leading a native American pipe ceremony

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Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional



Friendship Pipe 006

I am not sure who it is that wants to lead a pipe however, until a teacher knows this the sacred parts are always blank?

Also, and this is just as important, California is as far as one can go west without getting your feet wet, my tribe, the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People are as far east as one can go without getting your feet wet, so I am sure that the culture and ceremonies are in some ways different?

Did smudging begin with Indians or Witches

Did smudging begin with natives of America or witches

This to me is an extremely important question to be answered with as much care as possible.

Please understand that all questions are very important to the person asking and I do take each one into my heart and do the best that I can to answer.

This question is why my Supreme Being demanded that I do whatever it takes to keep the words of the ancestors alive and at the ready for all to see and challenge.

Kiehtan, we call our Creator wishes answers to all question. https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/kiehtan-creator/

This question, for the most part, depends on who you are asking and which god do they worship?

I see from my tracker that there really was no answer, not even at the site that I wrote many years ago.


About Smudging

This is what I know,

Until my grandfather made trips out to some of the western tribes,, because of many request, smudging, as it is now called, was not known to my people at least not with sage and/or sweet grass.

We always used herbs (Tobacco) we call Kinnick, kinnick.

Our tobacco can be used at any of our ceremonies because there is no need for a fire.

From what I have been told by my elders, natives west of the Mississippi river have used them, sage and sweet grass, for as long as anyone in my family circle can remember.

I also personally know from some of my visits to the United Kingdom while in the navy back in the 60’s, that Celtic clans have used smudging for as far back as my sponsors at their ceremonies can remember?

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For your question.

Did smudging begin with Indians or witches?

So to answer this question please let it be said that our traditional elders preferred our herbs over smudging even though sage and sweet grass was incorporated into our herb ceremonies by my grandfather back in the late 40’s.

No fire would be used, in our case traditional Native Americans around the Uncasvillage area, witches were the first to smudge with sage and/or sweet grass, in fact this was our way of telling if we were invited to a traditional and a occult gathering.

Side note, this government has no problem with our prison visits for ceremonies mainly because of our use of herb instead of fire.

Off color not allowed


When someone, nay anyone, comes to visit my site they should notice that it might have something to do with love and respect of a Supreme Being.

The first hint should possible be a photo of someone on his knees in a praying manner?

All are welcome however, if anyone brings along off color jokes or photos and displays them that are on any site you will quickly be dumped into my SPAM FILE.

What happens next, let it be on your head?

So sorry to be posting this my WordPress friends however, that sort of thing has a place, just never at my blog.

This has happened twice, 2 is two many!

Misunderstanding Spirituality

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Native American Spiritualism


While surfing the internet looking for information on the misunderstanding of native American spirituality?

I must, as always, start with your state in the South Central part of Indian country and we are from the North East.

Culture and ceremonies may differ a little in tribal information?

A couple more of our sites may help in your search?



However, something’s that seem to confuse our European friends might be the same in both areas of the country?

The first thing that I have noticed throughout the years while traveling around Indian country invited to attend their religious roundtable discussions and I believe, the most confusing to religious leaders is,

Native Americans throughout the country have no problem with our own Spirituality (they call religion).

We all Fear (believe) in our Creator, some call this Supreme Being by different names and some difference in ways of contacting our Supreme Being.

However, it has never, to my knowledge, turned into battles as with our Europeans do?

They also do not understand our praying inside of a Sweat Lodge, Longhouse or to trees and rocks, why we have a Prayer Pouch or call a Drum our heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Information that can be found on our newest blog,


Native American higher power

Seems that a little change in words still confuses many search engines?

One would think that by now a company that wants us to use their site to search the internet could keep improving on their search help?

However, makes more room for me to find questions to answer, so I am OK.

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Take good care of Peyton Manning?

Sorry for your confusion while out looking on the internet for your information about our Higher Power Beliefs.

Native American higher power?

Pleased that you at least found one of my postings to help clear up any confusion?

Native American Spiritualism


You may find out that is you change a word or two many other sites will also pop up that may help in your search.

No reason that you should have known this, it is up to companies to improve their search engines.

For instance, Supreme Being, Creator, Native God, Native Beliefs, just to name a few.




A Supreme Being is a Fraud

Relax my friends, do not call the men in the White Coats.

I do not need to go to the funny farm, at least not yet?

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Elders, remember a number of years ago now when everyone, or at least 99% of everyone, believed in some sort of a Supreme Being?

You youngsters must go dust off and read old history books?

Every true traditional native person, in fact, every true indigenous person that I have had contact with, believe in a supreme being.

I need to say true traditional because one cannot be so sure about these New Age Indians?

Matthew 24:36

Not any more, today maybe about 40% believe in something and they are constantly corrected by scientist or challenged everyday by some vicious group of people (Mob)?

Revelation 1:3

You do not except my religious book?

I must kill you!

You don’t like your partner?

Kill him/her.

You want what your neighbor has?

Take it.

You need money?

Rob somebody or something.

You do not like your neighboring country?

Go to war with them.

Luke 21:36

We the human race have come a long way?


My people, the first people, some still call savage Indians?

No one or nothing, would ever go hunger!

Most of our neighbors have a dog, not to love and care for, but just as a cheap burglar alarm,

or a way to chase an animal out of the woods so that they can shoot it.

They feed it, only if or when they get around to it or get tired of the crying.

Everyone has a gun.

So, no more going to a neighbor for a quick cup of sugar, you could get shot.

Many of the neighbors hunt day and night, not to feed the family, just to hunt?

Are you still so sure that we are much better off than our elders, now your ancestors?

I can remember going for a swim with thousands of beach goers and see the wind knock a watch, wallet, pocketbook or something off a picnic table and someone, without even looking around to see who is watching, pick it up and place it back onto the table, maybe even finding a way to protect it from the wind.

The swimmer comes back to the table without even knowing what had happen because it was a normal situation.

Revelation 21:1-27

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Genesis 1:1

Native American Alters

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Native American Alters how they are set up for different ceremonies

I have been to a few denominations of religious people, Jewish, Catholic, and many of the protestant churches and have not noticed much change between ceremonies?

Same with my people.

I believe the error might be with the question?

First we did not call our prayer place an alter until sometime after first contact.

In my culture, the Mohiigan people, a prayer place is set up for convince to pray to Kiehtan our Creator, it would have no need to be changed much because all of our ceremonies begin with a request for a blessing from Kiehtan to continue with the ceremony?

The only time that the alter might be changed some is if a different person is praying for the ceremony, for instance, I am a left hander, the next Spiritual teacher might be right handed.

Sachem Unkas prayer place.


My prayer place.


My father and grandfather’s prayer place.


Church alter


Jewish alter


Information about traditional teaching

My friends will you please join me in your own way in prayer to your Supreme Being or belief for this visitor and that country?

I receiver this question in my tracker on 10 Nov, Sun, 20:00:00 from the City of Cebu Philippines


I did not get to this tracker until today.

I have been praying about this because for now only our Creator knows if or when my visitor will receive my answers?

At this point in time I do not even know if the question was for native eyes, except my site was the only one clicked on?

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information.


I am going to answer in faith and leave the rest up to this persons Supreme Being.

Better sites for native American answers on my postings might be of a little more help with your quest for answers my friend?



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New today Words from the Sachem blog

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox postings

This page is for writing about happenings other then directly from the teaching of the ancestors.

Word Press has made it possible for this poor old wannabe teacher and I do mean poor,  to write from the heart, many things that I personally believe will help, even if it is only in a small way, some of my reading friends on Word Press without loading up the Sachems Speaks postings?


I am Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox of the Mohiigan people, the administrator of both Sachem Speaks and this Words from Sachem blogs.

On this page I wish to write about events of the day that are important to me and I hope to you also however, not necessarily speaking about the first people of this land but still is affecting you and I?

I still wishes to remind you as I have on the first blog that only Creator can bless, as my Gravatar is showing, one of the ways to request a blessing from your Supreme Being (Creator) never to be mistaken as a blessing from any creation (me).

Planet Earth Study:

8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets


Every religion, every book on religion, every person of religion and non believers cannot show that their Supreme Being wanted this planet to be all alone?

No one can find where it states in a religious book that our little planet in all of this universe is the only one favored by our/their Supreme Being?

The human race never ceases to amaze me.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1-1:11?

Study: 8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets


As for what it says about the odds that there is life somewhere out there, it means “just in our Milky Way galaxy alone, that’s 8.8 billion throws of the biological dice,” said study co-author Geoff Marcy, a longtime planet hunter from the University of California at Berkeley.


I can guarantee you that when the Mohiigan Supreme Being (Kiehtan our Creator) thinks that it is necessary to let me know about other planets, I will be the first to post it for all to read.

Shechaim Ohijieshan