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As usual, I will only speak on our ceremonies.

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Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional



Our Native American pipe ceremony

June 10, 2011 / sachemspeaks


A Sacred Pipe Ceremony

You did not get your answer on any of our sites

and after two pages on your search engine,

I do not believe that you ever did get your answer?

In most tribes that I visit, each has a pipe and a pipe holder

(Keeper of the Pipes).

Most have a ‘Sacred Pipe,’ and our tribe is no exception.

However, the Pipe Holder is no secret; because one must know the Holder of the Pipe, before each gathering, ceremony, meeting, powwow or Paw-paus.

In the True, Traditional, Tribes of the North, East, Woodland People, around the New England Area, the Head Clan Mother appointed the

‘Holder of the Pipes’.

The Holder of the Pipes cannot hand over a Sacred Pipe without the permission of the Head Clan Mother and she needs to get permission from the Tribal Shechaim.

This might sound strange however; our ancestors did this in order to keep

a Sacred, Blessed, Pipe, out of the hands of strangers.

One can gift anything, until it is blessed by Kiehtan.


This photo would have never happened in any

Traditional Tribe in or around our area.

This is said to be


(Medicine Person, the Queen of England and passed in a church)?