Bear Hunting in the Bears backyard?

Watch and see?

Our Black Bears in Florida have no pockets!

The hunters in and around Florida have deep, deep, deep, pockets and many of Florida officials are hunters!

Care to guess who is going to win the vote?

We already know that there will be a hunt, we do not know for how long this hunt will go on?

The Florida Fish and Game Commission will meet in Tallahassee April 14-16. Among the items on the agenda for action on April 15 is a proposal to establish a hunting season for black bears, starting in the fall of 2015.

In response to growing concerns about a rising number of black bear attacks in the state in recent years, the commission instructed its staff to bring forth a proposal that would establish hunting as a management tool for controlling the population. The resulting proposal, which will be presented to the commission on April 15, would establish a seven-day hunting season with harvest objectives established based on regional bear management units. The first season would occur October 24-30. The commission would not restrict the number of permits sold, but would instead utilize a quota system and each bear management unit’s season would be subject to strict harvest objectives.

Remember this posting after next week when the Fish and Wild votes on hunting our Black Bears!

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