WHAT? Another Sinkhole?

Found this in my daily newspaper page A-4?

Look people, you can call it like it is or you can fluff it over with a dim-witted statement like this,

“Possible sinkhole reported in Pinellas County“?

‘People’, at least two homes and the land around them disappeared completely into a hole in the ground.

“This is a SINKHOLE”!

Nov. 14, 2013. in Dunedin, Fla. Dunedin Deputy Fire Chief Trip Barrs said the hole appeared to be about 12-feet wide when officials arrived on the scene.


Residents of the neighboring houses also were evacuated as a precaution,

For month the government in the state of Florida and the media have been blaming sinkholes around the area on too much rain?

It has not rained in a few months now so what to blame now, that is the question?

The answer still is,

“far too much water going out of the ground in this area far too fast!

Their answer to this is,

“give away a lot more of our precious water to out of state bottle watering companies” !

Mother Earth’s answer to their thinking is,



State officials say three counties in the Tampa region are known as

“sinkhole alley.”

Two-thirds of the sinkhole damage claims reported to the state Office of Insurance Regulation between 2006 and 2010 came from Hernando, Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Dunedin is in neighboring Pinellas County.


You are not in Kansas anymore people so ask the Wizard of Oz to follow the yellow dots on the map?



Look out Northern New York, we have Central Florida

Waterfall at sinkhole preserve Wolf Branch Preserve Florida

Step aside New York because Mt. Dora Florida is on your tail,

Nicaragua Falls, what is that?

We have our own Waterfall in the Mountains of Central Florida!


Niagara Falls


Public invited to view waterfall during visit to Wolf Branch Sink Preserve


Mt. Dora is pretty hilly, turn-off for the sink is just south of the railroad bridge over 441, down the road that took you by both a brand new housing development and ancient orange groves.


Upon entering the property the elevation drops severely and all the water from a 5-mile square area funnels to this spot, a very wet summer where it rained almost every day, gave new life to the creek and the waterfall.



I am seriously in need of some therapy?


Believe me I wanted to let this go

Sinkhole swallows Clermont resort



I am told that if I keep writing about bad things people will stop following me.

What people don’t seem to understand is, I live in Florida?

The resort underwent geological testing when it was built 15 years ago and that those results showed the ground to be stable, according to The Associated Press.

 Check out some of the maps on this PDF file on Florida sinkholes.
Then check out where the water/soda/beer companies and the most golf courses are.
Oh, you can use the same maps because, guess what?

Florida “Experts” do have it right with everything that they are saying about sinkholes, shame on them for not telling the rest of the story.

Sink hole swallowing a building in Clermont Florida~ Again

No matter how you look at this, one and one still equals two!


After this one now some of our weather people are also saying that because of our weather lately, heavy rain for a number of days and drought for a number of days it causes a void under our top soil.

Correct and this is just what I have been talking about since 1999.

On days that we have prolong droughts the water hogging millions of golf courses and thousands of bottling companies pumping millions of gallons of water at exactly like the heavy rains, hence a SINKHOLE?

Sinkholes often start when bedrock dissolves but the surface of the ground stays intact. The void eventually collapses.


Sinkholes occur when soft limestone below the ground’s surface dissolves and collapses.

This process can be sped up by construction or a drought followed by heavy rain.

Mind if I add heavy water users.

Geology, the state sits on limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water, with a layer of clay on top.

Now let’s also add Fracking and Acidizing?

Please stop FRACKING our water?

This Is What Fracking Really Looks Like

Images of water from Fracking

They, whoever they are, say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I say that this Fracking has gone on long enough, it is way past time for people to wake up, look closely at pictures like this one and help put a stop to this poison going into our drinking water?


What is Acidizing


Images of Acidizing


Geothermal heating cause Sinkholes

Sinkholes are caused by drilling holes for Heat pumps and/or Geothermal heating, NOT!

It is called prestidigitation or passing the blame or sleight of hand.

Whatever it is called it is not the truth.

The Golf course owners and companies making golf courses, Water Bottling companies and Soda companies are blaming Heart pump and Geothermal companies, the Oil companies are blaming the Gas companies and the Gas companies are blaming the Oil companies, both are blaming Nuclear power companies for Sinkholes.

P.S. They are all pulling liquid out of the ground with little or no return so they are all guilty of manmade Sinkholes!

City Arlington  Virginia


geothermal energy sink hole

Sunday, May 6, 2012 Sinkhole Horror!


Sink Hole Caused by Geothermal Drilling


Acre Sinkhole in Louisiana Chews up Homes and Spits out Natural Gas


I am no scientist however even I can have a little science experiment now and then.

Take a large water proof pouch like leather or soft treated cloth, fill it with water. Stick two hoses into the pouch and hook them up to a pump. Now turn the pump on?

Notice, no matter how long you run the pump the pouch remains inflated?

Now remove one of the hoses while the pump is running?


Geothermal and Heat pump heating pull heat out of the ground heats a building and send the fluid back into the ground to be reheated.

I know a little more involved just taking a short cut.

What is Geothermal Energy?



Nuclear power uses water from the rivers and/or the ocean which most is recycled back into the river or ocean.

Golf courses use water from the ground to water their grounds, only problem with that is they use so much water to water their grounds it is pulled from many surrounding property, hence Sinkholes.

Water and soda bottling companies use millions of gallons of water to wash and rinse then sell their products in bottles sold all over the world, hence Sinkholes.

Guilty as charged!

Follow up to the Sinkhole story

There are 10 water bottling plants and 72 Golf course in or around Brandon Florida or within 35 miles of the home of Jeremy Bush on Faithway Drive in Brandon Florida. The sinkhole is now estimated to be around 60 feet deep.

Zephyrhills water, Culligan Water, Water Shop, Arctic Springs, Gulf Coast Culligans, Everlasting Water, Ultra Pure, Culligan Water Conditioning, Crystal Springs Water

72 listings of Golf Courses in Brandon

I did not check on how many soda and beer companies are in the area?


What about Sinkholes in your state or country?

Acceptable losses from Sinkholes?

Another home destroyed by a sinkhole in central Florida however, we keep building golf courses and ‘giving our water away’ at unbelievable rate and for the most part free? Yes, for hundreds of millions of years normal dry spells will drain water from underground and normal rain fall will wash away some of our land however, in the last few years we have seen tremendous amounts of sinkholes and always in areas around a bottling plant or new golf course, I wonder why?

Sinkhole House

Scientists will give you many reasons, I give you another.

The sinkholes are always around houses, wonder why you do not see them around a golf course or a bottling plant? Each always has plenty of water going back into the ground around them to help keep their top soil topside.

We have learned some of the acceptable lose before action is taken because of a company’s short cut, but how many lost homes or lives is enough before we can stop this madness?

Family waits for word of Florida man swallowed by sinkhole