“Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians”

Being brought up in a true traditional Matriarch society loving and yes sometimes fearing Native American Women, I often wonder why women have such a hard time getting to the top in politics?

Then Sarah Palin opens up her mouth!


I can find no reason why I should try to add to or subtract from Stupidity?

Sarah Palin:

OK it’s not a true story but it very well could be one day!

Sarah Palin has put her foot in it again. You may recall back in 2008,when then Gov. Sarah Palin, fresh off her Vice Presidential bid loss, did what has become customary of many Governors. She went to a turkey farm to pardon one lucky bird. After the pardon she paused for a photo op in what has now been dubbed,” the greatest turkey-related disaster in political history”. Yes folks, she decided standing right in front of the machinery that grinds the heads off turkeys would be the perfect spot for the photo shoot. As bad as that moment was, she managed to out-do it this year. Appearing on a local morning talk show in Washington, Palin put her sparkling intellect on display once again. The segment started off well enough. It was really just a puff piece about the meaning of Thanksgiving in people’s lives. Things derailed quickly however, when the interviewer asked Palin about the controversy surrounding the holiday.

Palin sat dumbfounded unaware of any controversy. The host went on to fill her in on the fact that many Native American tribes do not celebrate the holiday. In fact, it is a day of mourning for them. And those that do celebrate the day do so because it is a reminder that they survived mass murder, forced relocation, the theft of their land and many other injustices.

Palin’s response was astounding, “Thanksgiving is for real Americans not Indians. We founded this Christian nation. Why if it wasn’t for the God-fearing pilgrims, the natives would still be running around in loin cloths shooting at things with their arrows.”

The gracious host tried to save her by stating, “Surely, you’re aware that the Indians were the native population of this country and were driven from their homes by the European settlers.

This further incited Palin and her rant continued, “I’ll tell ya what I know. I know that these tribes do a lot of whining. I mean they got special rights up the wazzoo. They have those casinos all over the place. Seems to me they got a great deal. If they would just put down the bottle and whatever they’re smoking in those peace pipes and get a job like the rest of us, they’d be alright. I see it all the time in Alaska with the Inuit. They just don’t want to join the rest of us. They’re still hunting whale for gosh sake.”

The station quickly went to commercial break and Palin was gone when the show resumed.

The former Governor has not responded to our requests for comment.

“Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians”





Tea party is over

Bussiness; GOP establishment : Tea party is over

Kerry Bentivolio

A slice of corporate America thinks tea partyers have overstayed their welcome in Washington and should be shown the door in next year’s congressional elections.

In Michigan, longtime businessmen Brian Ellis and David Trott are challenging hardline conservative Reps. Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio in Republican primaries. This comes after three years of frustration over GOP insurgents roughing up the business community’s agenda. That all came to a head with the 16-day partial government shutdown and the threat of a national financial default.

The Michigan races are a turnabout after several years of widely heralded contests in which right-flank candidates have tried to unseat Republican incumbents they perceive as not being conservative enough.






Tea Anyone?

Both sides agree: No major budget deal foreseen


By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press

Budget Battle

  FILE – In this Oct. 11, 2013, photo, House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., laughs as he walks to his office on Capitol Hill in Washington. Forget a grand bargain. Reaching even a small budget deal will be a challenge when negotiators start meeting in an effort to salvage any kind of agreement in the aftermath of this month’s shutdown debacle and debt limit crisis. “If we focus on some big, grand bargain then we’re going to focus on our differences and both sides are going to require that the other side compromises some core principle and then we’ll get nothing done,” Ryan, said in an interview on Oct. 24. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, File)

Does every Tea Party member think that our government created disasters, created by both congress and the Whitehouse are a joke, or is it just this clown?

I think that this pretty much sums it up as to why this country is steaming into a first place as a 3rd world county, Tea Party smiling all the way into bankruptcy!

Congress of American Indians meeting in Oklahoma

SOME, Native American tribal members from across the country are going to Tulsa Oklahoma next week for their 70th annual National Congress of the American Indian convention.

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people are expected to turn out for the six-day event to discuss revitalizing languages, combating violence against women, protecting sacred sites and other topics.

This is a very good thing for our people.


I was just wondering, “How many more thousands of brothers and sisters would show up for the 71th convention if the tribes being stepped on, abused and ignored by the government that violated them and the people now going to this meeting that have turned their backs on these true needy first people would be invited?

By golly by the 72 annual National Congress of the American Indian convention we could have a 5 million Indian march on Washington to protect everyone’s rights as humans in distress?


“Native American pupils at Carlisle Indian School, c. 1900.”



Woodworkers craft final resting places for veterans

By Eddie Daniels Tampa Tribune, Fla.

Published: May 26, 2013

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. —  The boxes are simple.

The thought is not!

Some time ago I, along with hundreds of veterans, wrote about a WW-2 Veteran buried in a cardboard box.

Pfc Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box


Today a group of hero’s (veterans) are doing something about this.

Made of donated wood — birch, maple, or poplar.

The containers are generally 9 inches in length, 7 inches wide and about 7 inches tall.


“The Woodcrafters Club of Tampa is a group of people who love woodworking and all things wood.”

“Skill levels range from complete newbie’s to those who craft wood for a living.”


“I think what it does is it gives (the families of indigent veterans) a sense of dignity and respect knowing that they have a piece of craftsmanship to lay their loved one to rest in more than anything else,” Cook said.

“Urns have been sent, free of charge, to locations across the country, including Maine, Hawaii and Washington state. Interest has picked up, and wood crafting clubs in Virginia and The Villages have inquired, among others, about participating.”

Donations are welcome to help us continue the most important work.


What if?

Forget the  R-word,  N-word, W-word, think the  P-word, Purple for a soccer team?

What would happen to the team in Washington if no one showed up for games?

Even if only the opposing teams come with no fans.

Maybe this owner is getting to big for his britches and should be thinking about a change?

Washington, think the real football you call soccer?

Hit him wear it hurts, in the pocketbook.

The United States is ripe for European football and it is looking like Orlando is dropping the ball?

A new stadium built for major league football (Soccer) will bring in a lot of money from all around the world and this country is showing the world that we can be good competitors’,

if we had a place to play.

O.K not the P-word it is being used by Orlando.

Choose another color, there are hundreds to choose from.


Originally Published: 6/2/2013


Women’s Soccer




Men’s Soccer



The U.S. MNT will face Honduras in front of a sold-out crowd. – See more at:


Definition of ‘Insanity’


House Floor Activities Legislative Day of May 17, 2013


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

HOUSE RULE: If at first you fail!

Keep on Failing!

House Speaker John Boehner promised that he would stop time-wasting on holding another doomed vote on “Obamacare.”



He said.

“We’ve got 70 new members who have not had an opportunity to vote on the president’s health-care law,” he explained. “Frankly, they’ve been asking for an opportunity to vote on it.”

New members return to their districts have to explain why they’re wasting taxpayer money on a purely symbolic and meaningless vote.

The House Republican leader has them in Washington only 122 days this year.

The CBO’s last estimate of the budget impact of repeal, in 2012, was that it would increase the deficit by $109 billion.


Democrats have had great fun repeating Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Hanford Washington


Did you know about this?

Tank at Hanford nuclear site leaking radioactive liquids, Washington governor says


This is just one of 177 underground plutonium highly radioactive stew tanks reported to be leaking?

The tanks hold millions of gallons of a highly radioactive stew left from decades of plutonium production for nuclear weapons.

How far from this site is the Columbia River?

Columbia River, the largest waterway in the Pacific Northwest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_River

How many other types of highly radioactive stew tanks in this country are leaking?

How many tanks in other countries leak?

Never you mind let’s just keep building Nuclear Power Plants, who cares what will happen to our nuclear waste problem all over the world?

The Betelgeuse Blog It’s about dedication to country

February 17th 2013






Two things that ended up into my mailer because of my posting about Mascots that I believe worthy of a follow up posting hopefully helping for teaching purposes?

The first one I debated with myself for a time before reply to it, because I believe that it was for a need to understand and not to criticize as with most questions and reply’s to this subject.




You can read my reply if you wish however, I would like for you to notice that picture!

The Atlanta Braves brought back their cartoon native mascot “the screaming savage.”

Yes there was one small group of “Savages” called the Herons many years ago, nowhere near Atlanta Georgia by the way, that one could never mistake as good sports or hero’s, more like sneaky hide behind a tree cowards!

They did not scream they shot you in the back!

So, now all of our children and people around the world are looking at this ridiculous photo and see all Native Americans as Screaming Savages?

Thank you James Baker for your kind article.

The second was a posting on my posting.


Questioning the Washington Red Skins Mascot!


This one (Not so sure) except that I was following RG-3 since he started football in college and like with Tebow, was hoping he would end up on a Florida team, oh well.

Not happy with the words Red Skin because our ancestors were more of a light brown skin (remember the Vikings), long hair? When the area was over run with lots trees, bushes and briars would made that impossible to run after or away from an enemy or hunt for food? But I except the feathers arrangement, not the colors or the amount the arrangement.

The feathers should be from Birds of Prey.

Thank you Josephine for caring.


New building in Washington D C

We have a new building in the old city of Washington D C

This country prides itself on being a melting pot of the world, it is past time the most important building in the world becomes a melting pot of this country.

We have had a Protestant, Catholic, Non-denominational, African Americas, Women and a Mormon presidential candidate.

People in this country are pushing for a women, Jewish, Native American and Spanish president,.

White is no longer the correct color for this building because white is not the correct color of her people.

What about off white or beige color?

For the first time in the history of this country we have a first lady that out shine our president and every other first lady, why?


Because this is what we the people want to see in and around that building.