Panther killed in southwest Florida


Officials say a Florida panther was killed by a vehicle on a southwest Florida road.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that the 3-year-old female was found Thursday after being hit by a vehicle on a stretch of the Tamiami Trail that runs through Collier-Seminole State Park.

This is the 31st Florida panther killed this year, the 22nd by a vehicle strike.

Florida set a record last year with 25 road kills and 33 overall deaths.

Florida panthers once roamed the entire southeastern U.S., but only around 180 remain in the wild.

I believe that just like the Black Bear Population, the 180 is only a guess!

There could be a few more, just like with the Florida Black Bear Population, more than likely there are a lot less!

And soon, too soon, there will be none of each!

Because the Ranchers in South Florida hate the Florida Panther and realtors want to build in the, both bears and panthers,


How did the other 9 panthers die this years?


How did the other 8 panthers die last year?

Also notice,

Florida panthers once roamed the entire southeastern U.S.

But only around 180 remain in the wild.

Not my words but theirs!

So, how many are still in Florida?

If you have been following

‘Walking with the Alligators’


Sachem Speaks

on our wild life in Florida you all know why!

Money hungry, greedy, land grabbers and their officials in the land of the wildlife.