Remember my past posting on, the Eagles nesting?

Florida Native Americans Where are you?

January 19, 2016

Creator’s creations are systematically going by way of the wayside.

Well the St. Cloud commission approved it.

St. Cloud commission approved Lally Development plan?

Not a single Florida Native in the building?

When we first arrived in Florida, by first Florida powwow, I noticed many people looking and pointing to the sky so I asked.

What is going on?

In unison that said, “We have just been blessed by Creator because an Eagle passed overhead!”

This was a little strange to an Eastern Spiritual Teacher because as my followers know, all birds of prey are a blessing.

Mine you, I asked question respectfully as possible because I truly did not know what the excitement was.

I guess because of a lack of understanding of their culture at the time, I said,

“Great, how about that Coopers Hawk family in that tree over in the east, isn’t that also a blessing from Creator?”

As you know my friends (Everything in native culture starts in the east).

How about that Long-Horn Owl caged at that persons vender site, is that a blessing?

It was then that my Floridian friend stepped in to explain to all,

that I was new to the area from up north,

I did not understand that statement either.

While he was talking, I happened to notice a

Bald Eagle, chained to a man’s hand while he was heading for the circle!

I just had to let that one go, for the time being!

Later posting!

Guess now my friends and followers;

you know why no one showed up to speak for their

“Florida Sacred Birds Funeral!”

It is a funeral because, with all of that noise while building and the traffic,

what will become of those

Eagle families and all of those Endangered Gopher Tortoises?

Your Creator is Watching!