It would seem that in times of stress

our protector will come around to comfort the family.

Yes, we are now once again in stress.

Please pray for the Matriarch (Donna) of this family for a safe outcome tomorrow if you can?

For the last month this family has been blessed each morning with the song of our

‘night time protector’.

Through-out the night Kiehtan has sent the protectors of the Northeast Woodland People, the Great Horned Owl, a pair of (Sakami Tori’s),

“Bird of Prey!”

Sakami Tori or (Bird of Prey)

In the morning one sits in the trees over out front yard



one sits in the trees over our back yard just to let us know that we are trusted.


Another reason why our land must remain out of the minds of the hunters!

My long time followers will tell you about the “Mohiigan Protectors” and why, even though we acknowledge the ‘Plains Indians’ Eagles as

Messengers to and from Creator”

Our love must remain equally with all Sakami Tori.

The one thing that has always stood out as interesting to me was the fascination with their (Native Americans) Bird of Prey (the Eagle).

My people live with our brothers and sisters of the sky and do love and know that each eagle to be the messenger to and from Kiehtan (Creator).

We also have a special place in our hearts for all Birds of Prey however, our comfort companion was always the owl.

I wish to take nothing away from any other tribes through-out Indian Country, never will, it is just the difference in our land and upbringing from our elders?


To my ancestors, the owl could see better and farther away, eat thousands of bugs a day, snakes, rats, mice and so on, warn of approaching danger and spot our food source off in the distance, amount so many more reasons.

We also know of their comforting in our times of stress!


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