Pope Francis does understand the Rich?

Sachems word for the day

I have your answer and I can guarantee you, so does Pope Francis and the rest of his Catholic‘s and the rest of this country!

The United States of America‘s Rich want what countries like Mexico and Cuba has had for centuries!


It is called Bullet Proof Glass!

Words from your Sachem

Because of the NRA, Lobbyists, Greedy Politicians, Lazy Thieves and Lazy Public,

Crime will always pay better then a job for the Slime out looking for fast money!

It is called

GET THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At all cost get the weapons off the streets!


Aquine (Peace to you this holiday)

Welcome to the visitor from the city of Pirae in the French Polynesia


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The Meaning of Aquine


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Hope that you were able to find what you were looking for?

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Mohiigan first Village

Aquai (Hello) my friends from Kiehtan Creator, Shechaim Ohjieshan, the Mohiigan people and our Ancestors (Aquine Peace to you).

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Jakarta in Jakarta Raya Indonesia Asia. http://www.accuweather.com/en/id/jakarta/208971/weather-forecast/208971

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Creator help me to be with my woman

Welcome to a visitor from the City of Adrian Michigan


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I know that this question is from 29 Nov, Fri, 16:10:52,

I have been praying on just how to answer?

My life is in your hands now!


I have stated many times that I will try to answer all questions and answer I must.

However, it is not clear as to why anyone would come to me and request prayers toward Creator or just why someone would be asking my help with his women?

The question was

sachem speaks creator help me to be with my woman.

First, I have no control over, nor would I even think such a thing as to how or when Creator can and will answer, other than I do know that, in Creators own time, the answer will come.

If the question to me is Sachem teach me to ask Creator for guidance for anything that one might wish guidance with?

My answer is simple, pray as if you were speaking to a loving father, because you will be. No funny or foolish words, no long winded speeches, just keep the prayer coming from your heart.

If one were to ask me a question like, help me to be with my woman?

Because I am not Creator and I have been on Mother Earth for a very long time and wish for that to continue, I must tell you that it would take a very large book of my questions even before I sat down with you to speak and even then I will let you know that I am 100% sure that I would be wrong at best?


A good safe start for me might be to ask if you have ever picked your moment and just ask your women for better guidance while you are with her?

A big present, candy and a lot of flowers in hand at the time may or may not help?

Everyday men must just wing it and hope for the best!


If you are now with her and you show her everyday that you love her, the future is looking good.


I and my readers sure would like updates from you if possible?

One of my WordPress Friends posting


The story behind the crying cop


A story found on one of my WordPress Friends posting



I do wish to thank this friend for posting it

because as you can see

our police as with all types of our heroes

are also just people like you and I?




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