leading a native American pipe ceremony

Welcome to the visitor from the City of San Diego California


To my postings about our Friendship pipe.

Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional



Friendship Pipe 006

I am not sure who it is that wants to lead a pipe however, until a teacher knows this the sacred parts are always blank?

Also, and this is just as important, California is as far as one can go west without getting your feet wet, my tribe, the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People are as far east as one can go without getting your feet wet, so I am sure that the culture and ceremonies are in some ways different?

Become an organ and tissue donor

Like money, you can’t take it with you?


I hope that your state or country has this program?

Red heart

I Ohiijeshan Shechaim Walkingfox Storey, have signed up on

Florida’s organ and tissue donor registry and I encourage you to do the same.

It’s quick, easy and FREE. Help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Sign up and tell others your decision.

To sign up, or to obtain more information, please visit


A life saved could someday be one of yours?

Fingers crossed

A little side note from Richard Haydel



I quote

“Happy New Year Sir…This website is a portal to the organ and tissue donor registries in the different states in the US to assist your readers.


It also offers some additional information for individuals who might not be fully aware as to how such a simple act can be so powerful that it can save multiple lives”.


Pope Francis does understand the Rich?

Sachems word for the day

I have your answer and I can guarantee you, so does Pope Francis and the rest of his Catholic‘s and the rest of this country!

The United States of America‘s Rich want what countries like Mexico and Cuba has had for centuries!


Japanese Prime Minister Visit to the Yosukuni Shrine

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Visit to the Yosukuni Shrine Evokes History of War Crimes, Atrocities


Japan sticks to its guns!

As a Traditional native American I agree and we natives must follow their lead!

In that Shrine are the pawns of that war without a choice of right or wrong, just Obey!

The only difference between what the axis powers Germany, Japan and Italy did and what the United States of America did in their war on us was, they lost, the United States won.

Can’t say ours was a war, more like they had the fire power and used it all on us!

Our ancestors were all the pawns of that/this war!

If you think about it the government still has the fire power and is still using it!

Another big difference is, when this government destroyed Japan and Germany it spent billions rebuilding their country, when this government destroyed the first people it just kept on destroying!

Yes, and they ( the Japanese) should be admired for that because only a hand fill of tyrants controlled their war.

Every non native was at war with our ancestors like it or not?

Compare this to ever self-effacing Germany asking for the world’s forgiveness again and again and again, even though she knows quite well that no matter how many apologies are made, those who run today’s world call the shots in the media, publishing houses and education, will never ever forgive Germany.

Rather than commit historical hara-kiri as the Germans do, Japan prefers to keep a stiff upper lip, stand tall and continue to bear the consequences.

A big P.S.

There was a third in that axis powers party in that war, Italy, this country has not asked for forgiveness or refused to apologize?

Thank you ajna77 for your posting.

It is called Bullet Proof Glass!

Words from your Sachem

Because of the NRA, Lobbyists, Greedy Politicians, Lazy Thieves and Lazy Public,

Crime will always pay better then a job for the Slime out looking for fast money!

It is called

GET THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At all cost get the weapons off the streets!