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Allen Dennis Troy I am with you 100%.

If you ever get around to a part two, please research the new deadly disease that we the natives also have no immunity from?

It is called annihilation by dissociation.

If one would not drop land claims this government found someone that would and dropped you!

This pretty much ended the true traditionalist

that would not give up the

(Mother Earth our mother).

Years before the Pilgrims came to our shores the Spanish conquistador and French trappers walked the land and the annihilation began. Lets us not forget that we, the natives of the land have a missing enzyme (not needed until first contact) so any germs carried by the new comes would have been fatal to our ancestors.

Allen Dennis Troy report

(Speak Out: The first ‘illegal immigrants

by our readers

Dec 16, 2013

When the first Europeans arrived in the present United States in the early 16th century, what can only be called “The American Holocaust” began. Historians estimate that 20 million to 30 million Native Americans lived in the present U.S. at that time. Almost at once, these numbers declined rapidly.

Europeans brought with them deadly diseases, such as smallpox, to which Indians had no immunity. By the time of the creation of the United States in the 1780s, the policy of the government was to eliminate or confine all American Indians. Throughout the 19th century, whites waged war against the Indians, while “hunters” from the eastern U.S. massacred millions of buffalo as they shot from train windows passing through buffalo herds. The Indians became what the western author Zane Grey called “The Vanishing American.” This tragedy was endorsed, condoned, and encouraged by the U.S. government.

All this comes to mind when “news” networks and talk radio vent their venom and spleen about today’s “illegal immigrants,” usually meaning Mexicans who have crossed into the United States searching for jobs and better living conditions for their families. What no one seems to understand is that virtually none of these people would come north if Republican-owned giant agribusinesses and other firms were not hiring them. The simplest way to curtail “illegal” immigration, it seems, is to levy huge fines on American businesses that hire them.

American businesses are hiring these people because they are hard workers who will toil for low wages. Far from “taking jobs away from American workers,” as some claim, these immigrants are doing jobs that white and black Americans will not do, and certainly will not do for the wages paid to Hispanics.

The next time you feel like complaining about “illegal immigrants,” remember that, unless you are a Native American, we are all “illegal immigrants” who stole the Indians’ land and slaughtered millions of them.)