Native American Blessings for Newborn

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To one of our ceremonies, a posting on the birth of a child.

Native American birth ceremonies.


While looking for information about, a

Native American Blessings for Newborn.

Each tribe or this newer (Nation) has a ceremony on

marriage, death, birth and much more.

Some tribes even do a blessing?

This tribe follows the teaching of our ancestor,

In addition, believe that, the ancestors have ceremonies from the teachings and blessing from Kiehtan (Creator).

Our ceremony, the Native American birth ceremony, can take a day and might even last a month; and after the tribe is responsible for the family, forever.

With-in this ceremony is a prayer to Creator for a blessing on the tribe, the ceremony, the family and the newest member.

Translated, somewhat, into English.

(Taw-but-ni Kiehtan (Thank-you Creator) for a safe blessing, you have placed into the hands of this couple.

We, your children, the Maïngan people, promise to be the guarding of this your newest family that you so lovingly placed with us on Mother Earth.)

Each member of the tribe in attendance at the ceremony repeats this prayer to Kiehtan.

Remember, “Only Kiehtan can bless, we must ask (pray), for the Blessing.”


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