Happy Veterans day to all Veterans


Service behind bars-Prison

These military veterans served their country, and then they started serving time in prison.

Now they are serving both.

program included a number of civilian American Legion officials. American Legion Post 403 was commissioned Friday in a special Veterans Day Ceremony

Behind high walls, fences, bars, rows of barbed wire and guards at the Sumter Correctional Institution in Bushnell.


Post Commander and inmate Ryan Carroll, in front, leads a drill ceremony during a commissioning ceremony for American Legion Post 403 at the Sumter Correctional Institution on Friday.

The Veteran Day


Homeless U.S. Army Veteran Gets a Makeover

veteranmakeover.jpgExtreme make over Veteran make over Jim wolf


Heartwarming time-lapse video shows homeless United States Army veteran Jim Wolf getting a makeover for Veterans Day.

Homeless To Handsome: Alcoholic U.S. Army Vet Gets Makeover In Incredible Time-Lapse Clip [Video] –http://bossip.com/862885/homeless-to-handsome-alcoholic-u-s-army-vet-gets-makeover-in-incredible-time-lapse-clip-video-43081/

A simply incredible time-lapse video, released just in time for Veteran’s Day, has captured the transformation of a homeless United States Army veteran. Jim Wolf struggles with homelessness and alcoholism, but thanks to a unique initiative by Dégagé Ministries, he was recently given the opportunity for a complete makeover. Wolf’s transformation is utterly beautiful, and according to the video, the physical change has also inspired him to turn his life around. He’s now attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the first time in his life. Dégagé Ministries “offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals,” according to its fundraising page, and the three-minute clip was produced by RobBlissCreative to raise money and awareness – See more at: http://bossip.com/862885/homeless-to-handsome-alcoholic-u-s-army-vet-gets-makeover-in-incredible-time-lapse-clip-video-43081/#sthash.JWj25FGG.dpuf


Veterans Day is this Nov. 11, 2013

1324763861_veterans-day-picturesanimatedflag1Some gave all!

Blessings shell always flow down from Kiehtan our Creator to all of our

Veterans and all that serve the people from all around Mother Earth.

Veterans Day is this Nov. 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013 for our well-deserved vets this Nov. 11, 2013. Many stores and restaurants are offering both promos and deals for the men and women who helped serve our nation. This Veterans Day, one way that our country can thank our U.S. vets are through these special discounts for those who have helped defend our country. Although a majority of these offers are open to all vets and are set for Nov. 11 on Veterans Day, they could possibly change or be specific to particular locales, so be sure to recheck any sites near you before stopping in for these well-deserved freebies. A majority of these businesses ask that verified proof of military service is shown, ranging from a DD Form or a military identification card.

The comprehensive list of Veterans Day 2013 freebies are listed below:

Veterans Day 2013 freebies: Well-deserved freebies for vets



Mohiigan Flag


Shechaim Ohjieshan flag


States flags

I would be amiss if I did not include something to show my pride in my Native American brothers and sisters that I had the honor and pleasure of serving with, plus those that served from time until forever?

Blessings shell always flow down from Kiehtan our Creator to all of our Veterans and all that serve the people from all around Mother Earth.


Shechaim Ohjieshan

New store in town

I have been wanting to write about this for a long time now only I was thinking “being to crabby and complain too much”, that all ended this morning. This morning Donna and our PT Cruiser was almost board sided by a very large Motor home, just trying to mail some bills. The Post office is on route 42 in Paisley Florida, route 42 is a 55 mph road until one gets to town then it is 40, no one in Florida does the speed limit, if its 55 they must think 63 is OK.

40 miles per in town, nay!

Paisley just got a new Dollar store! After almost 40 years working in service one starts to assume that before a building can open it must be inspected? Guess what they say about assume is true because the store has been open for business for some time now and after many complaints coming east down route 42 one must still break the law by going across one, two and/or three solid lines, wait in your lane watching traffic behind you because you know that Floridians do not even stop for Red Lights, or rush across hoping not to die. Today she called the town and they say that no one has called to complain.

Pictures taken today are looking from the post office out into the road from enter driveway, looking from dollar store across to the post office driveway, looking from east to west and from west to east.

IMG_3544 IMG_3546IMG_3547IMG_3545

IMG_3556    IMG_3548 IMG_3553 IMG_3549 IMG_3550 IMG_3552 IMG_3551 IMG_3554 IMG_3555

Any questions?

OH by the way, the engineer from the state just said “needed a right away for the dollar store, do not need one for the United States Post Office so they will not correct the problem”.

I say “we shall see after acceptable losses”!

New court system only for veterans

Please remember our sisters and brothers, all of them?

In about two weeks, America will pause to honor our veterans and then the moment will pass.

After a spurt of parades, political platitudes and paid days off, most people will go back to their daily grind.

Veterans Court

An overdue service for those who served


What is a Veterans Treatment Court?

Justice for Veterans


New court system only for veterans.

Judge Jerry brewer a veteran and judge of Seminole county Florida.

Justice for Veterans of Seminole county a veterans only court.

Unfortunately, for many of the men and women who served this country, that grind includes homelessness, substance abuse, untreated mental illness — and jail cells.

I have found that far too many of these abused veterans both men and women are Indigenous peoples of this country.

Seminole County Judge John L. Woodard, who presides over a similar program in Seminole County, says he has seen it not only transform lives, but save them.

“A lot of good can come from this,” Woodard said.

America has been slowly waking up to the ugly reality of life after combat.

Willing offenders can enroll in diversion programs that involve everything from mental-health and substance-abuse treatment to community service and mentoring.

The attempt is to offer long-term help, rather than simply short-term punishment, to those who served this country.

Some gave all!



We need a little pick me up today?





America’s Oldest Veteran Lives in Austin.

What Happened to Him Yesterday Will Make You Smile.


May many blessings from Kiehtan (GOD) shower down to Josh Mayou, a Home Depot manager and all of the volunteers then overflow throughout East Austin this day because of this awesome act of kindness!

Home Depot manager and leader of the project, said the project was the third of five in the area being renovated for veterans.

Funding was provided by the Home Depot Foundation, and volunteers for the one-day work sessions came from a variety of sources.

Volunteers have a long list of projects, Mayou said, so workers hoped to finish it all Thursday. Besides the refrigerator and the windows, the team fixed the bathroom, painted the walls, rebuilt a fence and repaired the porch where Mr. Overton likes to pass his days.

A diverse group of volunteers braved the heat Thursday to upgrade the residence of 107-year-old World War II veteran Richard Overton – the country’s oldest living World War II veteran.

The East Austin house has been Overton’s home since he built it in 1945, when he returned from war. And though he’s done some upgrades over the years, it was beginning to have some serious issues: broken windows, a failing refrigerator and more.



107-year-old Richard Overton relaxes on his front lawn. Yesterday, dozens of volunteers fixed the East Austin home Overton’s lived in since 1945.

Keeper of the Fire After Grand Entry

Assuming that the fire is now started and Grand Entry, Flag song, Veterans honor and so forth are now going on.

Fire Keeper, not to be confused with the Keeper of the Circle unless one person is assigned to do both, now becomes an invisible, for lack of an English word, fire feeder, to me the most important job or job of joy during the gathering, sitting with Kiehtan?

If everything from my last posting is completed correctly and we are talking Paw paus and some earlier powwows, your circle is now ready for the Firekeeper prayers for a blessing from Kiehtan and a visit.

Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle


Kiehtan has come to visit with the people so the Firekeeper and assistants must keep the fire going for the length of the Paw-paus or powwow.

The first thing we must understand before going any further would be that only Creator can bless anyone or anything, I cannot emphasize this enough times!

Only Creator (Kiehtan) can bless.

Blessings come down to Mother Earth, never up from her or any creations!

If the smudging of the circle is done correctly you should feel a peace of mind and a need to fellowship while in your circle.

Remember the bucket of shame at the east from the last posting?

You were asked, if you wanted, to put all bad thoughts into this bucket and Kiehtan removed them so now stand by for your blessing, if you are a believer?

My three favorite words are “Before first contact.”

Paw-paus fire, as stated in earlier postings is at the west out on the grounds someplace convenient so now smudging can commence without disturbing dancers and attendants.

For many years after this first contact the fire was also in the west because as you may know if you have been to these newer age gatherings, the East is clogged up for far too long while the head veteran is lining up the flags and veterans, dancers are making ready to enter and many others are standing around in the way waiting for their time to be smudged.

This cannot look good to outsider visitors?

Shechaim Ohjieshan

Stand Down for homeless veterans

The original Stand Down for homeless veterans was modeled after the Stand Down concept used during the Vietnam War to provide a safe retreat for units returning from combat operations.


This event is as it should be nation wide.

The American Veterans Stand Down Event in Orlando Florida

Stand Down for homeless veterans

2013 Orlando Veterans Stand Down – Volunteer Training



Soldiers from the 137th Quartermaster Company with the U.S. Army Reserve work on setting up a tent city for the Homeless Veterans Stand Down at Whittier Narrows Park in South El Monte on Wednesday October 31, 2012. The Homeless Veterans Stand Down is the 2nd annual SGV Heroes in the Shadows, 3-day event providing support services for homeless vets. (SGVN/Staff photo by Keith Durflinger)


94 year old WW-2 POW received his medals in Jacksonville Florida

World War II veteran honored with medals he never got during a ceremony at Jacksonville’s Veterans Memorial Wall


As with each war, the military personnel from both sides are not looking for glory, medals or recognition per say, most just want to get back as best they can to the life that they were living before their time in a war.

Each knows that this will be impossible and they know that flashbacks are and will be a part of their lives until the end.

That said. shame on anyone not giving thanks, glory, medals and a lot of recognition every one of our serving personnel!

I was “Fortunate enough?” to have been drafted into service at a time that our government is telling me that I can go to the V.A. for help if needed, thank god because boy do I need to thanks to a corrupt company.

What about a time when someone was drafted however, this government it telling them that they were drafted at the wrong time?

If it was the wrong time, why were they drafted?

Jessie F. Hughes at age 23 in 1944, had volunteered to serve, did he shoot anyone?

Was he shot by anyone?

Maybe not he was a radio operator for the 73rd Field Artillery Battalion, 9th Armored Division.

Does he deserve this recognition?

You better believe it and when you read his story you can see how easy it could have been for him to have been number 200 or lower.

My best friend was “Fortunate enough?” to be drafted at a time when this government is telling him that he will receive no help!

Was he drafted at a time when he could have been wounded or dead?

Did he harm or kill anyone?

Does he need any help?

Maybe not yet, will he in his future?

I hope not!

Could he?

You better believe it!



Jessie F. Hughes gets a hug from great-granddaughter Samantha Grant, 10, as her cousin, Holley Conyers, 14, holds a copy of a photo of her great-grandfather taken in 1943. Hughes, a World War II Army veteran and prisoner of war, was awarded medals for his service at a ceremony at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Wall on Saturday morning.

BOB SELF/The Times Union.

Tampa VA Hospital is a great hospital

Well two down and doctors checked the little guy and the band aid is off. My little buddy is working overtime and today I am feeling better than I have for many years. Yes, thank you to all of my friends because prayer works. I met an Italian family yesterday while in the waiting room at the hospital, large beautiful family. They are there in support of their Monarch, an 81 year old Koran war veteran. If you can find a minute or two please pray for this family in their time of need and that Creator will comfort this hero and his loving family.

Thank you for your service my newest friend and it was a blessing to me to just to sit and watch love at work!