Big Bang

Who wants to know the real story about were the first people of Indian country came from?

OK, first thing, life did not start by a ‘Supreme Being’ as so many billions of us believe,

‘Sorry Kiehtan’? 😦

Science states that life started because of a Big Bang.

A big bang is when a star goes into a super nova explosion.

We have no idea yet where the first star came from that went super nova?

However, scientists are sure that it was because of some accident?

The exploded star makes many planets and moons.

However, scientist tell us that these new stars go super nova and take the planets and moons with them and so on and so on.

Now we come to our sun, moon and earth.

Life started, oh wait, we are not sure when life started, we just know that it started in our ocean.

The scientist tell us that Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons from those super nova’s made Subatomic particle and those Subatomic particle made Atom particles and Atom particles made Atoms.

The Atom met in our ocean.

Blessings and thanks be to the Atom because they made a single cell relative of mine, wonder if it is of the Euro/American family?

Then this single cell relation made fish, the fish grew legs and came on land and made our ancestors!

Now tell me, isn’t that a lot easier to believe then in some supreme being just wanting companionship so we were made?

I didn’t think so, but after all I am not a scientist! 🙂

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