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proper smudging ritual

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Any true traditional elder from my area will not allow this misprint without a follow-up posting?

Thank-you for this question, because each time this type of request comes up and Native Americans are included, I get the chance to remind my readers that ‘before first contact’ there were well over 10,000 tribes through-out our land.

By reminding you of this one also gets to remind you that our people are from the Northeast around the New England Area.

What this means is that the words Ritual and Native American, at least in our part of Indian country can never be used together in any sentence!

I have no idea if or why this would ever change for our people through-out Indian country?

Did the occult sneak into our ceremonies?

You see ritual’s are ceremonies performed by an occult, usually by Sharman’s.

Our people, the descendents of the Mohiigan Tribe did not and should never use occult rituals in our ceremonies.

Our ceremonies are all prayers to our (GOD), Creator of all, Kiehtan.

Rituals are always ceremonies for a god, of feeling, spirit of this land.

Tell me, “would a Christian ever lower their god to a person, place or thing?

“Would the god of Israel ever only be a spiritual in the body”?

“Would the Muslims ever lower Allah too just a spirit whispering in your ear”?

Well neither shall we the Mohiigan people!


Back to Smudging.

Because smudging is just another type of prayer, at least for the above mention, one cannot make a mistake, unless you pay for it then you must wonder, “Why am I paying for a prayer” all prayers should be free?

Would you like a few, for instances?