Happy Birthday to you

Red heartHappy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Donna http://walkingwiththealligators.wordpress.com/

Sorry for the delay on my writing, the birthday girl and I made a day of it yesterday, first a trip to pick up some planter pots for all of her flower bulbs, then out to eat at her favorite place over in Wooten Park Tavares Florida.

At Al‘s Landing


She loves to watch the planes land then come at you up onto the parking lot.

Some youtube out of the internet of



A side trip to Orange city, car care, her request,

Popeye’s for her favorite chicken and back home.

Not much but this does not matter,

it is her day.Red heart

Love that girl!

Red heart

Red Light cameras don’t stop accidents

They’re just money makers for the city!



Red Lights are for helping to keep city workers from a need to scrape you, your car and the people that you really care nothing about off the road.

To help police do more important things then write reports to help keep the person in the truck from any law suits.

To help the truck owned repair the front end of his truck.

To make sure that the media gets an accurate report on your stupid move!

Oh yes, by the way, they also might someday save the lives of my family, loved ones, Word Press and Face book friends and even me from people like you?

A Supreme Being is a Fraud

Relax my friends, do not call the men in the White Coats.

I do not need to go to the funny farm, at least not yet?

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Elders, remember a number of years ago now when everyone, or at least 99% of everyone, believed in some sort of a Supreme Being?

You youngsters must go dust off and read old history books?

Every true traditional native person, in fact, every true indigenous person that I have had contact with, believe in a supreme being.

I need to say true traditional because one cannot be so sure about these New Age Indians?

Matthew 24:36

Not any more, today maybe about 40% believe in something and they are constantly corrected by scientist or challenged everyday by some vicious group of people (Mob)?

Revelation 1:3

You do not except my religious book?

I must kill you!

You don’t like your partner?

Kill him/her.

You want what your neighbor has?

Take it.

You need money?

Rob somebody or something.

You do not like your neighboring country?

Go to war with them.

Luke 21:36

We the human race have come a long way?


My people, the first people, some still call savage Indians?

No one or nothing, would ever go hunger!

Most of our neighbors have a dog, not to love and care for, but just as a cheap burglar alarm,

or a way to chase an animal out of the woods so that they can shoot it.

They feed it, only if or when they get around to it or get tired of the crying.

Everyone has a gun.

So, no more going to a neighbor for a quick cup of sugar, you could get shot.

Many of the neighbors hunt day and night, not to feed the family, just to hunt?

Are you still so sure that we are much better off than our elders, now your ancestors?

I can remember going for a swim with thousands of beach goers and see the wind knock a watch, wallet, pocketbook or something off a picnic table and someone, without even looking around to see who is watching, pick it up and place it back onto the table, maybe even finding a way to protect it from the wind.

The swimmer comes back to the table without even knowing what had happen because it was a normal situation.

Revelation 21:1-27

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Genesis 1:1

It’s a Game people

One of the main reasons why I am not a fan of ‘Professional Sports‘.

Far too many “PLAYERS” are just like this, the most expensive Baseball “PLAYER” in the “GAME” today ignores the fans!

Take a look at all of those children just wanting a second of his time? Do you Alex have any idea how much it cost mommy and daddy to get a child to any game today just to be ignored?

Batting Practice

It looks to me like “if you do not pay you get no autograph!”

Hay Alex, without those fans the team cannot pay your ridicules salary.

It is not as though you are going up to bat in a “GAME”, it is Batting PRACTICE?

Now, how about this, a real sport in the game?

Tim Tebow signing autographs


Yes, while growing up I was a New York Yankee Fan, WAS!

Buying/Selling Sacred Blessed Herbs

Mr. Nice Guy has left the building temporarily!


Someone looking to buy Blessed Herbs is almost as hilarious as someone claiming to be a Shamanic Native American willing to sell Blessed Herbs?

I had a visitor on my tracker looking to buy blessed herbs and as usual I looked over most of the websites willing to relieve this person of money.

I cannot blame someone without knowledge confused about our ways, or even if this person is a little lazy.

However, I do have the right to call our phony people just out to make a buck because of this persons lack of understanding!

Real herbs blessed and sold by native American Indians

Welcome to the person from the City of Blairstown New Jersey looking to buy Blessed Herbs.


I am sorry to inform you that it is impossible to buy our truly Sacred Blessed Herb?

You see, nothing is ever blessed until Creator (your God) if you are not native and I am guessing that you are not does the blessing?

You do however have three choices.

You can find a true traditional Native American Spiritual Elder and together you can ask for Creators blessing and why you may need it.

Good luck.

You can just take a walk around your home picking up herb plants, go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your herbs.

You can go to any store buy a hand full of herbs then go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your store bought herbs.

The one and two ways are always free.

The third one cost you the store bought herbs.

If however, you are about to buy herbs from anyone that tells you that they are blessed herbs, I must now warn you.


Walk away because you are about to be duped!



A time to love life!

Thank you God (Creator) for a heart to see and eyes to enjoy the seeing.

One should learn to love the life of retirement when, while sitting at the table every morning sun up and evening sun down, half into the computer enjoying reading about your blogger friends and their writing and half looking out the window at nature in all of her beauty while waiting the start of a work day, Bird feeders and bird baths to re fill and a garden to get ready for planting, when cars, trucks and our visiting motorcycles slow or stop while nature passes by. This is called Bike-Week in Daytona Beach Florida, a time when bikers from around the world come to enjoy our sun and beaches. It would seem that my neighbors, the Black Bear Family, do not care about our day light saving time, they and their ancestors have been crossing this road using their built in clocks since long before there was a road. This morning a parade of bikes shut down the road to allow nature to do her thing, they all shut off their bikes, bikes that are already quiet, and just watched until the family were well out of sight and on their way looking for breakfast. That in itself is a beauty of nature when a group of, so called ruff men, a faults statement, get to stop and enjoy natures time. Retirement, somebody’s got to do it so I do my part. 🙂


Life is good!

Snow Birds have arrived

We have had our yearly visitors down from New England for a few days now and this is the first time that I was ready for them, well sort of 😦

As you know, I am getting my old computer on line and ready for vacation, my new computer works great however, it is real bashful, it does not like to go on line while away from home? The old girl, however, has no pride, she will go on line any place. 🙂 Both are Sony Vaio laptops?

I’m talking about the American Golden finch and the American Robin, the robins have been down for about a month and only requite a daily refill of the two birdbaths. The PIGS, I mean finch, on the other hand keep inviting their friends, neighbors, relatives and their cousins the sparrows, OH DARN!

American RobinGolden Finch

This year while building those new types of feeders I also made a few mini feeders just for the finch food thinking that I would fool them, the only ones being fooled are our normal native birds and none of them are use to taking a ticket and waiting in line to eat. I now have ten assorted feeders around the house and could use ten more. Breanna, Donna and I spend half the day enjoying the sights and the other half keeping the squirrels in check, RETIRED? WHAT is RETIRED? 🙂

Breanna is not going to make it without a lot more oxygen, she just keeps running from room to room, window to window, sleeps well though at night.

Oh well bring on the vacation, the old girl is rearing to go to work. 🙂

We may not make it until vacation time, birds are happy. 😦



If you want to make a Birdfeeder like mine and think that you do not have the time, I just made a shorter version two days ago that is working just fine at our sunroom window, I only have one so far, until we empty another water jug. Less fighting with more feeders.

A hook on the painted (paint your own color just remember that red or yellow and hummingbirds think that it is their feeder) upside down bucket, then drill a hole in the cap to the clear water jug for a wire or string. Cut out the label on just one side big enough for the birds to eat comfortably remembering to leave room for the seeds not to fall out, my clear water bottle has a label on only one side which works great because the back side is clear for watching from the window into the feeder while birds eat.

Drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the water jug for a wire or string to a smaller upside down bucket painted.

Hang it just like the other one opening facing out so that a squirrel cannot jump in from the window side.


If the squirrel tries to jump up from the ground the bottom bucket stops him, if he tries to step down from the roof the top bucket moves and he falls off.

Update on that new birdfeeder, from 01/19/2013.

I thought that I would make it easier for bigger birds to land on something while eat the seeds, the green landing platform outside of the opening to the seeds.

No tail jumped on that in no time and turned it into his/her own feeder so I remover it that same day. That was back on Sunday the 20th.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bird Feeder


How everyone can have their own Sacred (blessed) Herbs!

Some of our herbs are used in our ceremonies, some are used for healing.

Thank you John for your question (Welcome Home).

This should get the attention of all of those wannabe people selling so called Sacred herb to the unknowing public!

Hundreds of years ago it was necessary to have a Medicine Man, a Medicine Women, a Chief, a Sachem, Clan Mother, Warriors and so on, each had their own job helping the tribe, communication was by drum, smoke signals runners and so on.

In today’s fast paced world with computers the world is a much smaller place because of the ease of communication.

Today’s medicine people must hide their information because of the thousands of  unscrupulous people that only want to make money off of your lack of knowledge about herbs!

Remember, the only way to know that a Medicine Man is in fact a Medicine Man is to catch him doing his job, a bragger is just that, a bragger, nothing else!

The work of a Medicine person, as with any other member of a tribe around the world was never a secret to be kept from the rest of the people?

Any native man worth his salt will tell you the same thing “behind every worthy man is a worthy women pushing, pulling, nagging, and teaching him along the correct path!

In other words, a Medicine Man receives his medicine from a Medicine Women, the Medicine Women goes out to find the herb, collects the correct herbs, mixes them correctly and gives them to the Medicine Man, both of them in a ceremony ask Creator for the blessing of the herbs, so to be correctly taught, go to your Medicine Women first!

While it is always a good thing to read books on herbs and all that has been learned about them, trust only your people to teach the ancestors ways.

While on the subject of herbs, Seaweed ( as was discussed in an earlier posting) has been a staple in the mix of herbs all up and down the east coast however, we never mix poisons into a mix as being done by Euro Americans today!

After you collect or buy herbs that you wish to use in your ceremony and only if you have a pure heart, in other words you are not one of those thousands of wannabe’s out to get your hands into the public’s pockets, all you need to do is find a quiet place out of sight of the public and ask Creator to bless your herbs so that you can use them in your ceremonies!

It is OK to sell herbs, one can NEVER sell Sacred, Blessed, Herbs, just too make more money from the public, Creator is watching!

It is always good to sell and teach herbs to help in healing!