WHAT? Another Sinkhole?

Found this in my daily newspaper page A-4?

Look people, you can call it like it is or you can fluff it over with a dim-witted statement like this,

“Possible sinkhole reported in Pinellas County“?

‘People’, at least two homes and the land around them disappeared completely into a hole in the ground.

“This is a SINKHOLE”!

Nov. 14, 2013. in Dunedin, Fla. Dunedin Deputy Fire Chief Trip Barrs said the hole appeared to be about 12-feet wide when officials arrived on the scene.


Residents of the neighboring houses also were evacuated as a precaution,

For month the government in the state of Florida and the media have been blaming sinkholes around the area on too much rain?

It has not rained in a few months now so what to blame now, that is the question?

The answer still is,

“far too much water going out of the ground in this area far too fast!

Their answer to this is,

“give away a lot more of our precious water to out of state bottle watering companies” !

Mother Earth’s answer to their thinking is,



State officials say three counties in the Tampa region are known as

“sinkhole alley.”

Two-thirds of the sinkhole damage claims reported to the state Office of Insurance Regulation between 2006 and 2010 came from Hernando, Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Dunedin is in neighboring Pinellas County.


You are not in Kansas anymore people so ask the Wizard of Oz to follow the yellow dots on the map?



Where is Winter the dolphin?



I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my retirement life yesterday?

Embarrassed smile

This is sort of a joke because the decision always has only one outcome, however this did not make it any easier this day.

What to do with Breanna just to be able to go in and love on Winter, because handicapped people get to be up close with the miraculous dolphin?

Do Not Go Inside, enjoy the outside with the workers that also love Winter.

If Breanna is not allowed, we do not go.

Understanding that in this case a young Airedale like Breanna would send every bird, fish and mammal into a frenzy that would harm them all even though she would only be wanting to play and love on them, the temptation was still great because of the work being done for animals in distress at this aquarium.

She does not know how to do this be quiet and just look and this is her pets fault for spoiling her.

Not to worry because everyone that we met while taking these pictures love’s all animals and played and fussed on her while we enjoyed walking around that day.

If you have not seen the movie Where is Winter and/or been able to visit, you have missed a wonderful experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life, a must see.

Remember that they are filming Dolphin Tale 2 now, also a must see.




Aquarium won’t close weekends during ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ filming


Sorry about our looks, we had just come from trips to and from the VA in Tampa and are all three extremely tired however, I did have a good tune-up to the pump and it is ticking along just fine today.

Be sure to also check out http://walkingwiththealligators.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/winters-world/

ALSO? Winking smile


Woodworkers craft final resting places for veterans

By Eddie Daniels Tampa Tribune, Fla.

Published: May 26, 2013

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. —  The boxes are simple.

The thought is not!

Some time ago I, along with hundreds of veterans, wrote about a WW-2 Veteran buried in a cardboard box.

Pfc Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box


Today a group of hero’s (veterans) are doing something about this.

Made of donated wood — birch, maple, or poplar.

The containers are generally 9 inches in length, 7 inches wide and about 7 inches tall.


“The Woodcrafters Club of Tampa is a group of people who love woodworking and all things wood.”

“Skill levels range from complete newbie’s to those who craft wood for a living.”


“I think what it does is it gives (the families of indigent veterans) a sense of dignity and respect knowing that they have a piece of craftsmanship to lay their loved one to rest in more than anything else,” Cook said.

“Urns have been sent, free of charge, to locations across the country, including Maine, Hawaii and Washington state. Interest has picked up, and wood crafting clubs in Virginia and The Villages have inquired, among others, about participating.”

Donations are welcome to help us continue the most important work.


Zephyrhills Water BOTTLED WATER!


Another crystal clear, or it was, spring fed waterway gone in Florida thanks in part to bottle water companies and greedy politicians that allow these water thief to set up shop for next to nothing and basically steal and pollute our water.

Again Why? M O N E Y !


The biggest threat to Florida Springs is the water miner, Perrier/Nestle and a host of other water pirates.    Crystal Springs in Zephyrhills, Florida.

The place was beautiful and was a cooling off spot for residents on hot summer days.

That all ended when Perrier/Nestle bought the springs to pump out their product Zephyrhills Water (80 thousand gallons a day). No one is allowed in Crystal Springs now and the place is run down, dirty (and is possibly contaminated with phosphate waste).

Three Sisters Springs (Crystal River) wanted to start pumping out water from Three Sisters by boring wells into the aquifer that supplies water to Three Sisters. The chief concern echoed by environmentalists, is that a bottling operation here would intercept water from the warm springs that are vital for manatees during the winter.


Follow up to the Sinkhole story

There are 10 water bottling plants and 72 Golf course in or around Brandon Florida or within 35 miles of the home of Jeremy Bush on Faithway Drive in Brandon Florida. The sinkhole is now estimated to be around 60 feet deep.

Zephyrhills water, Culligan Water, Water Shop, Arctic Springs, Gulf Coast Culligans, Everlasting Water, Ultra Pure, Culligan Water Conditioning, Crystal Springs Water

72 listings of Golf Courses in Brandon

I did not check on how many soda and beer companies are in the area?


What about Sinkholes in your state or country?

Acceptable losses from Sinkholes?

Another home destroyed by a sinkhole in central Florida however, we keep building golf courses and ‘giving our water away’ at unbelievable rate and for the most part free? Yes, for hundreds of millions of years normal dry spells will drain water from underground and normal rain fall will wash away some of our land however, in the last few years we have seen tremendous amounts of sinkholes and always in areas around a bottling plant or new golf course, I wonder why?

Sinkhole House

Scientists will give you many reasons, I give you another.

The sinkholes are always around houses, wonder why you do not see them around a golf course or a bottling plant? Each always has plenty of water going back into the ground around them to help keep their top soil topside.

We have learned some of the acceptable lose before action is taken because of a company’s short cut, but how many lost homes or lives is enough before we can stop this madness?

Family waits for word of Florida man swallowed by sinkhole



Provide money to the Children’s Hospitals

You never know when or where you may find something that should be on everyone blog?

Lake County PT Cruiser is proud to place on the events page information about this clubs work.


The present day goal is to provide money to the Shriners Children’s Hospitals for their Transportation Fund which is used to transport ill children and their parents to the large hospital in Tampa, FL


Home page


Gen. Schwarzkopf’s generosity remembered in Tampa

A general is a general is a general if he/she is a good general and this was a very good General.

I for one am betting that although he was a great general while and after retirement, he was an even better general before the military.

General Schwarzkopf like General MacArthur and General Patten were ideal for our military each at the right time, because they rose through the ranks at the right time and each were squashed (removed) far too soon by our political leaders (most of them with no military experience)at the wrong time and as usual later military men and women had to suffer by cleaning up their (politicians) mess.

TAMPA — To the nation, he was a war hero. To the Tampa Bay community, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was a hero for local charities.


Every one of our so called wars we allowed our politicians to show their jealousy and kick the general out of the war.

for instance, WW~2 we should have allowed General Patten in Germany meet up with General MacArthur from Japan, NOT they were both fired and the war continued into what we now call the Koran War and Vietnam conflict, we couldn’t even call my war a war?

General Schwarzkopf wanted to continue on into Iraq until the Republican Guard surrendered and Saddam Hussein was removed from power, NOT General Schwarzkopf was fired and we had this Shock and Aue war!