Which war was bested?

How fitting was this?

Yesterday while on our travels

I was blessed to shake the hand of and show my love for

another WW-2 Veteran.

Thank them while you still can.

He was going into a doctor’s office and was being helped by his wife and my honey while getting out of his car.

I was impressed to find that both he and his wife watched the films about past wars the day before and


I went silent when he tried to convince me that my war, Vietnam, was much more horrible then his, World War Two?


Never argue with an elder and most assuredly not from those two world wars,

the last that we actually won!


I do not know what his doctor’s appointment was for?

But I can tell you it was not for a problem with his kindness, quick wit or his mind, because they are each fully intact.

Might have a little ‘quiet concern’ as to his opinion about the two wars?


Thank-you Kiehtan for those few precious moments!



There are no military personal that win because of a war!


“War is Hell!”