Five Important Lessons

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1 – First Lesson – Cleaning Lady.
During my second month of college, our Professor Kirti  Gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student  And had breezed through the questions until I read  The last one:  “What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”  Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the  Cleaning woman several times. She was tall, Dark-haired and in her 50’s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if  The last question would count toward our quiz grade. “Absolutely, ” said the professor. “In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant…They  deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say “hello.”
I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy.


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A Supreme Being is a Fraud

Relax my friends, do not call the men in the White Coats.

I do not need to go to the funny farm, at least not yet?

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Elders, remember a number of years ago now when everyone, or at least 99% of everyone, believed in some sort of a Supreme Being?

You youngsters must go dust off and read old history books?

Every true traditional native person, in fact, every true indigenous person that I have had contact with, believe in a supreme being.

I need to say true traditional because one cannot be so sure about these New Age Indians?

Matthew 24:36

Not any more, today maybe about 40% believe in something and they are constantly corrected by scientist or challenged everyday by some vicious group of people (Mob)?

Revelation 1:3

You do not except my religious book?

I must kill you!

You don’t like your partner?

Kill him/her.

You want what your neighbor has?

Take it.

You need money?

Rob somebody or something.

You do not like your neighboring country?

Go to war with them.

Luke 21:36

We the human race have come a long way?


My people, the first people, some still call savage Indians?

No one or nothing, would ever go hunger!

Most of our neighbors have a dog, not to love and care for, but just as a cheap burglar alarm,

or a way to chase an animal out of the woods so that they can shoot it.

They feed it, only if or when they get around to it or get tired of the crying.

Everyone has a gun.

So, no more going to a neighbor for a quick cup of sugar, you could get shot.

Many of the neighbors hunt day and night, not to feed the family, just to hunt?

Are you still so sure that we are much better off than our elders, now your ancestors?

I can remember going for a swim with thousands of beach goers and see the wind knock a watch, wallet, pocketbook or something off a picnic table and someone, without even looking around to see who is watching, pick it up and place it back onto the table, maybe even finding a way to protect it from the wind.

The swimmer comes back to the table without even knowing what had happen because it was a normal situation.

Revelation 21:1-27

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Genesis 1:1

Paying to Pray?

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The mega insult to indigenous people‘s around the world and just another reason why Sacred Ceremonies should only be acknowledged by true traditional qualified Spiritual Elders!

If you wish to do a sweat, get correctly qualified, you want to go to a sweat, ask an elder.

How and why our people living throughout Indian country allowed non natives to do a sweat, or any other sacred ceremony, is beyond me?

Of course I cannot get over the meek intolerance of native elders allowing all of our ceremonies to be watered down and ‘performed’ as in a sideshow, by others?

A naming ceremony has been the biggest joke on our people for over 15 years now and allowed to continue?

This is the reason why every true traditional ancestor from every tribe throughout Indian country  would never allow recording of ceremonies and sacred regalia, it keeps all phonies at bay while it is  in materialization?

Thank you to my visitor from the city of Manchester New Hampshire

for your question Elizabeth sky wolfe sweat lodge

Will Someone Die in a New Age Sweat Lodge this Week-end?

from a well written posting on

Thursday, June 19, 2008

As you my friends can attest to, I have been complaining since long before receiving my first computer in 1995 about religions holding our ceremonies, this is just another reason why?

A sweat is not only for our people, please come and enjoy a sweat, NO CHARGE!

All you need do is sit and learn about a sweat, why we do a sweat and know to be respectful of our beliefs?

Wiccans and Native Americans cast spells alike

Welcome to the person from the city of Williston Vermont

To one of my old out of use since 2008 tripod website looking for help with,

Wiccans and Native Americans cast spells alike would there be anything Rastafarians do that’s similar?” “I was hoping I could go along and try something for a friend that’s being controlled by a spirit.”

1st, Rastafarians is a way of speaking English Jamaican Creole style, beautiful language  far from evil.

People in what you are calling Wiccan may or may not cast spills, none of my business however, comparing Wicca to Native American Spirituality is like comparing the taste of Oranges to the taste of Apples, not even close?

I do believe that a person can be controlled by a spirit only because of the fact that there are two gods in the world today.

Some religions believe in many gods.

One is a Supreme Being we call by many names, Grandfather, Great Spirit and Creator are just a few.

The other god was created by our Grandfather Creator.

There are many spirits in this world and unfortunately some are what you are calling bad spirits sent by this meager little creation.

If you do have a spirit on a visit with you from Grandfather, count your blessing.

If however, you have a so called bad spirit visiting with you it is only because you allowed this spirit to visit, just tell it to leave?

There has never been, is not now and will never be a human that can cast a spill into or out of anything without the permission of the Creator of creation, so stop believing this lie?


I apologize to my WordPress friends

I apologize to my friends about the last posting however, it is getting a little disconcerting seeing all of the extremely bad (wrong) writing about my people all over the internet, then seeing so many stealing this work, without permission, claiming it as their own and putting it on another site

I just lost it.

You all know how long and hard I have been working beating on my little mind trying to remember the past to show my love and respect to my ancestors and of course Creator.

The knowledge is free only one would think that a little ping back so that people know that this work is from that little band of my people before the infringement from the government and casino Indians?

I do not need credit, credit will come while I and an ancestor.

However, the knowledge comes from my elders and they never said write for free because they all knew that this would happen.

I will be in a very long prayer with our Creator, looking for forgiveness  tonight. 😦

Spiritual Teacher, what is that?

This is something that no one has ever asked about and I have been using those words since the age of six.

As a child I have had the opportunity to meet and study under a few.

All of the ones that were members of my Grandfathers meetings were extremely humble while firm in their commitment to Creator, the people, the culture and our ceremonies. All of them studied for many years under an ancestor.

As I became older I started thinking that Spiritual Teachers were Creators way of showing a sense of humor, because every time I say no to a deed Creator wished, in the end the correct answer is yes Creator. For instance, speaking in public, I am not good at it and do not like doing it so, I usually end up on a stage or classroom teachers desk speaking to strangers. Also, I would rather sit and talk and have someone else try to make sense out of what my mind knows and my mouth is trying to say and put it down in writing. So, here I am writing a blogger?

Anyway to know a true teacher take a look at the new Catholic Pope or read about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Like the rest of us, they are/were human however, they are/were trying to teach Creator the way everyone should be teaching Creator. Also read about the short life of the Christian savior Jesus Christ.

A true Spiritual Teacher, teaches by doing and showing with understanding and most of all never takes your money! If you wish to see a Spiritual Teacher they are like our true Traditional Medicine men and women. You must catch them doing their thing, sometimes you will find them in the back trying to be inconspicuous while being pulled up front by the people. However, if they are in a room with a phony Medicine person or teacher, all bets are off just get out of the way and enjoy!

Is there something more dangerous or hurtful than a weapon?

I am going to try to explain this as respectfully is possible because, I am not sure that this is being done on purpose?

Yes, there is one thing a lot more hurtful to a true traditional native American Spiritual group of people. Regardless of what some in this country might think, we do not believe that a love for Creator in a religion however, if or when an outsider gets hurt by a particular religious group, such as the Jehovah Witnesses, it is not polite to bash any and every thing that you believe to be a religion! That said, this is a free country and you do have the freedom to bash anyone or thing that you wish on your websites and blogs, please do not like or friend be while you are doing so, because it is of no interest to my way of thinking, I wish to also enjoy our countries freedom and my beliefs?

Please remember, I did not do the offending?

Thank you for your understanding.

Hell is not the place for me!


As a Native American that happens to be a follower of Creator (Father Sky). A history buff and remembering that the land that we are talking about is Mother Earth. Not our land or their land it all is a creation and it all belongs to Creator. I remind you that  the first contact was from poor sick white people (Puritans, Puritans are not Christians) they came in peace carrying no guns while holding bibles, we gave them a little place to live. Their sick made us sick and many of our people did die. The natives have this missing enzyme so could not fight their Sickness and disease. Next came the white savages, they did the killing.

The Christians that we would meet in heaven had no hand in our death by the gun. However, the so called Christians you will meet if you do go to hell are all of the ones that did the killing with and without the guns. AHO?

Welcome to the visitor from Independence Missouri


To one of my posting looking for

Pictures of Native Americans Praying to Creator


Why do Native Americans pray to the creator?

Thank you for your question.

We pray for many reasons just as most non natives do however, what I believe to be sort of a difference would be that our prayers are always in the form of talking, communication, or discussions as you might while talking to your Grandfather?

All of the time knowing that Creator created, is always listening and loves all creation.

Everyone of our ceremonies, powwows, gatherings and even our Grand Entry are a prayer.

I believe that if you ask any person of the Jewish faith you will receive about the say answer?

If you are praying to receive something it would be wise to make sure that it is something Creator has already promised?

If one is asking a question, have patience, you will get your answer in Creators time.