Happy Birthday Chief Silver Eagle (Friday December 28th 1985)

Chief Silver Eagle

Also known as

(Chief Silver Eagle Feather)


Chief Silver Eagle a long time friend of our family would have been 100 today.

I will always remember him from his last Paw ~Paus back in 1985, his first day home.

On that day Creator Chose to honor a faithful servant and do so through, of all people, me?

Our Creator has a sense of humor, Creator knows that I loathe being at the forefront of any gathering, so all of my life I end up in the forefront of a social event?

I received my native name at a Chief Eagle Feathers Paw ~Paus age 6, my first time as Head Veteran was in 1965 at a Chief Eagle Feathers Paw ~Paus, the second time in the history of both tribes a Sachem of one tribe became a warrior of the other tribe for a day, was on this day in 1985.

Without going into any parts of a Sacred Ceremony because, you see, this turned into one of them.

It just so happened that I was again the Head Veteran at his gathering (Paw ~Paus) and within seconds of offering tobacco ( as you know by now Kinnick – Kinnick) to invite Creator into the circle, everything in the Grange Hall went quiet and I froze in place.

This was the first time that Chief Eagle Feather was not at the side of a Head Veteran at his gathering handing out and offering tobacco.

Some months earlier he became Wheelchair bound.

I put my tobacco back into my pouch in my Regalia, walked straight through the circle to the Elders seating in the West, performed the Sacred Ceremony, handed my Great Grandfathers Bird of Prey Staff to the Chiefs Head Clan Mother and as soon as she finished her ceremony handing the staff to Chief, I walked back through the East to the back of the line now knowing that I was the one Creator wanted to dance Grand Entry for my friend.

No one including me knew why this happened, that is until we danced Grand Entry passed the Elder Chairs.

As I honored Chief on the way passed the elders I knew, he had a smile from ear to ear and winked to me.

Within seconds after the Paw ~ Paus Creator took my best friend home!

This one is for you Chief Silver Eagle, you are still my very best friend.

Gifts for Native American burial


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Looking for information on gifting.

Gifts for Native American burial

In our tribal nation, gifting any of our ceremonies is the same.

We gift Tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) because it comes from Creator as a gift and because of that we use a lot of it.


Native American Funeral okay to give sage and tobacco?


Same goes for gifting an elder, friend, stranger, a Native from other tribes and so on.

I found another two endangered species today

A rarity as in a real Native American.

One has a son in the hospital in extremely bad condition, never such a thing unless Creator wish the son home.

However, if you are a prayer please join us in a prayer for this family?

As you know I only pray Creator allows the family knowledge in a situation so just place this family in Creators hands?

The first real Native American is a Eastern Woodland Native ( the father) asking correctly for a Tobacco (Kinnick~Kinnick) prayer not the central native smudging, not a thing wrong with smudging just not in this case.

The second real Native American is a Eastern Woodland Native that does not believe that she is worthy enough to join in a Tobacco Prayer, left hand to left hand and I had to pry her hand into a tribal prayer shake.

I did not tell her until much later that the questions Creator was asking through my great grandfathers tobacco was her prayer for her good friend, the son and family, she passed out.

This is what our grandfather (Creator) wants from our people anyone totally believing that they are not worthy, because they are not worthy however, they are the true children of Creator and I am proud to now know both. AHO

Can one use Kinnick, Kinnick if tobacco is mixed in?

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Looking for information about Native American Kinnick, Kinnick

The question was

can you use kenick for ceremony if tobacco is mixed in

Yes, tobacco without chemicals is a very important part of herbs used in this mixture by my people and yours that makes up what we, the natives call Kinnick, Kinnick.

This said please do not get hung up on any type of herb, tobacco is an herb, that you will be using the only thing to remember about tobacco, herbs, ceremonies and our culture in general is that they are all meant to remind us to get into prayer with our Creator!

None of the about is demanded or required just remember to talk often to Creator, AHO (Amen)!

Herbs are Tobacco, Sweet grass, Sage, Herbs and NOT Cigarettes!


Tobacco Blessing Ceremony Held at the California Center for Native Nations

Tobacco is sacred to Native Americans, because it is a gift from their creator.


From an east coast native American to a west coast native American, Blessing from Creator!

It does this old warriors heart good each time I see native first people using tobacco prayers the way their creator has taught them to!

Note the comfortable dress, one should always be comfortable talking with their Grandfather.

The ceremony is started outside and tobacco is not lit!

No cigarettes!

One can/should also ask for the blessing everywhere, I am sure that they did.

The youngsters dance in prayer asking for good things to happen and for the evil to depart from them all.

There is no age limit, young or old Creator loves us all.


What is Kinnick~Kinnick?

This posting is nothing new, I found two older postings, cleaned them up a little combined them into one and posted it Here.

There are many attempts to explain Sacred Herbs however, why is it so hard to understand?

Tribes may use Bearberries, Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, or Sweet Grass however, the herbs are up to you.

Always remember that there should never be chemicals of any kind found in a Traditional Native American set of herbs called ‘Kinnick~ Kinnick’!

Kinnick~ Kinnick is not an herb, it is many herbs so, the correct answer to me from my elders now ancestors.

Kinnick~Kinnick are Native American particular herbs, collected by tribal clan mothers around that tribe, to be used in future sacred ceremonies of American Native people by the Eastern Woodland New England Traditional American Native people.

This set of herbs are also found in and around your area in woody lands.

Tribal Clan Mothers carefully cared for it for use by the Tribal Clan Grandfathers in ceremonies.

A Native person may sell these herbs, as long as that person makes it perfectly clear to the buyer, that it has not been blessed by Creator and would not be considered sacred!

Remember, only Creator can bless anything!

If someone claims to have blessed your herbs, give them back for an exchange, they have been polluted!

Once this herb Kinnick~Kinnick has gone through the ceremony and is sacred, if passed to another, it must be, by given freely!

If you wish to have your own Kinnick~ Kinnick found by you for your own use (free) just go to your quiet spot and ask Creator, in prayer, to bless you and your herbs, promise to use your herbs in prayer to Creator only!

How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder

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Bing.com: how is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder
Your question is a good one however, search has taken you to a site that does not answer your question totally.
how is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder


As long as it is Herbs such as Kinnick-Kinnick it can be wrapped (Red Cloth) or freely given, not a Cigarette or Cigar!
When walking up to this elder, assuming your elder is a traditionalist, please make sure that this elder knows that you are coming, be respectful, show your herbs in your left hand, ( no need to be over the top, just make sure that the elder knows what you are about to do) then reach out with the tobacco while still in your left hand to the elders left hand.
Explain the purpose for the tobacco.
Once again being respectful back away a few steps and be on your way with the full knowledge that Creator is smiling on you while on your journey!
Red represents your mother, Mother Earth.

Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?

Smoking a cigarette, like smallpox blankets, Jails (Reservations), and whisky, has always been a European form of annihilation of our people.
At no time before first contact, did indigenous people smoke a chemical cigarette!
Yes, it is true that many people call what we do while at a pipe ceremony “smoking a pipe” however, inside of this pipe, if one is a traditionalist, is very strong herbs (Kinnick, Kinnick) so we would not inhale that smoke!


So, what makes one think that they were passed around at our ceremonies?
Passing around chemical type cigarette’s is the true oxymoron!
Death from a cigarette!
My ancestors were simple common sense people.
Their tobacco was grown without chemicals, the ancestors did not need them!
Today our elders know that cigarettes cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they know and love has died a horrible death from this cancer.
Please do not insult them by an offering of a cancer causing cigarette.
Will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick (herbs)?

Eastern Woodland Tobacco is still Herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick)!

While trying to get information across country making ready for another sacred ceremony it became clear just how hard this is getting to be.
The traditionalists must be very careful about what they say, do and write because there are copycat phonies everywhere they go just waiting to pounce on anything that they believe can make a buck off the unknowing public.
For instance, in the early 1980’s when someone said ” O.K. so you cannot take money, what can you take to thank you for your work in my ceremony”?
The answer was, ” A Spiritual Teacher (Leader) can always use Tobacco because a good teacher is always busy and at each meeting, gathering or ceremony they use a lot of tobacco”.
So, throughout the 80’s and 90’s phony native teachers would hand out and except a pack of cigarettes as payment for services.
If you wish to give a cigarette or two to a known smoker, this is between you and that smoker.
If you wish to gift a Spiritual Teacher for any reason, please do not hand over a cancer stick.
Traditionalist do teach many ceremonies like naming, weddings, funerals and adoptions however, as with the cigarettes, copycat phonies jumped on this also.
Now at many gatherings and/or powwows you might hear, ” I just got my Indian name” or “I was just adopted by so and so”!
It takes weeks, months and sometimes years for most of these ceremonies when done correctly!
If money or goods of any kind other then herb changed hands, you have been duped by one of these phonies!

where can you buy blessed sweet grass

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Looking for information about
where can you buy blessed sweet grass
You can buy sacred herbs, not blessed, at many places and yes some people ship however, once blessed it will always be free!
If it is not free it was never blessed by any traditional spiritual native!

My site
Herbs are Tobacco, Sweet grass, Sage, Herbs and Cigarettes!


Yes, Blessed Sacred herb such sweet grass can be shipped for free except shipping and handling.