Indigenous in Peru Set to Strike


Indigenous in Peru Set to Strike Against Massive Copper Mine

Published 4 May 2016


The mine is being operated by Chinese multinational MMG Limited!


Copper Mine!

Need I say any more?




China Water

Will I am going to!


Take another look at China?


China is run by a small rich group of Bully Communists, hell bent on destroying the world to make more riches for themselves, do you honestly believe in your wildest dreams, that any one of them care what happens to Peru?


copper mine pollution

Thank- you Els Herten

Last September, a strike took place against this same mining company that resulted in 4 civilian deaths.

All commercial activities came to a standstill during that time.

The government declared a state of emergency and armed forces were called in.

The protest took place after the Environmental Impact Study was changed, along with the addition to the project of a Molybdenum plant, a filters plant,

and a concentrated materials storage facility – all without having reached an agreement with the communities.

Farming communities represented included the following: Huancuiri, Pumamarca, Sacsahuillca, Fuerabamba, Chuicuni, Ccasa, Huanacopampa, Ccahuapirhua, Pamputa, Choqueca Antuyo, Chumilli, Chicñahui, Quehuira, Manuel Seoane Corrrales, Carmen Alto–Challhuahuacho, Cconccacca,  Arcospampa Congota, Pabamba, Pisaccasa, Yuricancha, Huaruma, Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Chacamachay, Pitic, Qqello, Allahua, Ccasacancha, Hulluyo, Asacasi, Payancca, Queuña, Tambulla, Pararani, Huancuiri, Chila, Choaquere, Minascucho, Lahuani, Chocoyo, Chuntahuillqui, Huarccoyo, Llamahuiri, Anta Anta, Patario, Cuchuhuacho, Picosayhua, Juan Velasco Alvarado, and  Escorno.