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Welcome Somers Public School Suffield, Connecticut

To one of our posting

Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality.

Shechaim Ohjieshan is now retired.

However we miss all of the visits to schools in and around your state.

Most of all we miss all of those great questions from the youth from elementary to the University’s and the friendship dancing together.


(Ursus americanus floridanus) (SECO)

Nature’s Reflections – Florida’s Black Bear
November 02, 2017
Category: Nature’s Reflections, SECO News
Has A Den, But Does Not Truly Hibernate


Our largest native land mammal,

the Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus),

has come back from only several hundred bears in the 1970s to more than 4,000 today. This subspecies of the American black bear is one of Florida’s biggest conservation success stories. It has a shiny, black coat of fur with a light brown nose and snout. Its long, razor sharp claws do not retract.
It is a powerful climber and swimmer and can run up to 30 mph for short distances. It has an excellent sense of smell, acute hearing, good eyesight, and sees in color. When a black bear sees a human, it will often do a lot of sniffing, and may stand up. This is not a sign of aggression; it helps the curious bear to catch the scent and to get a better look.

The black bear is a very shy animal,

whose normal nature is to flee human encounters.

Adult males normally weigh 250 to 350 lbs., and adult females 130 to 180 lbs. The largest male bear on record in Florida weighed 760 lbs.; the largest female weighed 400 lbs. Except during mating season from June to August, these bears are solitary by nature. Adult females typically breed every other year, producing one to three cubs in January/February, each weighing about a half pound.

Cubs stay with their mother for about 18 months. Half die before a year of age.

In Florida, male bears typically have a home range of 60 square miles; females just 15 square miles. black bears prefer forests of sand-pine scrub, oak scrub, forested wetlands and upland hardwoods like the Ocala National Forest.
The black bear is an omnivore, which means it eats both plants and other animals. It’ll eat just about anything, including fruits, berries, acorns, the hearts of the sabal palm or saw palmetto, honey, bees, walking sticks (a favorite insect), armadillos, wild pigs, fawns and garbage.
Loss of habitat due to development has increased the potential for more encounters between bears and people.

The presence of a black bear does not necessarily represent a problem.

Many residents living in black bear country

enjoy observing them from a distance, of course.


Never offer a bear food!

Keep food sources

like pet food and garbage

away from them


securing or removing the temptations.

Column & photos by Sandi Staton –
Ziek’s Page
Breanna’s Page

Church seminars to teach gospel of security

Seminars to teach security in our places of prayer.
Can pastors like Joel Osteen, James Li, Jimmy Swaggered, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and so on help the small churches, Synagogues and Mosques?
As seen on TV this morning before grocery shopping
Northland church security director James Li on channel wesh 2 local late breaking news
Church seminars to teach gospel of security
After Texas church shooting, Central Florida religious groups weigh security tweaks
The reading on these two posting are very interesting to say the least.
What about the other 90 to 95% of our churches, synagogues and mosques?
The ones preaching about their god on a shoe string?
Can the other 5 to 10% donate their time and capital to help their brothers and sisters plan to become as safe as they the 10% wish to be!
Remember Joel Osteen the guy that would not open his church to the victims of the hurricane
Joel Osteen church in Houston

Let us all join together under our God?

Peace on earth good well to all

Jesus ancestors were Arabs (Syrian)

For starters, how many different churches call them self the Christian religion?
How many synagogues call them self Jews? Mind you Jacob had twelve sons.
Muslims are descended from Aram.
Why are we brothers and sisters always fighting and killing ourselves under the mask of our god?
Our God is the Creator of us all
Let us all join together under our God?

The Trump Tax Scam By Bob Lord

The Trump Tax Scam
By Bob Lord

Bob Lord is a veteran tax lawyer who practices and blogs in Phoenix, Arizona.
He’s an associate fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies
House Republicans and Donald Trump are ballyhooing the wonders of their new tax plan.
It’s called the
“Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,”
which we’re told will mean
“More Jobs, Fairer Taxes, and Bigger Paychecks.”

We can see the Promised Land!
But before we pop the champagne corks, let’s double-check the sticker price: $1.5 trillion over the next decade.
That’s just shy of $5,000 for every man, woman and child in America.
For a nation over $20 trillion in debt, that seems pricey.
But that’s only the beginning.


Navantia/ Bath Iron Works/ US Navy frigate

So close and yet, ‘No Cigar’ as they say.

Navantia and Bath Iron Works partner to develop new US Navy frigate


just when will these companies

start to come back

to the USA?

Navantia is Spanish company run by an Australian company.

General Dynamics ships most if not all of their job work as outsourcing.
Navantia is a Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company, which offers its services to both military and civil sector.
It is the fifth largest shipbuilder in Europe, and the ninth largest in the world with shipyards all over Spain.
General Dynamics Marine Systems, Bath Iron Works

President Visibility?

President Visibility

Maybe someday soon President Visibility

(I me I me I me I me),

will get leprosy of the tweeter fingers?

Think about that for a while?

He thinks that he is the

(Muhammad Ali),

of the

White house on tweeter

(I-I-I-I) !!!

Trump’s Twitter attack strains the UK-US relationship
By James Masters,

CNN Thu November 30, 2017

If (When, because you will), lose your healthcare

The ‘risk corridor’ in the Affordable Healthcare Act!


(When, because you will),

lose your healthcare,

Republicans call Obamacare.

Democrat’s call ‘Obama-Cares’.

And you do not blame the senator from Florida

(Senator Marco Rubio),

(Shame on you).

You are going to lose it if it did not happen yet!

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio in 2015,

squished the ‘risk corridor’

in the

Affordable Healthcare Act!

Mind you,

he did not kill it

because it was not working

for the good of the people!

(A Republican),

killed it

because it

was working for the good of the people!
Long time Floridians have been screaming about this young, pompous, upstart, into your deaf ears for years!
Very few citizens of the United States of America

know this silent

destroyer of the poor, immigrants, and women and yet

he is a senator in our Federal Government?
Gerrymandering would be my guess, no, a fact!
Not many in the United States of America know the ‘governor of Florida’.
However, he is filling his coffer any way he can to try to UN-seat our
‘Best ever’ Senator Bill Nelson!


would be my guess,

no, a fact!

Marco Rubio Ad Says He “Killed Obamacare”


How Many People

Signed Up This Year
November 20, 2015 Marco Rubio has killed ObamaCare

Pocahontas was a hero to the Caucasians

1614, Native American Princess Pocahontas (1595 – 1617) wearing traditional attire, at the time of her marriage to colonialist John Rolfe. Original Artwork: Painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

Please help me understand the (Slam) at being called ‘Pocahontas’?

Pocahontas was a hero to the Caucasians and a Native American of Massachusetts! Can you prove that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren lied in her statement about Native American Blood?


Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s

quote was

“Member of my family have told me that I have Indian Ancestors!”

Chris Cuomo on CNN this morning,

“I like it when white people get to decide on what indigenous people find offensive!” Trump Brings Up


At Event Honoring Navajo Code Talkers

November 27, 2017
Donald Trump drew widespread outrage on Monday when he inserted what many felt was a racial slur into a ceremony at the White House
meant to honor the Navajo Code Talkers,

Native American war heroes who played a vital role in America’s victory in World War II.

The reaction was prompted by Trump once again taking a jab at

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren
by referring to her as Pocahontas.
My statement since being on a computer from 1986 has always been
And will always be
“I like it when white people get to decide who gets to be called a Native American!”
So Chris,
I agree with you, Indigenous people find this offensive!
I only wish that you and all of our ‘News Media’ were as strident on them while climbing all over my president,

President Hillary Clinton!
Because if you had, then the ‘News Media would be writing about her and not this ‘Has-Been’!

Egypt mosque attack

Mosque/Churches/ Synagogue
Each of the above believe in their god (a god of love not hate).
Add to this list my people (Native Americans).

How many people are in these four beliefs?
Millions if not billions!
How many of these people are able to use a weapon?
How many are able to protest their governments non-response to ISSIL (ISSIS?
Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries citizens are being drastically abused by their leaders.
Because each one (Arab country), is allowing Russia and the murdering president of Syria (Bashar Hafez al-Assad),
to keep ISIS alive and moving around in their countries!
The Arab Counrties, backed by the World, must tell the Russian government to
Join together and then crush Bashar Hafez al-Assad!

Egypt mosque attack death toll climbs above 300