‘Die-in’ at Marco Rubio’s office over health care bill

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‘Die-in’ at Marco Rubio’s office over health care bill

Marco Rubio, A Trojan Horse For The GOP

How Marco Rubio quietly killed the Affordable Healthcare known as


He has quietly pushed Obamacare into

what may have prove to be a death spiral.

When the Obama administration was crafting Obamacare, it came up with a solution to entice reluctant insurers to join the exchanges.

Many insurers worried that there would not be enough healthy people paying in to cover the costs of sick people.

So, the administration created a “risk corridor” program to help prop up insurers who lost money in the first three years of the law.

Rubio quietly inserted language into the omnibus government spending bill that barred the Department of Health and Human Services

from using the general funds to help pay failing insurers.


Healthcare protest at Senator Marco Rubio’s Office

State Senator Marco Rubio is not doing enough for his constituents

Protesters find Sen. Marco Rubio’s office closed,


Protesters gather at Sen. Rubio’s offices demanding support for better healthcare

Alanna Quillen

11:20 PM, May 30, 2017

1 hour ago

Nearly two million people in Florida are enrolled in Obamacare,

with about four million on Medicaid.

Their healthcare future is up in the air as Sen. Rubio works with other republican senators on the new American Healthcare Act, also known as



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