Puerto Ricans coming to Florida


Residents of Puerto Rico can’t vote for president,

even though they’re U.S. citizens.

This must change now.


Will a republican do this?


First thing, do not give Rubio another chance to slight the islands.


Welcome all Latino’s to Florida

Welcome to all Latino’s from everywhere on Mother Earth coming to Florida, especially the Puerto Rican and Cuban new arrivals.

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Hope that you are planning to make Florida your home?

President Obama became the first sitting president

to visit Puerto Rico since John F. Kennedy.

And it wasn’t because the island is a pivotal swing state.

Residents of Puerto Rico can’t vote for president, even though they’re U.S. citizens.

This must change now!

will a republican do this?


That is not the case in Florida, however, where the Puerto Rican population is booming.

Between 2010 and 2013, nearly 150,000 more people left Puerto Rico

than settled there, according to Pew.

Puerto Ricans, in fact, are poised to pass Cubans

as the largest Latino group in the state in the coming years.

Marco And Marxists: Political Dogma Keeps Puerto Ricans, Cubans Fleeing

By Tim Padgett

God knows we, Floridians, need your help improving living conditions in this state and your countries.

We must never allow greedy people to take and never give to countries like Puerto Rico.

So, if you will, please ask your relations, friends, neighbors and anyone else that you trust, to show you which political party is in control now and ignoring you, your country and your families.

In addition, how you can help us vote them out?

From what I understand, and mind you, I am no expert, Puerto Rico wishes to become a state in this the United States of America, if this is true, let’s get it done?

On Puerto Rico, Rubio and U.S. conservatives seemed as determined to prove their fiscal hawk credentials

as communists were to demonstrate their Marxist bona fides in Cuba.



Hillary Clinton enters a campaign event at San Juan Batista Medical Center in Caguas, Puerto Rico, Saturday, May 31, 2008


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