Moiigans (Maïngan) News


May your own personal Creator


bring peace and good well to you


Mother Earth

(the WORLD)

today and the rest of our lives!

By way of a website

no longer in, use



sold out to


and Centurylink

discontinued website.


We do have other sites for your reading pleasure if you are interested.



San Francisco, California–Help is on the way.

San Francisco, California

Help is on the way.


I know that you have yourself on autopilot to our sites.

I am so sorry my friend from California


My Uncasvillage tripod site and the Turtle Hill Embarq site no longer can be updated due to the fact that both were bought out by companies that ended websites instantly.

Index – TurtleHill Village



Please try

other sites



about our people



Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox of the Moiigan (Maïngan), Tribe wishes to remind you that only Kiehtan (Creator) can bless, as my Gravatar is showing, one of the ways to request a blessing from your Supreme Being (Creator) never to be mistaken as a blessing from any creation (me).


Welcome Houston, about a Texas Comanche wedding

Welcome Houston, Texas

about a

Texas Comanche wedding


First I have a question for you my new friend.

Did anyone ever check on

a burial ground

of the Comanche’s in Texas?

This is sad!

It has been four (4) years


still no response to a physically disturbed

Native American Burial Site?

I do not expect to get answers to my posting in this little corner of Mother Earth.

However, someone from the Comanche area of (Texas), needs to respond?

I even offered to help if I had transportation.

Traditional Comanche wedding rituals.


Welcome to the visitor from the City of Las Vegas Nevada


Looking for information about traditional Comanche wedding rituals.



Thank you for your visit however, I am not sure that a Native American Wedding from around Nevada is exactly the same as a wedding from a Native American Traditional Tribe around the New England area?

I now have a question for you if or when you do get your answer.

Friends on my WordPress site would like to be able to get in touch with an elder from any Comanche tribe willing to go to a burial ground in Texas that has been brutally disturbed and see if it is in fact a Comanche site. If so, what can we do about it?





Moiigans (Maïngan) News

Veterans’ stories at Florida National Cemetery

UCF students uncover veterans’ stories at Florida National Cemetery


There was no one to write the obituary when U.S. Army veteran Leroy Quick died.

His wife was already deceased;

they never had children.

Leroy Quick,

a New York native

who served in both world wars,

was buried at the Florida National Cemetery in 1988.

He was likely 90 when he died,

although some records gave conflicting information.

“His legacy was probably forgotten,”

said Evan Murray, 20, an aspiring historian.

“At least until now.”

Scenes from Florida National Cemetery near Bushnell, Fla., photographed Friday, May 19, 2017. Nearly 130,000 veterans and military civilians are interred at the cemetery, which opened in 1988. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

(Joe Burbank)


Florida Legislature

In this free country, when a citizen of this country sees something or someone doing wrong to this free country, it is not only right to speak up in defense of this free country, it is the duty of her citizens to speak up to the wrong in this free country.

Welcome to our visitor from the Florida Legislature in

Tallahassee, Florida, United States.

To a few of our posting about you

SB 1304: Florida Black Bears?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A simple bill for protecting our Black Bears

You are darn right, I along with thousands of my neighbors are extremely upset with your handling of our beloved neighbor (The Florida Animals) in this state of confusion, which you have built.

How would you like it if invaders came to your land and systematically took your land for theirs and sold all of your food for profit?

This is just what you in the government of Florida have been doing for years (For Profit).

The Black Bear along with the rest of our natives just want to live in peace without your interference.

How do you respond?

You sell vast numbers of license and registrations to kill (For Profit)!


Angeles City, Angeles, Philippines

Welcome to our visitor


Angeles City,

Angeles, Philippines


To our main website with information about out people, culture, ceremonies ans ancestor.


On this web site are some of my thoughts on:

Sachem Uncas, the Storey Clan or my Mohegan family,

Histories of Eastern Woodland, Long Island and Mohegan people,

my hometown of Uncasville and the Villages of Uncas in the 1600’s,

the world as I see it, or a page of Commentary,

the true meaning of Spirituality to a Native and

a few Alternative Energy ideas now that the rest of the

world is starting to respect Mother Earth as we always have.


If more information is needed please give


A try.


Welcome to our visitor from Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to our visitor from Chicago, Illinois


To a very old discontinued Tripod Site

Walkingfox Speaks



I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem on the main part of the site

Mohican/Pequot/Mohegan first Village.

Sachem Speaks

This site was stolen from me from someone at

Web Ring


Just before tripod sold its site!

If you click the link a few times, it might come back long enough to read.

In a way, I am sorry to find that it is still out on the internet for all to steal.

It would seem to me that people without scruples would steal your elder’s hard-earned work and knowledge of your ancestors.

Place it on their site to convince people who your ancestors and elders knowledge came from their knowledge!

Moreover, just think, I thought that ‘Web-Ring’ was an honest website.